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Pressotherapy, elastic stockings and electrical stimulation for venous insufficiency

Thanks to pressotherapy, stimulation takes placeBlood circulation and lymphatic system of the legs. Another advantage of this method is that squeezing the adipose tissue facilitates a faster process of fat metabolism. In addition, in order to provide a therapeutic effect, elastic stockings are used because of the pressure exerted by them. This is one of the most popular ways in people suffering from diseases due to venous insufficiency of the legs.

The pressure produced by the compressive stocking(Garment, very much like stockings, which are usually worn by women), falls on the upper part of the ankles; Gradually it weakens in the direction of the bottom-up, contributing to the inflow of blood to the heart.

The veins expand, the functions are activatedVarious valves, whose duty is to stimulate the movement of blood, and ultimately, the blood begins to flow much faster. Thus, compressing stockings are considered a means for permanent use in the fight against stagnation of blood caused by venous insufficiency.

Not having an accurate idea of ​​how they lookSqueezing stockings, you may think that they are one of the few-sympathetic orthopedic garments. A few years ago it really was so. At first glance, it became clear that the business concerned a stocking, intended to alleviate the pathological conditions associated with blood circulation. Currently, squeezing stockings can be exhibited in the windows of the shops of underwear, without standing out among other assortment. With the exception of large-sized products, the use of which is necessary in more serious stages of venous insufficiency, compressing stockings conform to fashion requirements.

Tourist syndrome

In recent years, the problem has become obvious,Directly related to blood circulation - the so-called tourist syndrome. This condition consists in the fact that due to too tight seats of airplanes, blood clots form in the veins of the lower extremities of the passengers, which can cause deep venous thrombosis. Usually, such clots appear during long flights, for example, seven-hour flights. The fact is that a prolonged stay in the same position is capable of provoking this disorder in the circulatory system.

As a result of the study, the goalWhich was the establishment of a connection between the use of squeezing stockings and the advent of tourist syndrome, it was found that stockings can reduce the chance of thrombosis by 10%.

The study involved 2,637 people, and thrombosis was detected in 47 people who did not wear stockings, and only three people who used them.

How to use squeezing stockings

Stockings are very simple to use. It should be noted that their use is prescribed not only to alleviate the symptoms of venous insufficiency, but also as a preventive measure.

In particular, such stockings can be recommendedPeople who think that they are at risk of varicose veins or tired legs syndrome, those with parents who have similar problems or have circulatory disorders, as well as pregnant women, people who spend a long time at work standing or sitting, etc.

As for the application itself,It is advisable to wear stockings after a morning shower. As soon as you dry your feet, apply a cream or gel on them, which you usually use, and then put on your compressive stockings.

The reason why it is advised to do this in the morning is very simple: as the day draws to a close, the legs swell and therefore it will be more difficult to wear stockings.

Types of compressing stockings

There are two types of circulatory problems, in which the appropriate models of compressing stockings will be useful.

  • The non-severe conditions associated with venous insufficiency require correction by wearing products with a light and super-light degree of compression.
  • More serious diseases involve the use of a stocking with a strong and super strong compression ratio.

The type of compression depends on the pressure exerted byStockings on the ankles. Thus, it is recommended that most people suffering from tired legs syndrome and varicose veins use light and super-light compressive stockings.

Before you buy them, not necessarilyConsult with a doctor. Conversely, before buying and using stockings with a strong and super strong compression ratio (prescribed for more serious cases) it is necessary to consult a specialist because the pressure exerted by them on the ankles may be too strong.

Electrostimulation for improving blood circulation

Electrostimulation is modern therapy,The use of which gives good results in eliminating circulatory disorders. The procedure is that the specialist installs electrodes on certain areas of the body, for example, on the hips or venous sole. Then he supplies an electric current of low frequency, which stimulates the blood vessels in the dermis. Thus, blood circulation improves and blood vessels strengthen.

You can buy an electrostimulatorIn order to carry out therapy on their own. Such devices are inexpensive and easy to handle. The session lasting only for 20 minutes will provide relief to the legs. Remember that it is necessary to consult a doctor, in order for him to indicate whether it is prescribed in your case to use an electrostimulator, especially if you suffer from an expansion of the veins.

What is an electrostimulator?

The electrostimulator is a simple current generator,Which produces an electrical discharge capable of altering the action potential of muscle or nerve cells, thus changing their resting state. For electrostimulation of the legs, low-frequency current is used (that is, between 1 and 120 Hz), which allows the muscles to contract, but prevents burning and irritation of the skin.

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