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"Green supplements" - a new fashion in a healthy diet

Greens, grown in gardens and companions,Rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium. Algae contain a large amount of fats and proteins, they contain a lot of magnesium. We are still unaccustomed to them, they look far from attractive to us, salivating will not flow. But just as it happened to leek in its time, from the feathers which receive bitter juice, which increases the ability of the immune system to counteract the development of cancer, so now we have seen the amazing possibilities of green mud and are working hard on the ways people use it for a healthy diet.

It is clear that what would be the seaweed orCertain types of terrestrial plants did not cause, it is necessary to be able to use them with maximum benefit for us. It is not necessary to invent unusual dishes to our table. Already known and successfully used additives, united by the common name "green", which we offer in the form of tinctures, powders, tablets, capsules.

All this "green" can be divided into two categories. Gifts of Mother Earth - and these are leaves, grasses, roots, containing potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin C. And aqua-"gifts", that is, algae spirulina, chlorella, kelp are rich in useful proteins and fats, they are a real stock of vitamins and Minerals. What makes them particularly valuable is the high content of magnesium, which is very important for strengthening the immune and digestive system, and is also necessary to maintain normal blood pressure. The modern technologies of intensive production of agricultural products and fashionable diets have completely deprived us of a number of necessary nutrients, including magnesium.

The released "green" additives contain chlorophyll,Which generously provides us with the required micronutrients. With the current abundance of available products, there is no shortage of necessary nutrients, as such. But unreasonable excess is harmful, nutritionists suggest for the sake of our benefit to use a mixture of a few green supplements that can be taken in place of multivitamins. Algae, ironically called "edible pork scum," are not chemical, but products of natural origin, so the body easily absorbs them. Many of them contain probiotic (that is, useful, distinction from pathogens - pathogenic microorganisms) bacteria.

Not for nothing celebrities consumingGreen additives, just glow with health. Looks great Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Poppy Delevin. The top model of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was to say that she takes a cocktail containing the juice of chlorella, the sales of this green "miracle" in Britain increased by 60%. To meet the demand, it was urgent to order chlorella from the Japanese islands. Actually, what is there to be surprised at? Chlorella is one of the most studied plant forms in the world, and back in 1940, it was seriously considered as an inexpensive and highly nutritious culture for the feeding of the population in the postwar period.

In the UK for seven yearsIt spread in the form of tablets, and during this time it was convinced that it reduces the percentage of fat and blood glucose levels, helps those suffering from sugar diabetes, heart disease or obesity, improves digestion. Among other advantages, it was noted that it contributes to combating depression, reduces body odor and prevents the absorption of harmful chemicals by the body. Curious fact: the Japanese, living in their own country in the Land of the Rising Sun, and actively using ocean food for food, atherosclerosis are sick ten times less often than those who left for the United States.

No less popular were in the past and othersNatural suppliers of greenery. Centuries before Gwyneth Paltrow "sat down" on spirulina, the Aztecs who inhabited Mexico brought ethyxine-green algae into their culinary recipes, without any idea of ​​the presence of alimino acids, proteins and chlorophyll. The ancient Greeks did not doubt the ability of the laminaria to improve digestion, and practical Chinese have long served as a table grass - the ancestors of modern alfalfa. Sprouted barley and wheat kept the bar in America until 1930, when the first vitamin tablets appeared on the market.

Modern technologies of processing allowTo preserve during drying and subsequent conversion into powders and tablets of the original plant raw materials of all useful qualities, given by nature to plants and algae.

But nutritionists recommend to sober andTo compare the cost of green supplements with the content of protein, vitamins and minerals in them, not forgetting the traditional products for a healthy diet. Green supplements are very expensive, and there is not more protein in them than in milk or meat, although the price is about thirty times more expensive. As advised by the spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association Lucy Jones, if you are walking around the supermarket in search of SuperGreen, then ask yourself if it's better to spend this money on fresh fruits and vegetables sold in the same passage of the same store.
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