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Allergies to sperm: what you need to know

Still in the sixties were registeredcases where women experienced allergy to substances that are contained in male sperm. Naturally, modern times, these cases are growing rapidly. On the increase in the number of allergies, both the bad ecology and the deterioration of the health of the nation could have been influenced. Moreover, the qualification of allergists, too, is not on the same place, because now they diagnose allergies in those cases, when earlier it was the usual small malaise. According to statistics, every third woman feels not very well after intimacy, while experiencing discomfort, which is spoken by volume , that she has an allergy to her. What to do if there is a problem between you and your loved one?

"Uneasy" simple allergy

Often, an allergic reaction to spermis manifested by the reddening of the sexual organs after the sexual proximity, burning and itching. But it should be noted that there may be sad consequences: from fever and urticaria to loss of consciousness and puffiness. If we talk about the reaction of allergy to nasperm, then it does not differ from other types of allergies in any way. It can develop slowly, gradually leading to serious consequences and complications.

Here, the annoying component can perform everything,anything - it can be proteins that are contained in the sperm of a man, and can be the drugs that he takes, and the food allergens that he uses for food. It is impossible to say when, when and what kind of woman a problem of this kind will arise. However, if the swami has already happened, then do not despair.

Condom is not a cure

  1. In America, doctors are advised to pre-marriage check pairs for compatibility. Of course, this can not be called a way out of this situation, because changing dozens of partners to gain physical compatibility is a nonsense. It is necessary and you can look for options that will help you get along with the person who is close physically and mentally.
  2. The easiest way is touse of a condom. But it should be noted that if the allergy to sperm has been noticed once already, then the next unprotected sex affinity will necessarily lead to the same. Moreover, if the sperm gets to other parts of the body, then urticaria may develop swelling. You may have an allergy to the hair and skin of the partner. Therefore, it is still necessary to go to the doctor and somehow fight against this ailment.
  3. If you have an itch at the first sexual actor burning, then immediately send to the gynecological office. Of course, this may not necessarily be a reaction to sperm, these symptoms are signs of many diseases, but you need to go to a doctor anyway. For an accurate diagnosis, visit an allergist and urologist.
  4. Often, a doctor prescribes such a jelly as inthe usual manifestations of allergy: advises to stop contact with the allergen for a certain period of time, take antihistamines and so on. In order to make sure that uvass allergy is on male sperm, the doctor can send you to conduct a skin allergic test.
  5. There is one method called ISGC, itis that a woman is carrying out so-called specific immunotherapy. For several hours (two to three) every twenty minutes, a woman in the vagina is placed a certain amount of sperm sexual partner, while gradually increasing the concentration and the number of spermatozoa.

Incompatibility can be defeated

Practically the most common type of allergy tomen - the destruction of spermatozoa that fall into the vagina. This happens for the simple reason that the "scapegoat" takes a woman for a foreign object, while producing antisperm substances, if one can say so, before reaching the uterus, the sperm die, while the woman can not become pregnant.

If a woman is pregnant, but she does notthen the couple needs to go through the test for compatibility: after a few hours after intimacy, the woman takes a swab of genital organs, to determine the live spermatozoa in it. And consequently, the smaller the spermatozoids, the more likely that the pair is incompatible with immunoassay.

A woman who dreams of pregnancy shouldTo be protected during half a year (so doctors speak) that antibodies have ceased to be formed or to apply an insemination at which enter a semen directly in a uterus. If, after this, the woman does not succeed in becoming pregnant, then they resort to in vitro fertilization, with which the female is connected to the sperm in a test tube and the embryo is already placed in the uterus.

Unfortunately, many women who become pregnantIn this way, they experience interruption of pregnancy in the early stages. If doctors do not find other causes of miscarriage, then a woman is diagnosed with "habitual miscarriage". To save the pregnancy with incompatibility of the husband's cells, doctors use the injections of concentrated leukocytes of the husband, while the body begins to struggle intensively with them and the immune system is distracted from the embryo, which is already developing. As a rule, in such a situation, you can normally bear and give birth to a baby.

What does the psychologist say?

From allergy it is impossible to get rid without definitionthe true cause. If the body so keenly reacts, then inside, there is a protest, which most often is unconscious. The organism can not be deceived: the reaction of rejection in any case manifests itself externally. Often, if a woman has a reaction to the sperm of a man, it means that this man on the subconscious level is unpleasant to him (maybe when the tomskin offended you, it hurt you mentally), the rejection of sexual intimacy with him in principle, offense against men. For true reasons, there are also bad relations between parents, the offense caused by adult men in childhood or adolescence. In the final result, a woman does not want to have sex, while she does not notice.

And the woman can passionately desire and love her man, but the body will talk about something else, while piercingly reacting to intimacy, taking it as a process of destruction.

Any acute reaction is a "stop" sign forfemale body. The body seems to say: "Do not do this, stop, think about it!". Therefore, to deal with this problem, you need to be honest with yourself and answer the following questions: how do I treat it? Do I trust my man and our relationship? What am I doing next to this partner? If you really thought about it and came to the conclusion that not everything is as smooth as you - at least one question answered negatively, then maybe this is where your problem lies, work on it.

In order to better understand yourself and in everythingTo understand, address to the expert. As a rule, when communicating with a psychologist, such situations arise that you have long forgotten, reconciled with them, and you even did not come to head that it was this that triggered the problem of an allergic reaction. Once you get rid of the fear of a relationship with a man, forgive the men who hurt you, understand your feelings to the partner, you can forever forget that you were allergic to semen, on the contrary, will get pleasure from sex with your loved one .

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