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Herbs that facilitate delivery

The most common and often usedRecipes contain a herb of the Chernobylnik, in other words, it is an Artemisia vulgaris. Chernobylnik not only anaesthetizes, but also accelerates childbirth. An infusion is prepared with an isodic table spoon of a chernobylnik per one glass of boiled water. Infuse for two to three hours, and take one fourth of the glass before meals three times a day.

German folk medicine advises to takeThe cuff is an ordinary cuff for facilitating childbirth. This herb is rich in iron, ascorbic acid, manganese, zinc and other useful microelements. The infusion is prepared in the following way: take two tea leaves of the dried leaves of the cuff and brew with one glass of boiled water, heat wrap and so hold for four hours. Before use, it is necessary to strain the received infusion and drink half a glass three times a day. Stems and leaves ordinary cuffs are applied not only as a medicinal plant, but also as an ingredient for salads and soups.

As an easing and acceleration of births less oftenUse klopogon smelly, which refers to the buttercup. It is not for nothing called smelly, because from the beautiful leaves and greenish flowers comes a very unpleasant, bad and sharp smell. Daily infusion from the bug is prepared as follows: take two teaspoons of grass and brew it with a glass of boiled water, give him two or three hours to infuse.

No less rare is the bug, for the purpose of facilitatingGenera, use the flowers of a marsh marsh. It has a very burning taste and it can be said that to some extent it is poisonous, therefore it is rarely used as a medicinal plant for pregnant women.

Along with such plants as klopogon smellyAnd kaluzhnitsalotnaya, also rarely use marsh cleanser. Infusion from it is prepared a little unusual and quite a long time: the dried grass of the bog swamp is maintained for a week on vodka with the calculation of one tablespoon of this plant and one glass. Drink this infusion of twenty droplets three or four times a day on a glass of hot water.

It should always be remembered that before applying any wax, you should definitely discuss this with the doctors.

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