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Fitness for the eyes

Fitness for the eyes are exercises

There are so many exercises for the eyes - this is yoga,Solarization, palming, trataka, hypnosis, water procedures, auto-training and massage. You can choose for yourself what is best for you, or for the purposes that you set for yourself. However, whatever method you choose for the eyes, you must add exercises that prevent aging.

  1. Massage all the fingers until they are completely relaxed. To do this, you will need to massage each finger in one minute, with special attention paid to the index fingers.
  2. Massage all the toes until they areFull relaxation. To do this, you need to massage each finger also one-minute, and pay special attention to the fourth finger. For each finger, follow the exercise again.
  3. Near the middle of the palm is an active point, called "rock", it should be pressed with a pad of the index finger and held for 50 seconds. So you need to do three approaches to each hand.

All these points have a direct connection with the eyes,So if you will stimulate them, in this way, the prevention of eye aging will be accomplished. But remember that everything requires regular care, so exercise should be done regularly, if not every day, at least 3 times a week.

Fitness for the eyes-necessary food

Carrots and blueberries are very useful productsFor sight. What else do the eyes need? Doctors say that chicory is also an undisputed benefit to the eyes. It contains substances that support the optic system of the eye. A very valuable dietetic product is a mixture of chicory, celery, parsley and carrots. Such a mixture miraculously supports the muscular system of the eyes. If every day use 200 ml of this mixture. That you can carry out not only preventive maintenance, but also complex therapy of diseases of eyes. Riboflavin is also very necessary for our eyes, it helps not only to better see the absolute darkness, but also to see the world in brighter colors. An adult a day needs 1.3 to 2. 4 mg of riboflavin, all depends on your physical activity. If his orgasm is not enough, then first of all it affects the eyes.

Riboflavin is found in milk, cauliflower,Pea, chicken, dill, wheat germ, beef, green onion, chicken eggs and ibanan. Very useful for the eyes of cottage cheese, especially those people who suffer from myopia, it must be eaten every day. A very important component of the diet is zinc. Moreover, experts confirmed the fact that cataracts develop mainly in people who are deficient or deficient in this substance. Also there is such an opinion that in the old days, when people ate from galvanized dishes, the incidence of cataract development was much less than now. In general, one way or another, zinc is able to prevent the aging of the lens. It is very necessary for our eyes. But where to get zinc - it's everyone who decides for himself. You can rush in search of galvanized dishes, but you can, for example, use a pumpkin pump more often.

Before making a menu for the eyes, click throughCulinary book or visit culinary sites. For what it is necessary to do? If you will eat a variety of dishes, then pumpkin, blueberries and carrots will always be a joy to you, and will not be bored. And it is worth noting that for the eyes there are not only fitness exercises and their own diet. Eyes have even their own fashion. Now we are not even talking about the color of lenses or the shape of frames. And the fact that ties, for example, can "give" the owner blindness, so the "eye" fashion forbids men to wear ties ...

Exercises for relaxing the eyes

  1. Palming. Lie on your back or sit up straight. Start to rub the palms so that they become warm. Close your eyes with your hands so that the light does not penetrate them. But you need to keep your nose free to breathe. In this exercise, the elbows should not be based on, but lie on the support. You need to stay in this position for at least three minutes, until the feeling of fatigue completely leaves your eyes. Think about something good, good, easy and pleasant. To achieve a better effect, you can include some relaxing music.
  2. Solarization of the eyes. Carrying out this exercise requires a dark place. Light the candle and arrange it on a level with the eyes, the distance should not be closer than two meters. Close your eyes, and slowly turn your head to the left, then to the right. Do not concentrate your attention on the candle, onasama will involuntarily rush through before your eyes a yellow speck. Do this exercise several times, after which you must perform the palming.
  3. There is another way to quickly relax your eyes - a quick build.

Exercises for the development of muscles

  1. Look first up, and then down. Movements should be easy as butterfly flutter, there should be no tension. So do it four times.
  2. Now do the same, only left-right.
  3. Further the same, only on a diagonal: left bottom-right upwards. And vice versa.
  4. Try to make an outline of a circle of huge sizes. So make 4 times counter-clockwise and as many times clockwise. Remember that all movements should be smooth, without tension and jerks.
  5. Try to outline the rectangle of large dimensions. In each side 4 times.

It is very important to do after each exerciseA few quick blinks, so the eyes can quickly relax. These exercises should be done three times a day, that is, before each meal, and after completing this complex, do not forget to return to the palpation.

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