/ Why do I sweat at night? Part 2

Why do I sweat at night? Part 2

When everything is annoying

Night sweats, irritability and headachepain is a sign that you are now experiencing premenstrual syndrome, which can last two days, or maybe sixteen days. The course of the menstrual cycle is greatly affected by hormonal changes, but it is still unclear why some women experience this painlessly, while others wake up in a sweat, suffer from insomnia and writhe from pain. Perhaps this is due to the high sensitivity to progesterone, which is particularly important in the second phase of the cycle, and maybe from the lack of certain vitamins, a predisposition to depression, a disruption in the thyroid gland.

There is an opinion that such a situation in the bodyis directly related to the number of menstrual cycles. If we compare our great-grandmothers and modern women, now women give birth less often, so menstrual cycles are interrupted and with time their number increases. Because of this, with age, when a woman is approaching menopause, the symptoms will get worse and worse.

Perhaps, it is very multi-conceived and quitebut it is in this case that you need to assess your condition and position carefully. If you react to any events with the help of emotions, then you should not make decisions, start serious conversations and overwork yourself physically. Wait a few days, and then carry out your plans.

Night sweating when carrying a child

Not all women, but some of them intime pregnancy suddenly begin to sweat at night. The periods of sweating and its appearance can be different: some women suffer this in the first trimester, and others - in the last weeks of pregnancy.

When the balance of hormones in the body comes back to normal, discomfort disappears. However, if you are still concerned about your condition, then it is better to see a doctor.

Hiding from stress

The manifestation of night sweats can lead toa situation where the body wears out of a constant emotional stress, while the body develops stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline. If you every day overload yourself with work and your life is a continuous endless excitement, then the body, of course, does not have time to rest, and the adrenal glands that produce stress hormones, constantly feel overwrought. Again, if we compare with older generations, then we move a little, because of this hormones that are produced, not consumed and continue to be in the body, so we are always in a state of unwillingness. If you are not the first to wake up from sweating, then pay special attention to it, because this is a direct sign that you are not all right.

Half an hour for a healthy organism

When we do sports, sweat stands outbut if you look at it from the other side, then the physical load is an activity that we so need to suppress stress hormones and relieve tension in the muscles. Moreover, in the body there is a release of the chemical compound endorphin, which is known to everyone as a "hormone of happiness", with its help you can get rid of the depressive state and irritability.

Simple rules:

  1. If you decide to play sports in the morning, then remember that the heart is ready for loads only a couple of hours after we wake up.
  2. Try to schedule your day in such a way that after work in the evening you can engage in calm and measured matters, do not burden yourself before going to sleep.
  3. Do not take pilates, step aerobics and yoga just because now it's very fashionable. Do what you enjoy and enjoy.

What happens when we feel anxiety?

Typically, women who are all the timethey are nervous and experiencing violent emotions, complain that they have a longer PMS, the cycle is irregular, excessive sweating and insomnia. It is also true, on the contrary, in the natural course of the menstrual cycle without unpleasant side symptoms, there is no sense of anxiety, the woman soberly thinks and perceives any situations without excessive emotions.

Simple rules:

  1. Do not wait until the fall of the forces, rest. Learn to manage your emotions in stressful situations, know how to change the type of activity - this will help you to spend yourself rationally and not over-exert yourself.
  2. If your personal relationships and work force younervous, then think about your health, think what is more important to you. Often such troubles will not leave you alone, they will persecute you during the menopause.
  3. Every day, every evening, take yourself 10-15 minutes to just relax and be alone.

Eat well

If you eat monotonously, then be sure that your body is in a state of stress, moreover, this can also be the reason for a night sweating.

Do not eat sharp, fatty foods before going to bed.hot drinks. Sweating is exacerbated by smoking, drinking alcohol and eating foods that contain caffeine. In the liver, hormones break down, it cleanses our cells from the products of vital activity and toxins.

However, when we experience additionalload on alcohol intoxication, the liver can not cope with its direct duties. If you suffer from excessive sweating, there may be a vitamin B1 deficiency that controls the work of the nervous system. Such a vitamin can be found vkapuste, nuts, tomatoes and legumes. Vitamin E is able to reduce odor. Tocopherol can be found in dairy products, eggs and almonds.

When allocating a pot, we lose calcium, iron andphosphorus. Dairy products, cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat), eggs, fish, legumes and walnuts are sources of mineral substances. If you are worried about over night sweating, then it is useful to take the sage medicinal. To do this, you need to take a spoonful of leaves and pour boiling water (1 glass). Twenty minutes to insist, and then strain and drink three times a day after eating a ½ cup. But before using medicines, ask a qualified doctor (for example, this infusion of sage can not be drank breastfeeding and pregnant women).

Does not add up personal life

In addition to intense sweating of the whole body at nightbecause of the over-repeated hyperhidrosis, there is also a localized form of it, when not all the body sweats, but only its individual parts. For example, much can sweat underarms, face or feet.

Constant control

"I can not find a soul mate, becausesuffer from excessive perspiration. At the first meeting, my armpits sweat heavily, so I start to feel uncomfortable and want to go home quickly. I do not want my young man to see wet circles on his clothes. " "My hands are constantly sweating, so I always have to keep a towel on my desk. If you do not rub your hands in time, then drops of sweat remain on important papers, documents, on-keyboard. "

In both primary and secondary hyperhidrosispeople feel uncomfortable when communicating. If you are a local form of hyperhidrosis, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor, because there are several treatment options.

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