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Monthly for men - nonsense or reality?

But this should be a testament to the fact that all natural cycles of development inherent to the weak sex have a certain echo in the life of men.

And after all so it also is!

A kind of biological clock, counting downdays before the critical, so to speak, period, there is a stronger sex. I remind you that nature gave the woman a very short cycle of egg maturation, namely, 28 days. And both men and women, unlike representatives of the animal world, have a very pleasant opportunity to constantly mate and not wait for a single happy "marriage period".

All this is ensured by female menstruation. Unfertilized female eggs are thereby regularly removed from the body, which gives place to new ones. It is also important to note that monthly men give women the necessary nerve discharge.

And what about men?

Men have their own "critical" days!

Only these days are not so pronounced, theyas it were, drowned out. And after all, every man often notices that once a month he has absolutely everything falling from his hands: the runny nose will attack, you just want to lie on the bed for an hour or two, and so on, and so on ... And most importantly - once a month, every man is attacked by an unusually strange indifference to ... you will not believe - to sex!

This is the most real men's "monthly"! Yes, of course, while it is absolutely impossible for menstrual excretion, but the body of men in this period tends to at least once a month "shake up." For example, some of us are trying to make a scandal at home or skip a job, suddenly express to colleagues and colleagues everything that has accumulated for so long at heart ...

In these pre-holy days, men are mostare susceptible to all sorts of infectious diseases, which, nevertheless, quickly pass. As I said above, these days every man under any pretext diligently avoids sex, his sexual desire is very much oppressed.

After the "critical days" both a woman and a man feel an unprecedented upsurge of strength, with sincere joy are engaged in work and sex.

It is remarkable that women have a fullmenstruation affects the body's functions very positively (there is even the opinion that women have a longer life span compared to men because of the beneficial effects of menstrual cycles!). In men, however, only a relatively small effect is achieved-only a small nervous discharge. No recovery.

The most famous "menstruation" of the peasants was described in the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte.During his exile, Bonaparte had regular pains in the lower abdomen, indisposition, hysteria and stress.

Another example is associated with another tyrant - with AdolfHitler. Hitler also fell into deep depression once a month. Historians describe the cases when the entire Reich Chancellery secretly led, so to speak, the "female" calendar of Hitler. The cowardly adherents of Adolf calculated what days he should not have come to his eyes.

It goes without saying that usually mencarry "monthly" easier than any woman. Many men (yes, most!) Do not even notice them. Meanwhile, it is necessary for a man and a woman to know the cyclical nature of their "critical" days and prepare themselves in every possible way for them.

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