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How to protect yourself from ticks

A reasonable question for modern man is thatBut what can we do now? Is there really no protection in our time? You should know some points to avoid meeting with them, and if you still bitten you, then you know how to proceed.

Inhabitation of mites

The mites are incredibly fast and always inReadiness to kataku, they live on branches of trees and bushes, they can be in high grass. If you move through the forest, then avoid dry branches, as a rule, mites are on them and are located, and in the deciduous forests they can be on any tree with foliage.

Methods of protection

It should be noted that the tick is not so fast on the biteAs a mosquito, before he can find a convenient place where he will suck, can pass a sufficient time, from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. In addition, sometimes you can feel it when it touches the hairs and dumps in time, but it depends on where it crawls and on the sensitivity of the skin. The most effective method of protection, this is every 40-60 minutes to inspect each other, if you two. It is also necessary to examine yourself and yourself, ticks especially like to hide under the armpit, neck, and also a particularly dangerous place - on the inside of the hips. They can suck to the chest, in general, choose a place with a thin skin and with a close access to the capillaries. In addition, when the mite finds its cherished place, it does not immediately suck. Of course, neither you nor your partner can not always look at it, so it's important to choose the right clothes. The correctness can be attributed to the presence of cuffs on the neck, on the wrists, on the legs, necessarily the appearance of the headdress, it can not be found in the hair. But the tick is very agile and flat, so even such precautions can not give a guarantee.

For those who choose to go to the forest, where 100% is foundMulticellular and, even more so, encephalitis, there is advice. Buy the cheapest kapron pantyhose 2 pieces, one tights dress, as usual, under the clothes. The second pair is destined to go up, cut your feet, cut the hole in the groin into the groin, cut the edges of the edges so that they do not crawl. This can be done with varnish or something else, as a result you get a tight-fitting shirt, at the same time it is convenient and does not interfere with movement. Such a simple kit will help you well and get rid of regular cleansing of your body from ticks even while in the taiga.

Extraction of mites after a bite

How would you not protect yourself, but these nimbleKids can find a loophole and still bite. But this is not a reason for panic, the tick is easily recovered, and encephalitis mites are not so often found, for this it is imminously to be sick by this infection. The most important thing is that it is correct and without damage, to extract, and the sooner the better. For a long time it is deeper and harder to get it.

As a rule, they dig into thin skin and they are easy to get, but there are unusual situations and the tick engages in rough skin, then you will have to tinker with it a little.

The tick can be removed in the following ways:

  • With the use of fatty substances: Cream, vegetable oil or petrolatum, we cover them with a tick and place around the insect. This layer of fatty substance will create a shell without air and the mite will weaken the grip, after 1-2 minutes take it with two fingers, tilt it to the side of the back and pull it out. If you see that the mite climbs, do not pull it, spread it again and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then try again to pull it out. As a rule, it works right away, but there are bad luck, it is important to pull the mite along with that part of the proboscis that it has sucked. Otherwise, there will be a small break in this place for a while.
  • If you are uncomfortable with pulling his hands or he does not unhook, then you can make a loop of thread, throw a loop on the base where he absorbed, and from time to time sip.
  • There are cases when the mite breaks off and leaves the proboscis or does not want to wiggle, well, act like a thorn, take a needle, treat it with a spirit and extract it.
  • The second method is more effective. It can be dvuhpaltsami, can be folded thread hook mite over the trunk and scroll it counterclockwise. Sometimes 7-10 turns are enough, sometimes a couple of minutes and mites fall off, while they sometimes die, sometimes they remain alive.
  • Ticks do not tolerate alcohol, so you can act on them with alcohol products, up to cologne, sometimes you can drink a little cognac or alcohol, after a while the mite will fall off.

As for the insect, then after extracting itDo not throw it, it is recommended to place it in some vessel, where it will not escape, it will not be long. If after a while you will have health problems, the tick can be analyzed and this will help to establish the cause of the disease. If you are in vpohodnyh conditions and the tick has nowhere to place, then just destroy it.

Do not destroy it with your bare hands, on your arm canBe ranca or the mite can snap and get on the mucous membrane, if it is a disease, then you will have a chance to get infected. It is best to burn it or toast it. The wound should be treated with an antiseptic.

Medical protection of debris

Probably, this is the most effective protection againstThe consequences of a bite is vaccination. As a minus, it can be noted that vaccination takes a long time. The course of vaccination is carried out in several stages, with observation of the results. The first vaccine is introduced in November, and the third in April, re-vaccination one year after the first time, and then every three years. Between November and April, this is the time when there are no ticks and you need to fit in with it before the season starts in two weeks.

Strange as it may seem, the illnesses are noted among city dwellers who occasionally leave for nature or cottages, it is for them to pay attention to timely vaccinations.

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