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Breast examination at home

Initially, such a risk is subject to women who smoke, full of women and women, who had this ailment of close relatives.

Like other diseases, breast cancer is much easier to cure if you identify it at an early stage.

Due to simple self-examination in the wild, we ourselves in some cases can detect the rakgrudi even before the disease itself begins to point to this typical symptom.

Such surveys are best conductedOn the eighth day after the onset of menstruation - it is during this period that the mammary glands become milder. Surveys are conducted not in bright, better daylight, natural light.

Remember that even young girls canGet a breast cancer, so every girl who has reached a certain age should not only be checked by a mammologist, but also to examine the breast at home at home for changes in her. Do not be scared if at the first examination you found something. What you have found may not be a tumor. But this does not mean that you can forget and disregard the findings. In any case, if you have any doubts, you need medical advice.

To begin with, to properly inspectBreasts, start with the fact that you believe that the breast is in a healthy state. So you can easily see any changes. Do not allow seals to appear in your chest. It will be better if you see them in advance and tell the doctor about it. Inspect the chest and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

How to examine the breast by yourself?

Here are several stages, with which you can conduct an examination of the glands at home:

  1. Lie on your back so that under the back of your headYour right arm was located, and the left was completely free. This pose is the most effective for examination of the chest, because in this position the breast tissues are evenly distributed along the chest.
  2. When palpating it is necessary to useJust the wrong, middle and index fingers. With your left hand, touch the right breast with circular motions. And the diameter of the survey should not be larger.
  3. If you notice a compacted area inThe lower part of the breast, then do not worry - this is non-deviation. But if you found something in other areas, then it is necessary to appear to an experienced mammologist.
  4. Start circular movements from the armpit, and slowly move to the lower chest. Thus, you will be able to examine the entire breast cell.
  5. When you examine your right breast,Start looking at the left. To do this, you need to take the same pose, only you have to have a left hand under the back of your neck. Similarly, examine the left breast.
  6. When finished, go to the mirror, and put your hands on your hips. Carefully look at both breasts, whether there are any changes in shape, size or contour. Remember that this is very important.
  7. When you examine the chest at home, you need to understand the presence of any rashes or keratinized skin. Do not raise your hands high - so the survey will be more difficult to conduct.

Prevention of breast cancer

With the help of medicines it is impossible to warnThe emergence of tumors in the milk glands. However, thanks to regular independent examinations it is possible. Novelties do not always make themselves known. Sometimes people do not know for years that they are sick with cancer. Therefore, if you will carry out regular such examinations, you can prevent the appearance of a breast cancer.

According to many years of statistics, it is thanks toIn this way, breast cancer can be detected in the early stages. So, and cure the disease will be easier and faster. Therefore, take care of yourself, watch your health!

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