/ How to survive in the heat in the city?

How to survive in the heat in the city?

Villagers have moreOpportunities to hide from the heat or at least somehow ease their suffering in the shady forests or water bodies, but the townspeople, as a rule, can not afford this. In addition, many people in the summer do things that are not strictly forbidden in terms of medicine.

So, let's understand what is not worth itDo when the window is larger than +30 degrees. In the first place, you can not swim in cold stores and other water bodies. If the temperature of the water and the air temperature has a difference of more than 10 degrees, then such bathing is very dangerous for our vessels.

Also, in this weather, it is not worth cookingA week in advance, as many women are used to doing. Remember that the shelf life is for normal normal conditions, and not for hot heat. In any case, do not buy food on trays that are not equipped with refrigerators. After all, you do not know how many products were on the shelves before you bought them.

Strictly prohibited in the heat of wearing a tighteningAnd synthetic clothing. From the point of view of hygiene synthetics it is very harmful for us, but the clothes that greatly fits the body, hinders the process of heat exchange.

It is not surprising that the working capacity of a person is several times lower. Air temperature, which rises after +26 degrees, with each degree reduces the performance of a person by 10%.

Experts strongly recommend not to enterSport in such a crazy heat. Physical loads in five increase the heat exchange, and dehydration can occur. If you still can not live without training, then you need to at least slightly reduce the load and drink plenty of water.

There are some rules that should be followed to protect yourself from the heat.

In the first place, one should mention the weatherHypoxia. After a sunny or thermal shock, weathering hypoxia is a danger even for the youngest healthy people. With heat in the air, the amount of oxygen is reduced, so it becomes difficult for a person to breathe. To somehow avoid this, in the hottest hours try not to go out - from 12.00 to 16.00.

If you still have to go outFrom apartments with a draft or an office with air conditioning, then in advance, think about what you will wear. Girls are better suited for dressing, light trousers, linen sarafans. Men should abandon belts and ties. Well, of course, all clothing should be made of natural fabrics, perfectly suited to cotton and cotton, otherwise evaporation of moisture will not flow successfully.

In the heat, it is advisable not to use cosmetics, especially for tonal creams and powder. Skin practically does not breathe, so the face sweats heavily, which means that all make-up will go to waste.

Water procedures are excellent for refreshingForeclosing heat. It's not about you throwing everything and jumping into dirty ponds, no. Take a shower two, and then three times a day, rinse during the day more often face and hands, walk around the water - this is the minimum that you can and should do in such conditions. Specialists recommend to splash with thermal water or wash with mineral water.

It is very useful to visit the swimming pool in hot weather. Two or three times a week is an ideal option. It is not advisable to study on power simulators and treadmills. Remember that you are overloading your vessels in the heat. It is better to resort to exercises that can saturate the body with oxygen, for example, light aerobics, respiratory gymnastics or yoga.

A certain mode of the day will also become useful to you. Wake up early, and sleep with the sunset, so you'll wake up when there's still no heat on the street, and you can avoid headaches. It's not very pleasant, and it's not very useful to sleep when the scorching rays of the sun fall into the room.

Doctors say that if possibleNeed to walk and walk barefoot. Of course, not by hot asphalt, but by pleasant grass. We have a lot of dots on the soles of the feet, which are responsible for internal organs. When we walk barefoot, we are driven to these points. The tone of the body is increased, blood circulation improves and even cell renewal takes place.

If there is no air conditioner in the office, then it is necessaryTables put aquariums, even without fish, just with water. This will cause regular evaporation. It is even better if the room is sprayed with water from a spray gun.

10 rules that will help you escape from the heat

  1. Try to go out only after five o'clock in the evening and before midnight.
  2. Be sure to wear a hat.
  3. Wear light clothing from thin fabric.
  4. Do not wear in the heat of stone and metal jewelry - they serve as stimulants of reheat.
  5. If your work is connected to a car, then equip the machine with sunshades, as well as a mirror screen on the windshield.
  6. As you arrive at the office, go to the washstand, wash your face.
  7. If there is an air conditioner in the house or office, then do not put a low temperature, otherwise you can catch a cold. The best temperature is 20-22 degrees.
  8. If there is no air conditioner in the house, you can cover the windows with wet sheets - the heat will not penetrate more.
  9. Drink not a cold liquid, but a little chilled.
  10. Do not smoke. Nicotine raises blood pressure and narrows the blood vessels.

What you need to drink and eat

Lemon water. Sweat is very strong in the heat, so weQuickly lose moisture, while rapidly weakening vascular tone. With an average air temperature, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, if the temperature exceeds 26 degrees, then you need to drink 1.9 liters of water, and more than 32 degrees - three liters. Lemonade is great for quenching thirst. In a bottle of still water, squeeze out the juice of one lemon.

Mineral. Throughout the day, drink mineral water. When carbon dioxide enters the mouth, a salivary discharge appears, dryness disappears and thirst disappears.

Juices. You need to drink juices, only not sweet - apple, cherry, quince, plum. Sweet juices do not quench your thirst.

Decoction of mint. Such a product can not only compensate for the loss of fluid, but also allow you to quickly fall asleep in the fire, and calm your nerves.

Fruits and vegetables. In solid fruits and vegetables, water is containedIn the form of fiber. Therefore, when you eat a salad, you have an aquatic depot in your stomach. Most of the water in cucumbers, plums, cabbage, tomatoes, cherries and cherries.

A fish. Everyone knows that fish is a protein that quickly develops, so it does not take much energy and energy to digest it.

Wine. Summer wine is a dry white wine, with less tannins and higher acidity. Dilute a glass of wine with water 1: 3, and treat yourself to them in the evening.

What is forbidden to drink, and eat in the heat

Lemonade. It has a lot of sugar, and this can increase the arterial pressure.

Alcohol. All alcoholic drinks, except for dry wine, lie in the body for a long time, while creating a great load for the patient.

Milk. In him a lot of protein, which remains for 4 hours in the stomach and prevents the absorption of the liquid, which is taken after it.

Coffee. Caffeine-safe for the cardiovascular system, which is already difficult in the heat.

Meat. For the digestion of meat, especially greasy, you need a big rush of heat, and in heat, ethones need the least.

What if you "welded"?

If you feel weak, noise inears, inhibition, headache and dizziness, it means that these are the first signs that you have a heat stroke. If you are not able to fight these symptoms, then there may be a loss of consciousness, a sharp increase in blood pressure and vomiting.

First of all, move to morecool, drink a glass of clean water (not mineral water), take off your clothes before linen, apply a cold compress on your forehead. Also apply compresses to the places where large vessels pass - to the groin and armpits.

If in twenty minutes it will not become easier, then wet the sheet in cold water and wrap it yourself or pour yourself from the feet with water. If this did not help, then call an ambulance.

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