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Red dots on the body (photo) - causes of appearance, treatment

Red dots on the body like moles - what is it?

In medical terminology, this phenomenon isSpecial name - angioma. This is a benign formation, which is the result of disruption of the blood vessels or lymphatic system of the body. As a rule, consists of woven together small vessels, which is clearly visible in a visual inspection. If you press on the angioma with your finger and then release it, then for a couple of seconds the dot changes its color - it turns pale and turns red again.

In what part of the skin can angiomas appear? Practically on any. And the appearance of red dots is most often found in children, at the initial stage of the formation of the circulatory system. If the angioma appeared at an older age, it is most likely due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Note! The red dots on the body are not a cause for particular concern, since they often arise and disappear completely "independently". However, with a rapid increase in size and change in angioma form, you should always contact a doctor.

Causes of red moles

The presence of red formation in a child from birthCan be explained by infections that the woman suffered during pregnancy (chronic illnesses, pyelonephritis, viral ARI). In this case, red birthmarks up to 1 cm in diameter usually disappear before the baby reaches 7 years of age.

If the red dots on the body, as in the photo,Appeared in adulthood, it indicates the diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver or pancreas. As an option - a hormonal failure in the body, problems with the organs of the circulatory system or simply the result of abuse of the solarium. In any case, the exact cause of the appearance of red dots can only be established by a dermatologist who will conduct a thorough examination and then prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Classification of red dots (angiomas)

  • Capillary - angioma in the form of separate reddish or maroon spots located on the face or trunk.
  • Cavernous - two or more blood vessels connected in the cavity. It is located immediately under the skin and very often on the face. It can also occur in the liver, spleen or uterus.
  • Branched - swollen formation, filled with blood. If you press on the formation of a finger, then the outflow of blood will occur, and with the retraction of the hand - rapid filling.

Treatment of red dots on the skin

As you know, the treatment of any diseaseBegins with a diagnosis. So, if you have certain anxious symptoms (increased angioma size, discoloration), consult a dermatologist or surgeon. If necessary, it is possible to send the patient for additional examination to other specialized specialists - gastroenterologist, neuropathologist, endocrinologist.

If the red points on the body are inspectedChild, the child's surgeon may decide to leave everything as is until reaching the baby 5 - 7 years. The main condition for such a delay is the small size of the mole and its location on the parts of the body that are not exposed to constant contact with clothing.

Attention! Under the influence of some external factors (injuring clothes or decorations, ultraviolet rays), these benign formations tend to turn into a malignant form. Accidental damage to a thin layer of the epidermis of the red mole often leads to severe bleeding, and subsequently - to its proliferation.

The method of treating red points on the body depends on the type and location of the neoplasms. The disposal procedure can be performed using:

  • X-ray radiation. After a certain number of sessions, the birthmark acquires a lighter shade, decreases in size, and eventually disappears completely.
  • Surgical intervention. This method is used to remove red dots of small sizes. Possible consequences of surgical excision are scars and scars on the skin.
  • Cauterization. If the mole is located above the surface of the epithelium, then it can be removed by burning with carbon dioxide.
  • Chemical vascular sclerosing. This modern method is suitable for removalLarge capillary formations (hemangiomas). During the procedure, the introduction of special drugs in the mole itself and in the areas of the skin around. There is a blockage of the vessels of formation, which leads to a "cutting off" of the delivery of the birthmark from the common circulatory system to complete removal.
  • Cauterization by coagulation. The procedure can be carried out in different ways: With the help of light, infrared radiation, radio waves, electric current. The advantage of this cauterization is the absence of postoperative scars and scars, which is especially important when removing large red moles.

To brighten red dots on the body, you canTo apply also means of traditional medicine. True, the use of folk methods is not recommended in the presence of large moles, which tend to increase.

And if everything is in order, then here are some simple but effective recipes:

  • Lubricate the mole for the night with castor oil, which will lead to a reduction in education. For the same purpose we use antiviral ointment (acyclovir), juice of onions, honey or juice of raw potatoes.
  • Compress from the crushed dandelion root. Instead of dandelion, you can use fresh herb milk, a mixture of grated apple and honey.

When red dots appear, in any case, you should consult a doctor, rather than self-medicate. Be healthy!

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