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Hormonal contraceptives - everything from A to Z

The first contraceptive medications (in the form ofTablets) possessed a set of contraindications, as well as undesirable "pobochek". The shock dose of hormones contained in them slowed down the heartbeat, and also caused severe headaches, nausea, and sometimes inflammation of the pancreas. And on the basis of this, several months of taking these contraceptives would certainly provide you with frequent visits to the doctor, as well as a couple of chronic diseases. That is why even 30-40 years ago, oral contraceptives for a long time lay on the shelves of pharmacy kiosks.

However, everything changed with the invention of estrogens(Synthetic) third generation. They dosage of hormones is lower than before exactly exactly three times. And this makes it possible to reduce the risk, and significantly, the occurrence of side effects, as well as to reduce the number of contraindications.

Hormonal contraceptives to dateAre appointed by specialists only for the purpose of preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is with their help that it is possible to adjust the menstrual cycle, treat skin problems and prepare the woman's organism for conception and bearing of the baby.

Contraindications to the use of hormonalContraception will serve the following points. These are thromboses and thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities, pulmonary arteries; Diseases of the thyroid gland, which are characterized by increased production of estrogen; Hormone-dependent forms of neoplasms (eg, malignant and benign tumors of the uterus, ovaries and breast). Also contraindications are hepatitis and diabetes.

And as a side effect, you can: headaches, depression, weakness, bleeding disorders, and increased arterial pressure.

How to apply oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives should be taken daily, and starting from the first-fifth day of the menstrual cycle. And if you are late with taking the first tablet, then wait until the next monthly period.

During the first seven days of admission, useAdditionally, the methods of contraception. Full protection from an unwanted pregnancy can not be guaranteed during the first week of taking medications, since the body must be "saturated" with estrogen, which is part of the drug.

As a rule, the standard reception schemeOral contraceptives in itself includes 21 tablets. Having finished their reception, you will cause menstrual-like fluke. And in a week you can proceed to the next blister stablet. And the second option involves taking tablets during a seven-day break with a placebo effect.

Types of hormonal contraceptives

The most popular species isbirth control pills. There are monophasic, as well as combined oral contraceptives. Progestin is contained in monophasic (called "mini-pili"), combined it combines with a synthetic esterogen. The lowest percentage of effectiveness in mini-pili, however, they do not affect the growth of tumors.

Next come the hormonal patches, whichAre glued on the scapula or on the skin of the buttocks and change weekly. Estrogen in the blood is directly absorbed through the skin, bypassing the liver - the toxic effect of the drug decreases. And only one convenience - that will have to be constantly monitored so that the adhesive does not come unstuck.

Intrauterine hormonal system isImproved model of an ordinary spiral. It emits microdoses of hormones directly into the uterus and minimizes the risk of side effects. However, it is impossible to use it for girls who suffer from chronic diseases of the sexual sphere - adnexitis, oophoritis, etc.

The vaginal ring is inserted for 21 days, andIs extracted only during bathing or swimming in the pool. This ring of hormones secretes locally, in the cervix thickens cervical mucus, also has a spermicidal effect.

And if you constantly forget to take a pillin time - replace oral contraceptives with hormonal injections or subcutaneous implants. The contraceptive is injected into the outpatient on the shoulder skin, it acts for a long time, so you do not have to feverishly recall the need for taking tablets in the middle of the night. From six months to seven years-the duration of the implant, and the effect of the injection - from three months to six months.

But, unfortunately, only two out of six womenreally think about preventing unwanted pregnancies. And hence the menacing statistics of abortion and infertility in the country. The use of hormonal contraceptives will allow you to avoid unscheduled conception.

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