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How do houseplants affect us?

How do they affect growths, for example, azalea

So, for example, if you want to fixObsessive old lady-neighbor, who leads you to watch, then give her azalea (rhododendron). This one-room plant relieves of the habit of gossip, calming people with increased excitability, relieving depression. Because azalea strengthens the energy of the chakra of Anahata, which is at the level of the heart, it is able to awaken in a person the understanding of others, sensitivity, love and sympathy.

Creative people are encouraged to grow azalea,which will become a kind of muse. With it you can overcome the fear of starting work. This plant is able to open the doors to the world of inspiration and creativity, filling the person with an unlimited energy.

Indoor plants for office

Oleander is good to have in his officeleaders who are inclined to outbursts of anger, thoughtless acts and words, because oleander modern transforms consciousness. This plant belongs to poisonous plants, and it is necessary to look after it in prints. It will help to distribute forces to become more or less oriented towards the goal of Croton. The action of oleander can be compared with the action of caffeine - it stimulates the work of brain cells. Because of this, it is good to grow this plant in offices, whose staff makes a constant "brainstorming".

And in the offices of employees of charitablefunds, social activists, and especially social workers, lemon is recommended. This plant wonders: it emits altruism, relieves of illusions, helps to find oneself in activity, and stimulates the activity of brain cells.

Phytoncidal properties of indoor plants

Phytoncides are substances thatare produced by the plant, contribute to the destruction of fungi and bacteria. The air environment has pathogenic organisms, which, penetrating the respiratory tract, are capable of causing acute respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions.

There is a period of phytoncidal activity onWinter-spring period, when the incidence of viral diseases increases a great deal. Phytocides, even in small doses, can suppress the development of harmful microorganisms, as well as maintain an optimal air balance in the room.

However, do not forget to feed and waterPlants, otherwise their phytoncidal qualities are reduced. French craftsmen in the XVII century, loved the geranium for the remarkable ability to soak in dyeing, shoemaker's poisonous fumes. Modern scientists have proved that geranium can absorb even radionuclides. This plant produces substances that kill pathogenic microorganisms, and by inhaling its fragrance a person relaxes, calms down, which is of considerable importance in depressive and stressful conditions, insomnia. Geranium also helps to get tired after a hard day's work. Only 20 minutes spent next to this plant, helps to experience an emotional uplift, a burst of energy.

Interesting facts

Bloody ivy or Scindapsus golden, capable ofbring a lot of trouble. The smell of this plant, practically uncontaminated, consists of hydrogen, bromine, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfur. The effect of these alkaloid effects of alcohol is enhanced 3 times. After a few drunk glasses near such a plant, a scandal may even erupt. Therefore scindapsus must be removed in advance from the room where the festive feast will be held.

However, at the same time, this ivy is considered goodmeans for getting rid of alcohol dependence. You just need to put a slab of liana with mustard leaves. To get rid of tobacco and alcohol dependence also helps oleander. He helps to orientate about their life goals, will indicate the right path.

If you live with your mother-in-law, with whomyou can not find a common language, it's good to have a monster in the house. This plant - a vampire, it absorbs the energy. It is best to keep it in the kitchen near an electric stove or microwave oven. But it's worth knowing that no other plant in the same room with such a vampire will get along.

Monstera, philodendron, tuber begonia helpcoexist under one roof of several generations. Monstera helps to put things in order and thoughts, she is a wrestler by scaos. This plant is useful for people involved in science, which began writing the dissertations, as well as applicants for academic degrees. And begonia tuber helps reconcile spouses, helps to find answers to questions, extinguishes conflicts, and also removes mental fatigue.

Balsamin creates around himself the most powerfula vibrational stream of harmony and joy, smoothing out the consequences of conflict situations. This plant is charged with solar energy. The atmosphere created by the balsam promotes the manifestation of the best qualities in a person.

Begonia royal suits, hospitable,It is the strongest protective plant. Begonia royal transforms the negative vibrations into positive ones, arranges them, bringing atmosphere into the apartment of harmony and balance.

Begonia decorative flowering neutralises from quarrels negative energy, smoothes conflicts, also contradictions, nervousness and tension, protects the dwelling from invasion of external vibrations.

To intimate relationships has an orchid flower,which is considered the symbol of women, as well as the masculine. Since the 19th century it is known that this plant emits substances that perfectly adjust to intimate relationships, both men and women.

But in its essence, an orchid is a vampire, so children, in addition to people with unstable psyche, communication with her is undesirable. If you place an orchid in the bedroom, then there may be headaches.

On plants that are present in your home,it is very important to pay attention, namely, what energy they carry and how they affect the homeowners. From the competent arrangement of the house will depend on how comfortable you feel yourself in it.

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