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After the release of depression and how to deal with it

Causes of post-depression depression and how to deal with it

The right vacation is when the person withOne type of activity completely switches to another. The most important thing is to be able to forget about work in general. And calling up with his colleagues, scrolling in his head, the working moments, you just steal precious hours of idleness. In addition, the double load - attempts to rest and at the same time the continuation of the working process is always fraught with aggravation of chronic diseases.

The second problem of the holidaymaker is time. According to many experts, it is better to rest than rest less than a little. Scientists have determined that the "vacation minimum" should be two weeks. In this case, one week will go on adapting to new conditions for a person (changing the regime of the day, and possibly the climate, as well as time zones). The second week is for the rest itself. In this case, it is desirable to have another week of rest in reserve - to re-acclimatization, in other words, a return to the old conditions of life.

Rest is another common mistake"for company". Often, the style of the pastime, unfortunately, you choose not yours, but your environment. Instead of bliss in nature, you trudge with your friends on the excursion, or, say, cultivate in the country garden, although you can not stand this occupation. It is worth learning to firmly refuse without false feelings.

However, if you even managed to properlysparse vacations for a week and forget even the word "work", at work, complications are possible. Some try to immediately, and quite actively, get involved in the working process and hastily solve all the accumulated issues.

But experience shows that you do not need to hurry to take important decisions after the release on the very first day - gaffes are possible.

German scientists found that during the period of successfulrest, the mental factor is reduced by 20 points. And therefore, it is necessary to give yourself time to activate the intellect. And psychologists seriously insist that on the first working day, workers should be allowed to work only half a clock. This is necessary as prevention of various nervous breaks.

Time to go to work should be consideredmini-crisis and take it seriously. After all, according to statistics, dissatisfaction with their work, as well as life in general, is quite pronounced right now. A person who is passionate about his own business will not become dejected for a long time. Spanish psychologists believe that more than 35% of compatriots regularly fall into post-release depression. The reasons for this fucking spleen are seen in the fact that only 5% of Spaniards are satisfied with their work. Accordingly, there is a reason to think, but is such work necessary in general?

Do not regard post-release depressionprecisely as a manifestation of our own weakness. The fact is that similar problems and strong, successful people also happen in life and business. In most cases, representatives of liberal professions (advocates, journalists, doctors) and owners of small businesses suffer from such unpleasantness.

How can we cope with this depression, if it did with you? The fact that it is necessary to work, of course, is worth understanding, but it is not necessary to rush headlong into labor days, even harmful.

It's worth starting with the simplest things that are notrequire concentration of attention, as well as special mental efforts. For example, to tell your colleagues about having pleasant moments of vacation, distributing souvenirs and showing photographs is a good program for the first day.

Their home is best to warn thatYour irritation with an attitude towards them is in no way connected, but on the contrary, you require love and support. And by the way, people who are happy in marriage, with the problems of working hard to cope faster.

And while you are not in the usual rhythm came in, it is very importantown "positive resources" to find. Someone brings to life and calms long walks, someone - computer games, etc., and some in the office plant a tabletop mini-garden of stones and with grapes in their hands meditate. The charm of human communication is also not contraindicated, and especially with people who are nice to you. It is best to stay away from the hard-hearted relatives.

Physical exercises also contribute to the upliftingtone. And it is absolutely necessary to push the barbell in the sweat of your face or wind the circles with the stadion for hours. Enough to start static exercises. For example, lying on the sofa, hands squeeze into the lock, then raise your leg and stay in this position for a few minutes. And repeat this exercise again 6-10. This unnoticeable nastastic wonderful tones, and also burns extra calories and allows you to bring thoughts along in order.

And one more trick - you need to get up in the morning 30 minutes earlier than usual. After all, this will give you extra time just for rethinking the values, getting used to the new situation.

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