/ What categorically can not be done by pregnant women? Part 2

What categorically it is impossible to do or make to pregnant women? Part 2

A pregnant woman should not raise her hands above her head, hang clothes, hang curtains, otherwise the baby may become entangled in the umbilical cord.

Embracing the umbilical cord is a complication thatIt happens if the umbilical cord is long and the fetus moves more than the put. The length of the umbilical cord is determined on the genetic basis, so a woman can not in any way influence this. For a very long time gynecologists and the truth were sure that if a woman would often raise her hands high, then the fruit would put on the umbilical cord during childbirth. But now experts have found out that there is no relationship in this. However, obstetrician-gynecologists say that it is really not necessary to do this since the 20th week, because there may be a discharge of amniotic fluid, which means that it is possible to provoke preterm birth. Of course, this does not happen with all women, but it's better not to take risks, trust your underwear with your husband - let him hang it.

You can not recognize the sex of a future child

The church and the truth against all possiblepredictions, the same applies to the determination of the sex of the baby during pregnancy. Early experts said that the technique is not yet perfect, so this procedure can harm the baby's health. However, now the procedure of ultrasound is mandatory for all mothers. Of course, if the sex is not visible, and the baby carefully conceals it, then one does not need to often do such a procedure, it is better to consult a doctor.

Dorods can not choose and buy children's things

This superstition is of very old origin,Ranchesschitali that if the clothes are already prepared, then it is already "busy" and can not belong to the future baby, but on the contrary, it gets to otherworldly forces. There is a simpler explanation, in Russia there were only many children before, so clothes gradually passed from older children to babies, so there was no need to buy new things. Long since the first baby, clothes were prepared long before he was born. My father had to make a cradle, and my mother sewed tiny clothes. Then there were no stores for babies born of newborns and it was not possible to go to the store and buy everything necessary for a couple of days after delivery.

Now, on the contrary, it is better to buy everything in advance,otherwise, when you come from the hospital, you will not need to sit with the child, but run to the shops to buy all the necessary things. Or it will be necessary to entrust to all the daddies who can not distinguish socks from pinets. The only thing is that you do not need to buy things for growth and many things.

It is also believed that the future mother should not self-purchase, preparing a child's dowry is the lot of her relatives and relatives.

Of course, first of all you need to decide on theThe fact that such a "preparation dowry." If a woman herself will sew all the clothes for the baby and transport all the purchases, then of course, such training is not possible for a woman to do, or rather, she should not do this. However, if you just want to go shopping, look through the catalogs of children's clothes, then this will surely bring you only pleasure. Moreover, do not expect that the purchases made by the relatives will always meet your requirements.

Pregnant women can not marry in May, otherwise the kid will suffer all his life

Different peoples at different times tryNot win a wedding. Now the brides are trying not to get married in May. It is worth saying that such a belief has its roots since the days of Ancient Rome. Then from May 9 to May 13 there were days that were dedicated to the dead. It was at this time that the temples worked and there were no marriages, moreover, the whole month it was undesirable to arrange holidays.

Now such a belief is most likely connecteda month's snap, so everyone thinks that if they marry in May, they will long for the rest of their lives. The Orthodox Church says that this belief is very ridiculous and absurd, and it arose because of the coincidence of words. So if you want to play a wedding in May, do it, do not postpone for later.

You can not show anyone a newborn baby, otherwise they will jinx it.

According to Russian tradition, to wash the baby's legsCan only be a month after birth, on the day of the baptism. This is a fairly well-founded proposition, because the baby still has very weak immunity, and every new person is a potential source of infection. Your friends and friends can unintentionally, without knowing it yourself, to bring an infection to the child's apartment.

But the evil eye - it affects the baby of a man who has a bad energy. Every child is quite sensitive to this.

When a pregnant woman can not swear, otherwise the baby may have a birthmark

Congenital pigmentary spines appear in thethe result of malignant development of melanocytes (pigment cells). They can be found not only on the skin, but also inside, for example, not only on the eyelid, but also inside the eyeball. These spots are like freckles and, as a rule, do not change during a lifetime. Scientists have not yet been able to fully understand the causes of the appearance of these pigmented spots, but they do not arise from scandals in time of bearing the baby. But it must be said that any bad emotions that a woman receives, with someone scandal, do not benefit either her or the baby. Although if in the dispute the future mother holds her point of view, then surely she will receive positive emotions that never interfere .

Pregnant women should not wear silver jewelry

Gold is a very powerful, creative and festive material. It is not very active, but very strong and powerful. Of course, slackers and greedy people goldmesh.

However, gold can heal, and its properties are veryare great. It has a good effect on the cardiovascular system. However, scientists say that you can not always wear rings, because there are a lot of sensitive points on your fingers that are associated with some organs. For example, if you constantly wear an engagement ring and do not give a finger to rest, to earn mastopathy, diseases of the endocrine glands of the Ipohl organs. If you constantly wear a ring on the middle finger, then you can develop radiculitis, atherosclerosis, but rings on the little finger can lead to inflammation of the duodenum.

If the wedding gold ring without preciousthe stones ceased to shine, hence, the metal no longer has medicinal qualities. You need to lubricate the ring with lipstick and carefully rub it with a paper towel - so the shine together with the healing properties will be restored.

Silver is a female, lunar metal. Silver rings are especially useful to women. Across time, the oxide can appear on the ring, which will suppress all the healing power, but if you rub the ring with vinegar and a cloth - it will again shine.

Now the bride and groom choose the weddingrings with precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds. Of course, this is very beautiful, but in addition, each stone has its valuable properties, so decorations can and even need, only periodically removing them, so that the fingers relax.

You can not take pictures of a pregnant woman, and the child will stop developing, and the fruit will freeze as in the photo

This is an ordinary myth, in which there is not a single gram of truth. On the contrary, a pregnant woman can even be drawn and photographed, because it is during this period of life that she is so beautiful! In the ordinary state, you can take pictures all your life, the avom is in the pregnant state for only 9 months. You can, for example, lead the show business stars who are posing in front of the cameras while carrying a child and giving birth to healthy children.

A pregnant woman can not be sewn otherwise she will "sew up" a child in our world

This is a common fallacy,who has nothing to do. There is not a single intelligent basis for this judgment, because needlework can only bring Mommy a good deal. However, it should be noted that needlework is necessary only in a convenient location, so that blood and useful substances freely flow to the fetus. If the child begins to stir or quiet down during sewing, then you need to take a break, walk or just lie down.

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