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Top 7 Summer Diseases


About this disease many books have been written andTalmud, but the people continue to "fall for his bait." Angina remains a popular disease. Skvoznyaki, ice cream, ice drinks, air conditioners - all these components reduce the local immunity of the pharynx. In each person, one way or another, zhivutboleznetvornye bacteria, and when immunitetv norm, it successfully with them boretsya.No cost him at least a little down, the bacteria multiply and myzabolevaem. Signs of catarrhal angina is an aching all over the body, the temperature is not very high - up to 38 degrees, a feeling of swelling in the throat, purulent raids on the tonsils. Symptoms of tonsillitis - swollen podchelyustnyhi cervical lymph nodes, the temperature is below 40 degrees, chills, severe pain priglotanii, tonsils grow in size and covered with small purulent follikulami.Samaya heavy - it lacunar tonsillitis, its symptoms resemble follikulyarnuyuanginu, but the plaque on the tonsils are much more expressive.

Prevention of angina

What kind of heat would be standing on the street, do not drinkCold drinks, it will be more useful to have warm water or hot tea. Remember how the Oriental people survive in the heat: hot soup and tea are present daily in their diet. Never direct a fan of cool cool air from the air conditioner, of course, it will be nice, but not for long.

Cure sore throat?

The most important thing is to drink plenty of fluids. In addition, constantly caress the throat with the decoctions of marigold, chamomile and sage. If you can normally tolerate a temperature of 38 degrees, then do not knock it down. Do not ignore antibiotics and be sure to see a doctor. Together with the bacteria, bacteria get into the heart muscle, and if you are sick with angina, then there can be serious consequences, for example, rheumatism, heart disease.


In the summer we went out into the garden, ate an unwashed berry, orBought fruit on the market and began to eat them unwashed, did not wash their hands before eating - all this can cause inflammation in the mouth. In case of stomatitis, mouth ulcers appear in the mouth, which are very painful, while it is painful to eat, talk, and touch lips and cheeks from the outside. There are cases when an unpleasant smell begins to flow from the mouth, and the gums begin to bleed. If stomatitis is not triggered, then the tissues that surround the sores look quite healthy and the general condition does not deteriorate.

Prevention of the disease

Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene, andNot only when the pathogens are very active. Before consumption, wash vegetables and fruits. After the streets, the toilet and before eating, do not forget to wash your hands with soap.

How to treat a disease?

Wash your mouth every three hoursAntibacterial solutions that can be purchased at pharmacies, especially after rinsing. The sores can be treated with concentrated chamomile infusion, with special preparations with histological gels. If the condition does not improve or the wounds become larger, go to the doctor.

"Summer flu" or enteritis

Causes of enteritis (inflammation of the intestine) -Bacteria that enter the body through unwashed hands or food, moreover, inflammation, a sharp change in temperature and overheating. Due to overheating, bacteria become bigger and bigger. Symptoms of enteritis are pain in the middle of the life, diarrhea, sometimes vomiting. In addition, during the disease a person accompanies weakness and sometimes tormented by fever. Dehydration can occur, which means that the body will lose the necessary minerals and salts, and this can serve as interruptions in the work of the heart and other very important organisms.

Prevention of enteritis

Do not go to the sun for a long timeWas re-heating, do not eat a lot of food. Keep the food only in the refrigerator and wash the vegetables with fruit before the food. Especially in the summer dangerous fish, meat, sour-milk products and sweets with cream.

How is it treated?

He should be treated only under the supervision of a doctor. To remove toxins from the body, it is necessary to take a sorbent preparation, for example, activated charcoal (ask the drugs in the pharmacy). You do not need to take funds from diarrhea, otherwise they "conserve" the poisoning substances in the body, which means that you will be more difficult to recover. Try not to eat the first two days, drink green tea, chamomile broth, and then for a week, use liquid food.

Inflammation of the ear

External otitis patients are most often affected by people wholove to swim in the water. In wet wounds infection. Symptoms of the disease - itching and redness of the ear. Remember that if you are heated in the sun, do not dive into cool bets or the sea. If water enters the ear, then catarrhal otitis may develop, which is accompanied by a slight increase in temperature, rustling or clicking in the ear. Very dangerous is purulent otitis, its symptoms are acute pain in the ear, high fever, sometimes discharge.

Prophylaxis of an iota

After diving in a pond or even swimming inWet your ears with cotton wool, you should not use cotton buds. If you are prone to inflammation, then before swimming, swab cotton in vegetable oil or cream and place its vushi, but try not to dive.

How is it treated?

If you have otitis, then only a doctor can help you!


This is a fairly "popular" disease, whichEspecially in the summer - inflammation of the bladder. Symptoms: a visit to the toilet every 15 minutes, pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes nausea and fever. Cystitis occurs due to the temperature drop during bathing, with poor personal hygiene, with a long stay in cold water, with a change in diet, the quality of drinks and the drinking regimen. Because of its physical characteristics, the woman's organism is more susceptible to this disease - the female urethra is shorter than that of the stronger sex, so the infection quickly enters the bladder.

Prevention of cystitis

If you want to go to the toilet, go, do not delay. Do not stay in the water for too long, do not wear a wet swimsuit for a long time. Drink plenty of clean water, so the liquid in the bladder will not become concentrated. Do not neglect personal hygiene, if you have sat in a swimsuit on the ground or sand, then remove it immediately.

How to treat cystitis?

Initially, one should forget about alcohol, acidDrinks and products. Fill the heating pad with warm water and put it on the bottom of the stomach. Be sure to go to a doctor so that he can prescribe you a cure, you yourself will not be able to identify the causes. Cystitis can be caused by different bacteria, and therefore, and treat them in different ways.


Infarctions overtake many people right at workin the garden. Some people experience great pleasure when they work in the garden or in the garden. However, if you suffer from hypertension, then you are contraindicated to mess around in the suburban area. Because of the postures and movements that you are doing on the bed, the illness may worsen or lead to a heart attack.

Prevention of myocardial infarction

Try to find yourself another occupation, especially during the day in the very heat or at least dose work in the garden, do not overdo it.

How to treat a heart attack?

Call a doctor right away!


Diseases that are transmitted sexually, also spread to a large account in the summer, because everyone goes to rest and want spa romances.

Prevention of STDs

Do not succumb to temptation, have sex only in a condom, it will protect you from deplorable consequences.

How to treat STDs?

Immediately consult a doctor, do not engage in amateur activities.

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