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Body shape as an indicator of your health

For reference: The shape of the "apple" implies a wide waist and narrow hips, "pear" - a narrow waist and wide hips. If the body is straight without visible bends, with a heavier upper part, this is a "column", and the shape of the "hourglass" and does not need to be deciphered, it is clear here.

It turns out that the type of figure predetermines in someThe degree and duration of life, in particular, women with a pear-shaped figure can expect to live for ten years longer than ladies with apple-shaped body. The fat, "podkoplenny" on the stomach, causes a shorter life expectancy. Men with a beer belly feel prudent ... According to the statistics of observations, they are allocated to live seventeen years less slim and lean. Abdominal fat not only forces fat people to buy clothes of a larger size, it is also the main culprit of increased pressure, heart disease, diabetes and the mass of accompanying them. Surrounding, or rather, enveloping internal organs, fat in the direct sense of the word "does not let them breathe out," prevents them from functioning normally. Suffice it to recall the notorious shortness of breath in people with excess weight and stomach, hanging over the belt on their trousers.

Let's move from abstract "pears" and "apples" toReal persons. American movie stars 37-year-old Keith Winslet and 38-year-old Christina Hendricks, who have a pear-shaped figure with a thin waist and rounded lower body shapes, feel great. According to studies in the United States and the United Kingdom, women who by the age of thirty had grown fat on the waist and were a typical "apple" are no longer competitors in terms of their longevity in terms of their longevity. Their life hours will cease to tick for nine to ten years before women who follow their figure. With men, nature is even stricter: those who, at thirty years old, carry a huge "workmanship" will die seventeen years earlier than macho with an abdominal press in the form of a washing board.

The research chief Dr. Ashwell, previouslyWorking at the government level, said that it kills not only the fat, but also the lethargy of the abdominal muscles, which forces the internal organs to work on the skin. It is difficult to achieve the ideal proportions of one's own figure in the hectic life. But correct them really, which will help maintain the body in the right tone. For this, it is not enough to know your weight, although definitely, excess weight is bad for health. A more objective characteristic for assessing the degree of obesity (weight loss) is the body mass index or BMI, which is calculated by a mathematical formula based on the ratio of the person's weight and his height. But this figure does not distinguish between fat and muscle tissue, and then some athletes, athletes whose health and beauty figures will envy, will be classified as fat-burning.

Dr. Ashwell insists on comparing the sizesWaist with height. In her opinion, the length of the waist measured along the circumference of the waist should not exceed half the height of the person's height. That is, a woman of 164 cm in height should try to keep her waist in the range of 82 cm, and with an increase of 175 cm - it is possible and 87.5 m. A little bust, and the "pear-shaped" lady will turn into an "apple" - with all the ensuing consequences ...

Ms. Ashwell had the opportunityTo analyze the data for three thousand women and men across the UK for twenty years, which gave her the authority to authoritatively assert the superiority of the comparison of waist and height compared to BMI when predicting the possible life span of a person. Its dignity is that by comparing the dimensions of the height and height, we know the size of the fat layer on the abdomen, and since these are "bad" fats, we can assess how troubling the situation is. It was during these experiments that confirmation was obtained that the bulging belly had a significant effect on human life. Hence, the summary is a recommendation: the waist circumference of the waist circumference is not more than half the size of the growth.
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