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Dangerous misconceptions about contraception

1. When taking hormonal tablets, you can recover.

Modern combined oral contraceptivesHave nothing to do with weight, because the dose of estrogens has been reduced in them, so the microdosed combined oral contraceptives and vaginal ring contain a very small amount of hormones.

1. Oral contraceptives are not compatible with alcohol.

Alcoholic is not able to affect the effect,Which give combined oral contraceptives, but this is only in a situation where alcohol does not cause a buffeting effect. If an overdose of a drink has caused vomiting, then it is necessary to take additional doses of contraceptives.

2. The intake of hormonal contraceptives is approaching the onset of menopause.

Here all the drain on the contrary! Hormonal contraceptives soften the manifestation of menopause and even can delay its appearance a little. This is due to zafollikulyarnogo reserve, if a woman began to take oral protection before, tomenstruatsii last longer, because hormonal tablets do not give the egg.

3. Taking hormonal contraceptives can cause and develop cancer.

There is no evidence that there isThere is some connection between liver cancer and hormonal contraceptives. If we are talking about cervical cancer, then there is a connection, but indirect, because the young woman, who is protected by contraceptives in the form of tablets, does not use barrier methods of contraception. A cancer of the cervix appears due to infection, because it is caused by highly-cancerous strains of papillomavirus.

4. From combined oral contraceptives, libido can decrease.

Libido changes due to the use of combinedOral contraceptives very often. If this happens, it is often at the very beginning of taking the tablets, and this is due solely to the adaptation of the body. However, this can not only reduce, but also increase the libido. On the contrary, due to numerous studies it was found that a third of women from taking hormonal oral preparations as a vaginal ring observed an increase in the frequency of intimate relationships and sexual attraction.

5. Combined oral contraceptives lead to infertility.

Statistics show that infertility is less likely to affect women taking hormonal drugs than their peers who have already given birth or have made abortions without using contraception.

6. To reduce to a minimum or avoid side effects, you need to take breaks in hormone tablets.

Now there are no scientifically substantiatedevidence that byukazyvali the need for interruptions in the reception of the combined oralnyhkontratseptivov every few years. From the point of view of medicine, there is no benefit to the organism in the interruptions of the similar city, besides, after you take a break and start taking the tablets again, the side effects (here m intermenstrual cortexes) can only become higher during the first three months, because the body will wean and He will need to re-adapt to taking combined oral contraceptives. Moreover, because of these intermittent spasms, the fourth woman suffers an unintended pregnancy, so there are doubts uzhny voobschekakie whether any interruptions; They may also be reduced and that the positive effects neotnosyatsya to contraceptives, necessarily associated with the intake gormonalnyhtabletok.

7. Combined hormonal contraceptives can only be used in girls older than 20 years.

The validity of modern oralContraceptives are suitable for use at a young age, but only after you visit the gynecological office. Because there are such tablets that not only reliably protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also reduce the amount of acne on the face, as well as the greasiness of the skin. And young girls are most intensely struggling with this problem.

8. A girl can not become pregnant while she is breastfeeding.

This delusion is so dangerous that about tenPercent of women come to medical institutions to interrupt pregnancy in the first year after the birth of the child. The female reproductive system is very well developed, therefore, after a month or even three weeks it is ready to become pregnant again, it returns to normal life, therefore it is necessary to be protected.

9. If a woman does not have regular sex, then it is better to use an emergency contraceptive method.

Women who think that if they haveIrregular sexual life, it is better if they drink the drug only a couple of times a month than drinking them daily, on the contrary, put themselves at great risk. One tablet of postcoital contraceptive has six times more hormones than usual, so one such pill causes a great harm to the body in the form of a "shake". Why is emergency contraception so called? Because it can be used only in certain cases intended for this purpose.

If you will regularly contact an emergencyContraception, you can break your hormonal background. If you at least twice a month need protection, then we are talking about the regular sexual life of ortraceptive should be selected appropriate, and this is either barrier or hormonal.

10. With intimate intimacy during the months of pregnancy can not be.

Of course, most women are more likelyFor pregnancy in the middle of the cycle, but not looking at it, the possibility to become pregnant is on any day of the cycle and even on time during the month. Another thing that every woman should understand for herself - spermatozoa are stored in the body of a woman about five to six days.

11. Such a method as interrupted intercourse, provides absolute protection against unwanted pregnancy.

This is also a widespread fallacy, to whichWomen believe very much. Unconditionally, conception may occur if your partner uses a precautionary measure. Because before ejaculation there is an ejection of a small amount of lubricant, which also contains spermatozoa.

12. Women who have reached the age of 45 can not become pregnant.

Age after 45 years is already quite lateReproductive period of a woman. Often at this time the woman already has a child and not even one, brings them up and takes care, but late childbirth is not ruled out, so everything can happen.

13. Oral contraceptives retain their effect only if they are regularly taken.

Hormonal contraceptives can not be takenIn combination with ascorbic acid, because it is vitamin C. Large doses (1 g per day) kill estrogen. Moreover, the same action has paracetamol. Therefore, they should be taken two hours at a time, no less. In addition, the contraceptive effect and absorption of the drug affect the intake of some anticonvulsants and antibiotics because they can reduce contraceptive protection of tablets. If you need to take any medications, then consult a gynecologist with a doctor. And when buying tablets, carefully read the leaflet, pay special attention to the section "Interaction with other medications".

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