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The most common myths about conception

Myth number 1. The menstrual cycle lasts 4 weeks.

true. In fact, 80% of women have a cycle longer and shorter, only in some women, very rarely it is 28 days. Most of the representatives of the weaker sex experience a cycle of 24 to 36 days.

Myth number 2. Ovulation happens at the end of the second week.

True. Ovulation occurs every month in different ways. Even if your cycle, you still can not be responsible for how the ovaries work. Moreover, diseases, sleep problems and stress also affect the time of ovulation.

Pay attention to the fact that the egg is freeRipen later or earlier than we think, a woman who wants to become pregnant must know all the physiological signs that indicate the onset of the fertile period and act on the circumstances. Few can distinguish between the signals of her body, and this is not very good.

Myth number 3. There are days in which it is impossible to become pregnant.

True. You can get pregnant on any day, even if you haveYou go to the month. Naturally, on some days the success of this is unlikely, but it is quite difficult to know what these days are. And remember that a low probability - this does not mean that it is not at all. It is because of this that there are so many unwanted pregnancies that were conceived in the so-called "safe" days.

Myth number 4. The woman "answers" for the sex of the child.

True. Men of some countries accuse women of,That they had a child "of the wrong sex." But in fact, scientists have not confirmed this by the science, it is proved otherwise - for the sex of the child there are male chromosomes. Therefore, men who want this or that sex of the child must understand that it is senseless to ask about this woman, because she is absolutely powerless in this regard. This is due to the fact that who will be born depends on the set of sex chromosomes formed by the spermatozoon during the fertilization of the oocyte. The female chromosome is always X, but the male chromosome can be both Y and X. This means that if the sperm X fertilizes the oocyte, then you will have a milk , And if Y is a son.

Myth number 5. If you become sex in the position of a birch tree, then the possibility of conception will increase significantly.

true. Of course, there is some part of the truth here,Some spermatozoa will be easier to reach a certain place in this position. But basically this position is not grounded in any way, because when a woman is caught, millions of spermatozoa fall and thus try to catch the "fugitives" does not make sense.

Myth number 6. If you want to have a baby, then you need to make love as often as possible.

true. Viable spermatozoa fullyRipen only after the expiry of about 48 hours. If you often try to conceive a baby, for example, a couple of times a day, the spermatozoa simply will not be able to mature, and hence the probability of fertilization of the cell decreases. A very high probability of pregnancy is noted only for several special days during the month: first of all, the day of ovulation, 1-2 days after and 1-2 days before ovulation (there are cases when the probability of conception is increased 6-7 days before the moment of ovulation) . In the remaining days, of course, it becomes possible to conceive, but the chances are getting smaller.

How to determine when ovulation will occur? To do this, you can pass a special test, for example, a clear-cut digital test Clearblue. With 99% accuracy, it is possible to know when the level of the hormone LH increases, and this usually happens within 24-36 hours of the onset of ovulation.

Myth number 7. Perfect sexual intercourse for one hundred percent protects against pregnancy.

True. In fact, this is a delusion. Studies have shown that the lubricant, which is released by pripolovom intercourse, contains a certain amount of spermatozoa, and believe me, for some time they are enough to conceive a baby.

Myth number 8. When you feed your baby with a breast, it is impossible to conceive.

True. Such a confirmation appeared on the basis of the fact thatWhen a woman feeds a baby with a breast, Une begins to slow the recovery of the menstrual cycle. But it should be noted that the first ovulation occurs before the menstrual cycle is renewed, which means that it is necessary to use contraceptives.

Myth number 9. Measurement is the best way to determine ovulation.

true. It's very difficult to keep the basal temperature chartAnd unpleasant. And moreover, it can not deliver to you the exact result, because in addition to ovulation, the temperature can rise due to many reasons - it can be alcohol consumption, restless sleep or simple drinking of hot drinks. Before ovulation, 20% of women have a fever. There is a more reliable and effective method of how to calculate favorable days - these are tests that can help determine the onset of ovulation.

Myth number 10. Oral contraceptives after taking for a long time retain their effect.

True. It's a delusion. If after 7 days you do not come to receive the next packing of tablets, then it is very likely that you can quickly become pregnant. Such pills can suppress ovulation, so if you stop taking them or skip once, then you can be sure that you will not get 100% protection.

Myth number 11. The first sexual intercourse can not become pregnant.

true. It is common that when you first get pregnant, conceptionIt's impossible, but it's not true. Even if you make love for the first time, then there is the likelihood that you will get pregnant. If you have another goal, then choose your own contraceptive that will suit you.

Myth number 12. If a woman does not experience orgasm, then she does not become pregnant.

True. In fact, this is not proven, many couples are doing well in this regard, but the need for a woman's orgasm is in question. You can say for sure that for pregnancy, you need a male orgasm.

Myth number 13. For good living conditions of spermatozoa, a man must keep his feet in a cold.

True. In fact, a man must create for himselfCertain temperature regime. There are things that interfere with spermatozoa normally exist - these are baths, hot baths, tight underwear, and warm clothing. But this does not mean that men should run in the snow or turn off hot water in the house.

Myth number 14. If you can not get pregnant for three months, then you have problems with health or you are sterile.

True. This is not true.Medical statistics show that most couples can conceive a child from the first and even not at the second attempt. For a good result, on average, five, or even more, are needed. Only after 12 months of attempts, you can begin to worry and see a doctor for diagnosis of reproductive health.

Myth number 15. Some products reduce the likelihood of conception.

True. Many people say that if you eat peppermint, thenThe possibility of pregnancy decreases. Yes, it can happen, but only when you use Mojito, because alcohol and mint are consumed, and alcohol reduces the probability of conception by 40%.

Myth number 16. Kama Sutra is able to get pregnant.

true. Theoretically, some poses are able to helpvzachatii child, but there is no direct evidence for this. Sexologists allow the fact that some postures and truth, can contribute to a positive result, but only if they are used in the form of an exciting factor, an additional stimulant. It is in the case when the partner is experiencing passion, the probability of pregnancy is much higher.

Myth number 17.If after sex take a horizontal position, then the probability of conception is increased.

true. This is indeed the true truth. So you can save more sperm in the vagina, but if you immediately get up, you can also get pregnant.

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