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Through positive emotions to good health

In the 21st century, we entered with firm confidence thatThe mechanism of diseases in our body is triggered from negative emotions. Doctors Psychosomatic Research proved as selectively affects organycheloveka one or another negative emotion, confirming the judgment of the ancient philosophers medikovi that fear destroys our hearts, longing and sadness eating away at the stomach intestines, anger rot our liver.

And since "All diseases are from nerves!", Then the numerous methods of healing the body were reduced to cultivating methods of protection from negative emotions. The possibility of generating positive emotions was not even discussed, since there is a belief that for a person to control one's feelings, it is as sensitive as, for example, weather management. That human emotions can not only be controlled, but also, as the project manager, Professor Barbara Fredrickson, emphasized, direct them in order to improve physical health, then It is a healthy body. As a criterion, the "tone of the vagus nerve" of two groups of volunteers was studied.

For reference: the vagus nerve (Lat. Nervus vagus) is an X pair of cranial nerves that provides regulation of the internal organs of the cardiac muscles. That is, during the experiments, very real parameters were controlled, and not subjective categories. For the complete objectivity of the conducted studies, they were randomized, that is, the selection of patients was completely random, plus volunteers did not know the outcome of their groups before the completion of the work. Two groups of participants were diametrically opposed separated by attention of themselves to the researchers. If one group had to live a normal life for six weeks and wait for something, then another group listened to the LKM (loving-kindness meditation) course, that is, the meditation of loving kindness, where they were trained to bring up the feelings of love, benevolence, compassion for those around them. Full-valuemeditation was conducted at home without limiting the number of sessions.

It was noted that theOf human benevolence, the number of social contacts also increased involuntarily, and this, in turn, increased the "tone of the vagus nerve" or vagal tone. Here is the rising spiral: the number of positive emotions increases, the tonus of the vagus nerve grows, the client becomes more socially sociable, the social connections become stronger, the health grows stronger (there is no time to hurt!), The communication network is clearly expanding, the nerve-wracking nerve has grown, we are even more willing to communicate and so on. The control group had no changes in tone.

Summary: Look at life more positively. Of course, the muscles, like those of Schwarzenegger, will not grow, but it will not necessarily be sick. Again, no need to walk and purr: "Hari-Krishna!". Get up early in the morning, five o'clock. Those who get up early are what God gives. By the way, in the morning from 4 to 8 o'clock comes the energy of goodness, and from 8 to 16 - the energy of passion. Were up, with utrechka congratulate yourself, Earth, Sun, wish everyone happiness. Know that all day you will meet only good people. This will help you better than any medication.
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