/ Pregnancy in Autumn: What You Need to Know?

Pregnancy in the Fall: What You Need to Know?

What will he pay special attention to during pregnancy in the autumn?


Low and high blood pressure can becomeCause the problem with health, not only you, but your baby. This is especially characteristic in the autumn, when the weather is not standing still, but is constantly changing. Even when you go for the first time kvratchu, find out from him what kind of pressure for you is "normal", because for each person these indicators of the norm are different. In any case, when you begin to feel bad, feel the onset of ailments (tinnitus, dizziness, headache, and so on), measure the arterial pressure. Remember that ordinary people should not be engaged in treatment, and pregnant women even more so. If you have any complaints, consult a doctor, he knows better than to help you and pick up a medicine (preferably if it is on a natural basis), which will not harm you or your child.

Watch the veil

Often, with the arrival of autumn colds, eachA woman starts to gain weight quickly. But remember that you are pregnant and fight this problem with the usual methods (restrictions in food, diet), you are not only toil, but also very dangerous! If, for example, you are on the sixth month of pregnancy and recovered by eleven kilograms, then do not try to resist adding to weight, because this is the norm. After childbirth, take care of yourself and again become slim, but not now.

Protect yourself from disease!

If you are pregnant and suddenly see the firstSymptoms of the disease, immediately go to the boss, ask for leave and go home. At home, provide yourself with complete peace, drink more tea with linden, mint or melissa. If the throat starts to hurt, then make a saline or soda solution and rinse your throat. Do not forget that only a doctor can prescribe medicines to you, so without his knowledge, do not take any medications! Closer to the cold, when the flu starts to "walk", try not to go to places of large crowds and especially not to get in contact with sick people, do not go to work in public transport, especially if the time falls on rush hour. Also, try to avoid contact not only with people who are ill, but also with people who have just recovered.

Recommendations for bearing a baby in autumn

To adjust yourself to a positive mood,To overcome the autumn depression, to strengthen immunity, to create not only internal comfort, but external, try to adhere to several simple rules-advice for pregnant women, which give experienced moms.

  1. Make sure that it's always light. All the time since the morning, open the curtains andVenetian blinds, as soon as it starts to get dark, turn on the bright light, do not surround yourself with a pillow. So you can "start" the brain zones responsible for the activation of the exchange processes and a good mood.
  2. Do not buy gloomy and gray clothes, go only in colored and white things. Thus, your mood will always beElevated, bright colors do their job, they even speed up the exchange processes. Do not make up any nyakyhtogorkok, go to stores for pregnant women and buy yourself a pair of brightcoats, dresses and trousers.

Separately it is necessary to say a few words about clothesfor pregnant. Remember that the most important thing is that you are comfortable, free, at the same time that it does not constrain your movements and be warm. It should be dressed so that if it suddenly becomes hot, then you can safely remove yourself from something. During the bearing of the child, it is advisable not to overheat, because it is dangerous, moreover, when we are hot, we sweat, and if you sweat, then the vustut will catch a cold, which you do not need.

Pre-purchase shoes. It should be on a low heel or completely without a dagger and have a non-slip sole. Please note that during pregnancy, the feet often swell, and the foot may become slightly larger, so it is better to remove the shoes and one size larger. Excellent shoe options are shoes of leather and other natural materials, on natural fur, with a usual velcro or buckle. This is first easy to wear and comfortable, and when the stomach grows, you can not tie your shoes and shoe close shoes.

  1. Take vitamins, eat more greens,Fruits and vegetables in order to maintain immunity. In the late autumn, when fruits, berries and vegetables have moved away, you can smoothly switch to frozen foods. Of course, they no longer have a full range of vitamins, but still a sufficient part of them remains there. Prepare and eat salads, desserts, cook and drink fruit drinks or compotes, forget about herbal teas.
  2. Chubbybyvayte in the fresh air, especially inSunny warm days, because it will soon be cold and there will be few such days. Try to sleep more often and relax lying on the bed with raised legs. In order not to pick up the infection on the door, before leaving the house, apply wyferon or oxoline ointment to the wings of the nose.
  3. For sure, if you are actively active in summer, then during pregnancy you may have pigmentation spots, which, when the baby is born, usually pass. To make these spots less visible, Get special creams, but only if in the leaflet you have permission to use the drug and pregnant women.
  4. The most important councils are joined by another -Skin care. Pregnant women, especially in the fall, can suffer from allergies. Therefore, if you began to worry about itching and flaking, immediately make an appointment with a pediatrician. Exclude from your wardrobe things from synthetics and every day, moisten the skin. To prevent dry skin or at least noticeably reduce it, take a shower more often, followed by moisturizing the body and face with a speciallion or milk.
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