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Common myths about thrush

Candida White participates in the exchange processes, andThis fungus can be found completely in any woman, usually in the vagina, as well as on the skin, in the intestine or in the mouth. But under the influence of some factors it becomes more angry and more aggressive, therefore it brings great problems. How to protect yourself from thrush? How to prevent its appearance or get rid of it? Doctors, advertisements and girlfriends give a lot of advice, but the pain does not disappear anywhere. Yes, and do you even understand how to fight and how?

Myth number 1. All kinds of discharge and signs of inflammation are thrush.

It is necessary to know that the selection is of a different nature. First of all, it is necessary to remember normal normal discharges that appear depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. They do not smell and color. With thrush, as a rule, the selection of cheesy or are similar to cream, thick, gray, white, and sometimes greenish. Such secretions also do not have a characteristic odor.

How then to find out this disease? Symptomatic symptoms can be a more or less burning feeling or itching. Women who are allergic to Candida can suffer from itching more strongly. When intimacy is close, burning can bring discomfort. However, if you notice yourself in such signs - this does not mean that you have thrush. Other infections can also have such symptoms. Only the tests help in the fact that you have thrush.

Myth number 2. The milkwoman can be detected only by using DNA diagnostics. Other methods are not as effective, and are already old.

PCR (DNA-diagnosis) for the identification of candidiasisDoes not fit. With the help of such a diagnosis, only DNA of microorganisms can be detected, in addition, such a method can reveal the least possible amount of fungus. But this does not mean that you have thrush developing: it has already been mentioned above that there is this fungus in every woman. The diagnosis of thrush should not be determined by the presence of Candida, but the amount of colonial fungus. Fungal cultures and smear microscopy are the main methods for detecting a marmalade. To do this, the doctor must take a swab from the vagina and examine it under a microscope. If you are infected with a fungus, then the fungal cells are noticeable fairly well in the smear. After this, the Candida is sown on special media, and then the number of colonies grown is calculated. If the woman is determined that the colonies have grown more than normal, then the development of candidiasis is diagnosed. This method of determining thrush is not only more effective than DNA diagnosis, but it is also much cheaper.

Myth number 3. Determine the form of Candida nonsense fungus, they are all the same.

Thrush can be treated without result andBecause not all types of fungus can be cured by certain drugs. If for a long time a woman is treating a thrush, but can not get rid of it, then an analysis should be done to determine the species Candida.

Myth number 4. The most important causes of thrush are the use of sweets and the wearing of tight underwear.

The main cause of development of the milk in the firstThe turn is the change in the hormonal background of the body that occurs during pregnancy (it is the future mothers who suffer most from thrush), diabetes mellitus, the intake of contraceptive hormonal drugs and other drugs, and the diseases of the thyroid gland. Candida can go into a dangerous parasitic state, when a woman is treated for a long time with antibiotics, because this reduces immunity and leads to a dysbacteriosis. If a woman wears tight clothes, then this does not affect the appearance of the milkweed. However, it can only contribute. It should be noted that synthetic narrow linen keeps the heat very poorly, therefore, when a woman wears it in the winter, it is supercooled. To develop candidiasis may be weak immunity and cooling. But excessive consumption of sweets, too, can only develop the disease, especially in the case when thrush is a chronic disease.

Myth number 5. Excellent prevention of candidiasis - the use of a special means of intimate hygiene.

In a normal state, the acidic environment of the vagina is a powerful obstacle to the penetration and development of infections. To form such a barrier, lactic acid bacteria are involved.

Antibacterial soap and gel for intimateHygiene can understand where good bacteria are, and where the bad, so get rid of all in a row. With the help of syringing it is possible to break and wash the normal microflora in the vagina. When the vagina is left without an ideal environment, Candida fungi begin to develop. Therefore, it is quite easy to suppress female immunity with disease. The vagina is such an organ that can be cleaned independently, therefore it is not necessary to "clean" it additionally. Moreover, for hygienic procedures, a conventional water supply is needed, no more.

It should be said that daily gasketsCan contribute to the development of thrush. In addition, the fungus appears on the pad, which is the ideal temperature and the ideal medium that is created by our body, for the development of Candida.No need to give up gaskets forever, just change them more often.

Myth number 6. If you once turned to a doctor and received recommendations for treatment, now you can use them all the time.

Several times you can help one wayStruggle with the fungus, but the time will come when this method will become ineffective. Candida has the ability to become accustomed to certain drugs, as a result of the treatment will have an effect.

Myth number 7. The best and most effective preparations for thrush should be taken only once.

All drugs intended for treatmentCandidiasis, divided into oral medications (tablets) and topical preparations (ointments, suppositories). You need to choose a medicine depending on the degree of development of the milk, the individual tolerability of the drug and the type of fungus. Moreover, only a specialist doctor should select a medicine. Of course, it is very convenient to use the drug to treat the fungus only once. However, do not forget that you must eliminate not the disease, but the cause of its appearance. The thrush must be treated in a comprehensive way, so you need to destroy not only the pathogen, but also prevent its reappearance.

Myth number 8. Both sex partners need treatment for thrush.

Before to force to be treated the sexual partner, it is necessary to make the necessary analyzes to learn whether there is neugrubok. If candidiasis is not found, then it is not necessary to treat it, because there is nothing.

Myth number 9. You can get rid of yeast infection at home with an uro-therapy apparatus such as "Uro-Biofon".

Such devices can not be treated in any case. You do not need to believe adverts because these drugs are not antimicrobial. Be sure to go to a doctor so that he can assess the situation and prescribe you a treatment that really helps.

Myth number 10. Chronic thrush can not be cured.

In fact, chronic candidiasis can beStop, only here it will take more patience, effort and time. With a good, complex treatment, you can cure thrush forever. Moreover, further prevention measures will help prevent the appearance of the fungus again.

Myth number 11. Thrush is a disease transmitted only through sexual contact.

Not necessarily. Even virgins can have an urogenital candidiasis. Symptoms start to appear because of serious diseases against a background of reduced immunity, with the intake of antibiotics and hormonal imbalance.

Myth number 12. Thrush does not need treatment - it itself passes.

This approach is fundamentally wrong. If you do not take any measures, then the thrush itself will not go anywhere. She can only turn from an acute illness to a chronic one. In some cases, there are complications, for example, cystitis or urethritis.

For pregnant women thrush is dangerousdoubly because it can provoke premature birth, interruption of pregnancy, intrauterine infection of the fetus, and after the appearance of the baby in the world, lead to endometritis. Therefore, it is necessary to fight with thrush in any case.

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