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Herbs that are used for breastfeeding

To begin with, we'll talk about how not toadmit the development of the breast: it is necessary to lubricate the nipples with chicken fat, goose fat or butter for prevention. You can also process the area of ​​nipples and cracks with natural apple juice antonovki (note that you need a natural freshly squeezed juice antonovki, and not a juice that is sold in stores and supermarkets in banks, bottles and especially in tetrapacks) or can use carrot juice, which heals very quickly.

If the baby is not started, but only begins, then help such grasses as mother-and-stepmother, burdock, cabbage. Fresh leaves of the above mentioned grass must be crushed and applied to a sick chest.

In a more difficult case, women suffering from nipple fractures use rosehip oil or fresh juice from leaves of Kalanchoe - it is desirable to smear every time after feeding.

In addition to the above oils and plants, very good use of the use of powder mullein bear ear (before use, this powder is mixed with carrot juice or apple juice).

To treat cracks in the nipples of the breast is very goodwill help the next recipe: rub the apple with a spotted grater and mix with butter or chicken (or goose) fat, always in equal proportion, then apply to the nipples of the breast and fix the tampon. This procedure should last all night.

A very good remedy is also an ointment,which are made by the kidneys of a black poplar: take two table spoons of dried buds, make it a powder (pounded). The resulting powder should be mixed with two tablespoons of butter.

In severe cases, the breasts are used by the purgatorFor this it is necessary first to scald the leaves with boiled water. After the leaves cool a little, they squeeze out and put a thin layer on the chest, fix it with a bandage. The time is thirty minutes, and it can be done four to five times a day, between procedures should take about three to four hours.

In the treatment of the breast, grass is also usedof the oculist carcass: two tablespoons of grass comfrey medicinal pour a glass of boiling water, then soak in a water bath for twenty minutes, give a one-hour stand. A compress is made from the ready-made broth.

If the mammary gland hardens,it is possible to use alcoholic tincture of St. John's wort, from which the lotions are made: approximately 3/4 jars with dried St. John's wort should be filled with vodka. This composition last two to three weeks.

In addition to the aforementioned herbs, infusions and oils, the celandine juice is also used to treat the benign breast. Cracks of the nipples are abundantly smeared with a piece of celandine about three to four times a day.

Dear nursing moms! Never forget about your health! After all, your health now especially affects your little children! Together with breast milk, the body gets all-useful and harmful substances and elements that are in your body.

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