/ What categorically can not be done by pregnant women? Part 1

What categorically it is impossible to do or make to pregnant women? Part 1


Any pregnant woman in the first placeno smoking. Even if you do not smoke yourself, and your households are puffing like locomotives, then be sure to avoid it, go out or just try not to be in this room. Nichotin causes defects in the formation and development of the internal organs of the dog. And there are times when miscarriages happen. Moreover, probably, every woman in the world knows that during pregnancy you can not drink alcohol and drugs, so we will not talk about this.

The use of cafein

A woman should exclude caffeine from her diet.All because the placenta is able to hold caffeine and then it gets into the bloodstream of the baby. Because of this, there may occur a child's maleness, problems with the nervous system, developmental lag and problems with the heart. Moreover, just try to exclude from your diet hard boiled tea. Now you are best off drinking cocktails, juices, green and herbal teas.


Now you absolutely can notOverstrain yourself, so try to use your time and energy rationally. The main domestic work let the husband or other household members do. Now the most important thing you have to do every day is to bear a child. Remember that all attention should be focused not on yourself and your home comfort, but on the child, so forget the staggers and high stools. Do not lift or carry heavy pans, bags or buckets! Remember that a pregnant woman can raise no more than five kilograms. In no case do not start rearranging furniture - because you can lose the child. If suddenly it happened that you are alive, then ask for help from neighbors or friends.


Try to avoid the attractions,Nekatalaytes on them. Because this increases the pressure, and as a result, premature birth may occur. Therefore, if you are not indifferent to adrenaline, then it is better to be patient until a baby is born. Moreover, do not think of engaging in any extreme sports during pregnancy.

Substitutes of sugars

Do not use substitutesSugars. They contain dangerous chemical compounds that will necessarily leave the best possible trace on a baby's health, for example, cyclamate and saccharin can cause cancers and underdevelopment of the central nervous system.

No solarium and sunburn

Do not stay in the sun for a long time andForget about sunbeds. It is important to remember that ultraviolet rays are bad for the fetus, they can strengthen the production of adrenal hormones, thyroid gland, male hormones in the body of a pregnant woman, so pregnancy can be complicated and even interrupted. Moreover, the immune system can also suffer, that is, the immunity disorders that were Women before pregnancy can aggravate.

Saunas, hot baths and baths

If you like to take hot baths, walk aroundSaunas and baths, then you will have to forget about this favor for at least 9 months. The heart begins to speed, the vessels expand and there are problems with breathing, at high temperatures. If the child is overheated, there may be a risk of spinal im- mage defects. Also it is necessary to say about the cold shower after the bath, which the bath attendants after the steam room are bathing. It is also harmful, because it causes pressure to coagulate.

Sonna back

Sleep on your back pregnant, you can not, it's not at allMyth. When a woman sleeps on her back, she can transmit the lower vena cava, which is located under the uterus. This vein regulates the flow of blood from the legs to the heart, so the constant pressure can cause a negative impact on the health of the baby and mom.

Flying on an airplane

During the carrying out of a child, it is better not to flyon the plane, although this is a controversial statement. In this case, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to one's own state of health and condition. There are no scientific facts and evidence that pregnant women can not fly on an airplane. However, if your pregnancy is not very good, then you should act with special care and it is better to ask your doctor for advice. Some doctors say that it is better to stay away from air travel only in the first trimester of pregnancy, and in a later period this is not dangerous.

No chemistry

When carrying a baby, it is better not toUse aerosols, deodorants, hair varnishes and household chemicals. Moreover, during pregnancy you can not use cosmetic products that contain chemistry; here you can also include sprays and creams that protect against ticks, mosquitoes and other insects.

What can not be done for pregnant women: folk signs

There are many popular beliefs thatforbid a pregnant woman to do ordinary at first glance actions. Each sign has its own explanation, why not do this. Now we learn some examples of folk "wisdom" that forbid doing certain things to future mothers.

A pregnant woman should not sit on the doorstep or on the porch

This belief has a rational explanation - from a high-threshold or porch you can simply fall, moreover, it can blow your back, because the door behind your back may not be closed.

Do not touch the face of a pregnant woman, or the child will have birthmarks

If you think about it, no woman can not touch her face for nine months. And if this belief is true, then all children should appear with birthmarks throughout the body.

Pregnant women should not sit on their feet, inachemelysh born to be clumsy or with crooked legs

It's true, during pregnancyDo not cross your legs and sit like that. However, this has nothing to do with the crooked legs of the unborn child or his slackness. The fact is that in this situation the blood circulation in the legs of a pregnant woman is simply disrupted, and as a result of this, varicose veins may occur.

Surrounding people should never refuse to the future of a meal if it asks for something, otherwise there will be heavy births

This superstition suggests that a pregnant womanasks what the body requires, and what the child wants. Therefore, a woman should receive the food she needs, because this is necessary not only for her, but for the health of the child. Only know! And it is true, during pregnancy, it is necessary to fulfill all your desires, but this does not influence the passage of childbirth. This can be explained by the fact that the body of a pregnant woman best knows what he needs in this second. But if you want the fact that the doctor categorically forbid consumption, then it is better to refuse and overpower yourself. However, gynecologists say that some foods that are banned can be used in small doses (for example, beer).

A pregnant woman should not look at freaks,at all ugly and ugly, otherwise the baby will develop incorrectly. Tazhenelzya go to the funeral, look at the fires and the dead. On the contrary, it is necessary to look at something beautiful, in total the baby will be born healthy, harmonious and beautiful.

If we talk about the appearance of the child, thenyou can confidently say that the cut of the eyes, the size of the lips, the shape of the nose, the color of the hair and other signs begin to be laid even in the first stages of the entire period and depend on the otogenes that the baby is awarded to the daddy and mama. But the good character and charisma are not always given to the kid together with a spent figure and beautiful face. Good character traits can be grafted on the child already from the first minutes of the existence of the girl in the womb. You can do this with your good mood and spiritual harmony. But if you started perinatal education and used to listen to pop music, and now listen to classical music that does not bring vamudovolstviya, then do not listen to it, just because it's "must".

If a woman at work every day encountersa dream very beautiful spectacles, but this work brings pleasure, then you can not believe superstitions. For the baby, it is harmful that one does not like Mom and what makes her feel uncomfortable.

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