/ How can I clean the liver?

How can I clean the liver?

But it will be ineffectual. Therefore, before taking emergency measures, it is necessary to find the cause of the problem. As a rule, this problem is not in the choice of a cosmetologist or stylist, it is much closer - inside our body, in the liver. This body is a filter of the human body, which is contaminated. The liver must be periodically cleaned from various slags. This procedure can be done at home - it's much cheaper than going to a cosmetologist and certainly much more effective.

How can I clean the liver?
You can clean the liver at home without turning toExpensive medical centers and without chemicals. The diversity of nature and the wisdom of the people, accumulated over the centuries, offers a huge selection of tools that will help cleanse the liver. Among them, the cholagogue grass can be put on the first place - it is immortelle, milk thistle, tansy, celandine dandelion and others. Decoction of herbs perfectly chases the bile, which is stagnant, and successfully withdraw it out through the kidneys or intestines.

Some products are also effective, likeHerbal decoctions. To such products it is possible to carry a pumpkin, a radish and a beet. They have a laxative and choleretic effect. If you include these products in the daily diet, then in two weeks the result will appear, as they say, on the face. Another effective tool is sorbitol, medical sugar, in which there is no glucose.

Now tell you how to properly clean the liver in the ways indicated above:

Milk thistle and other choleretic herbs
You can take one kind of grass, and you can collect. Two or three tablespoons of herbs (s) must be placed in the thermos bottle. Pour a liter of boiling water and leave to infuse for 12 hours, preferably at night. In the morning before eating, drink a glass of this infusion and lie on your right side, always on the hot water bottle. Lie down so you need an hour and a half or two. The hepatic ducts will expand and the slags will come out. Another glass of infusion is drunk before bedtime. Again you need to lie on the hot water bottle. The course lasts a month, you can repeat it in a year or a half.

Oats are common
1 kg of oats should be placed in a fire-resistant bowl,Pour it with water - 3 liters. Put the hour for two in the oven, preheated to 150 ° C. Then cool and strain very carefully. Take this broth 2-3 months daily two-thirds of the glass on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening. To be tastier, a glass can be added quality honey, no more than a teaspoon.

1 kg of purified beet should be poured in 3 litersClean water, cook it for two hours. 2. Then take the vegetable out of the water, peel it, chop it very finely and put it in water again, where the beets were cooked. Once again, boil. Strain and divide the resulting liquid into 4 equal parts. Then take the whole day for one part in 3-4 hours. And of course, after taking it immediately go to the heating pad. This cleaning is enough for a year.

Medical sugar - sorbitol
Sorbitol (2 tbsp. Spoon) is dissolved in a glass of very warm water. Drink it with slow sips on an empty stomach. Then for 1.5-2 hours you need to lie down on the heating pad. Of course, you will be sent, and, most likely, more than once. Such cleaning is effective, if you spend it once a week, a half to two months.

A sign of the correctness of all these procedures is a good stool, as well as improving the appearance of the skin, strengthening the hair and nails. In general, the state of health will be much better.
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