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When the nerves are at the limit

"... now it's so bad with nerves ... it's completely psycho-steel, everything reacts abruptly, I constantly snap and scream at everyone, I notice that I answer questions in a boorish, rude way ... I stop controlling myself ...". These words describe their condition as women and girls who have lost control over their condition or on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Sometimes very complex and difficult situations arethe basis of negative worldview and behavior. Sometimes commonness, bad weather, downed hormonal background and misunderstandings of relatives, friends and acquaintances can "get rid of yourself."

Such a state of the mind is detrimental tothe whole body. Especially often it is possible to observe hair loss, some time after a strong experience or stress, deterioration of the skin condition; often there are problems with organs and systems of organs.


Reduced concentration of attention, increasedfatigue, a tendency to tearfulness, depression, sleep disorders, aggressiveness in dealing with other people, various kinds of tingling in the hands and feet, heart rate irregularities. Such complaints are characterized by complaints of patients, physicians and neurologists.

In medical practice, asthenia, or asthenic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome is the most frequent diagnosis among patients who seek medical attention for a nervous state.

The first is characterized by a state of stableinadequate fatigue in everyday life, a decrease in the amount of energy necessary for the habitual work and normal functioning of the body. This includes the lack of any motivation, reduced attention and memory, a disorder of sexual function and sleep, increased sensitivity to sounds and light.

The second zhesindrom - a feeling of constant fatigue,fever or chills while maintaining normal body temperature, pain in the muscles and joints, head, heightened fatigue (more than 1 day) after the usual work.

How to be? What to do?

Very often doctors can not installthe present cause-the primary source of the described signs. In addition, many of us buy drugs in pharmacies of a pronounced soothing effect, which significantly reduces the "taste" of life itself, reducing both the speed of reaction and sensitivity, including the pleasant moments. In addition, such pills have only a temporary effect and can significantly affect other organs (the liver).

"The soothing tablets tried to drink, but nothing helps ... I sleep only for four hours, I can not ..." Often wrong actions lead to the opposite result. Influencing not the cause, but the effect, it is seldom possible to achieve a significant result.

It is absolutely clear that it is necessary to do something: as for prophylaxis, and with aggravation of the nervous state. Ironically, most of the people who turn around with help to neurologists find a deficiency of vitamin B1, which is necessary for nerve cells. Thus, taking this vitamin will significantly improve the feeling.

However, not all so simple. The fact is that this vitamin is water soluble, and this, in its turn, significantly (by 95%) reduces its bioavailability - the amount of substance that is absorbed by the nerve cell. Today, there are drugs that have basically a fat-soluble vitamin B1 derivative, which greatly enhances its bioavailability. Now it is almost 100%, not 5. One of the drugs of this action is Milgamma, whose advantage is also in the formation of a balance between the level of vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 (they are related by the inverse relationship: with increasing concentration of one of the organism, the content of the other is sharply reduced) . In the treatment it is very important not to harm your body, so it is worthy and caring to it and take all necessary rules for taking medications and other substances.

How not to take yourself to the extreme?

How many of us have heard the advice of others"Change the setting," "relax," "do not pay attention," "learn to control yourself," "cry out" and the like? And yet the most important advice is truly necessary and useful will do everything possible to not bring yourself to a peak, to a nervous breakdown.

Here all the ways that helpyou relax, feel good, confident. Here are a few tricks that you can and even should take advantage of in the decline of morale and spirit.

  1. Relaxation. It is worth giving yourself a few minutes of privacy. Curtain the curtains, get comfortable and try to loosen the muscles of the body, starting with the feet and shins and gradually transferring the heat upwards to the neck and neck. Close your eyes and listen only to your body, it helps to feel the complete relaxation and alternating tension, briefly, for a few seconds, the muscles, again, from the feet to the shoulders and neck. Smooth out all the wrinkles and creases in the face (the tension causes them to involuntarily shrink), relax your hands, squeeze the fists.
  2. Pay attention to the breath. Try to slow down his rhythm, imagine that you are inflating the balloon, but not just the air that your lungs secrete, but all the negative that leaves you with exhalation. When you inhale, release your ball, and then inflate a new one.
  3. It has long been known that classical musicsoothes, thereby reducing pressure, pulse and respiratory rate. Try to put your favorite music: a classic or record with the sounds of nature, the noise of the rain or the sea. Try to restore in memory the best or simply pleasant moments of your life, photo albums, records, imagination can help here.
  4. Often helps to relax and taking a warm bathwith foam, aromatic oil or salt. Immerse yourself in a wonderful fragrance, hear the outlet as it flows down your back or drips from the fingertips. And then brew fragrant tea and enjoy every sip and inspiration.
  5. Make a small acupressure: remember where you have painful points, click on them, relax. Maybe you have a favorite place for massage? Like the upper third of the back, neck or feet? Then this method definitely should not be neglected.
Active methods of fighting stress
Perhaps, it was a group of exercises and small tricks that help to relieve tension, calm down. Sometimes it is worth to act in a different way:
  1. Scream, cry out, loudly stomping and clappingclap, break something or break (a piece of paper, an old cracked plate), turn up loud, noisy, somewhere sharp music and throw out emotions in this way.
  2. Try to tell yourself what your problem is.Precise formulation of the cause of failure forces you to look for the right and constructive solution, tell yourself that everything will work out for you, voice the ways that will help to correct the situation or to believe in yourself.
  3. You can spend negative energy on the movement: walking, riding a bicycle or even cleaning (extra things always interfere with the portrayal of the mood).
  4. Laugh from the heart with your favorite comedy, see how the heroes of the movie experiencing hard moments laugh and solve their problems with this truly great weapon.
And, finally, another advice from a psychologist:
  1. Try to find a place where you feelitself is good and easy. Hide yourself there sometimes, let your shelter be in the house, vobnyaty loved or under the old birch, which is associated not so much pleasant memories as sensations: coziness, warmth, strength.

Each of them knows how difficult it is not toget out of yourself, keep calm and balance. Someone knows how to behave, and someone should read a couple of articles and understand what will suit him, her.

Take care of yourself, remember that health is yourthe biggest trump card in life. This is the main thing and the only thing that is given to everyone and that it is so difficult to preserve. Asthenia, chronic fatigue - problems that have firmly entered our life, but to protect them and prevent them from entering their world is everyone's task. Love and mutual understanding will always help you in complex and difficult situations.

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