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Milk to drink is harmful? Who would have thought...

Talk about the role of milk in the diet of people shouldBegin with the fact that it is intended by nature to feed the young. At the genetic level, each species of mammal has its own milk, cow's milk is fed by calves, the milk of a cat is a kitten, the milk of a woman is its children. And our genetic code does not allow digestion to fully digest and assimilate milk from the "matron" of another species. The cubs stop eating their mother's milk when the rennet enzyme disappears in the digestive tract, intended for splitting the milk protein-casein. And unsplit casein is not absorbed by children's organisms. Our kids have this at the age of three. They begin to be weighed against milk, and parents, not understanding the reason for such refusal, force children to drink it, sweeten it, add it to the porridge. Thus, they are literally deceiving the child's taste buds and using force to try to teach the children's body to milk.

Nutritionists categorically state that seventyFive percent of the world's population can not digest milk. It turns out that contrary to the prevailing opinion, it is the ability to digest milk that is an exception to the rules. Most people have a lowered level of lactase responsible for the splitting of lactose-milk sugar. Because of this lactose is not cleaved and not absorbed into the blood, but remains in the intestine, begins to attract water. The man begins to lose weight with milk. Lack of lactase also leads to the fact that the intestinal bacteria begin to ferment lactose. This leads to increased gas formation. An indigestion disorder causes diarrhea, bloating, spasms and can lead to other problems with health, potentially affecting the cardiovascular system.

Lauren Slayton is a nutritionist fromFood Trainers, as a result of the conducted studies, concluded that in milk-genetically modified cows there are hormones such as RBGH and RBST (they are injected with cows to increase the production of milk), which in the female body can affect everything, up to the hue of the skin of the pregnant fetus. In addition, the hormones contained in milk, increase the risk of development of hormone-dependent types of cancer - breast, prostate, ovaries. Lactic acid products and cheeses are less harmful because of their minimal processing and lack of hormones and antibiotics. After we were separated from the mother's breast in childhood, our body does not have any biological nutritionists. Dietitians debunked traditionally that consumption of dairy products will help us to strengthen the bones. Indeed, calcium and mineral substances are contained in the milk. But to fill the daily requirement for calcium, an adult should drink less than 1 liter of milk per day. Not everyone can do it. Moreover, a high protein content in dairy products "acidifies" the average level of the organism's pH, and for the equalization of the pH imbalance, calcium is leached out of the bones, which naturally weakens them. American doctors made a severe verdict: milk is a rich source of animal protein, but it contributes to the negative balance of calcium in our body, which leads to osteoporosis.

Branding the shame of milk, nutritionists areFriend: you can safely eat sour-milk products. Yoghurts, kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt are simply irreplaceable for our body. They are easily digested and help restore normal bowel function. For women, they recommend yogurt as a "miracle food", as an ideal low-fat source of protein and probiotics. Sour-milk natural products are easier to digest than conventional dairy and fermented products, and favorably affect your immune system. The immunostimulating probiotics contained in yoghurt and vitamins and minerals, as well as the lactoferrin found in the serum, increase the ability of the body to strengthen its own skeleton. So, if you propose to keep some dairy products in your diet, it may be some kind of natural yoghurt. It's no secret that the best oigurt is homemade yogurt.

If you really want to completely avoidMilk, Mrs. Slayton advises to switch to sardines, greens and beans because of the high content of calcium in them. As a substitute for milk in coffee or oat flakes, the nutritionist offers almond milk, no know-how - to make this milk itself according to a special recipe to avoid harmful additives such as carrageenan.

Resume from nutrition experts:Dairy products are not so necessary in any diet, but in moderate amounts, they are not lethal, reasonable consumption is allowed with a healthy diet. Therefore, if you have a well thought-out balanced diet, regular exercise, then you can eat a couple of times a week yogurt (similar to pizza) Serious harm. Listen to your body and find out how sensitive you are to dairy products. Our ability to digest milk is reduced with age. What worked at twenty years, is not working at fifty. You just need to know the composition and origin of your food. No one is perfect, and even if you do your best to maintain a healthy diet, you can treat yourself to cheese and ice cream, the whole question of moderation of consumption.

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