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Shower instead of a massager: where to pour water

Since ancient times, hydrotherapy has been usedFor prevention and treatment of many diseases. But it is not necessary to be engaged in treating any diseases without consulting the doctor. However, you can use the healing power of water as a means that will alleviate pain, elevate mood and strengthen immunity. In addition, your daily hygienic procedure can easily turn into a medical procedure that will strengthen your health and give you good health. To achieve a good result, you need quite a bit - a special massage nozzle and a good temperature of water. You do not need to ask your family for a massage!

Healing shower

The flow of water irritates the nerve endings thatAre already in. After that all the systems and organs of the organism begin to react to these irritations. That you did not cause harm, and the organism correctly and positively responded to water procedures, you must choose a good temperature regime. Cool (+20 to +33 degrees) or cold (up to +20 degrees) shower should be taken in order to normalize the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and with certain disorders of the nervous system. Moreover, if you do this in the morning, you can quickly ask for refreshment and refresh your tone.

During the reception of a cold shower, and this shouldLast a little more than two minutes, watch how your skin reacts. Initially, the vessels narrow, the skin becomes cold and icy. Then the vessels begin to expand, the circulation improves and accelerates, the work of the respiratory cardiovascular system improves, and the metabolism also increases. Kozharozoveet and warm. It is at this point that it is possible to finish the procedure so as not to harm yourself and catch a cold. If you suffer from rheumatism, radiculitis and you have increased nervous excitability, then you are contraindicated by exposure to cold.

Warm water (from +34 to +39 degrees) rendersSoothing effect on the nervous system, moreover, relieves insomnia. However, it is not necessary to stand long under such a shower, because you can increase weakness and fatigue. Of course, a hot shower can relax, but if you have problems with the work of the heart, then be careful.

Excellent helps the contrast shower to combatCellulite, stimulation of metabolic processes and the body's zakalivaniya. First, start taking a shower with cold water, after five minutes let the hot water flow. So repeat three times and finish the procedure on cold water, after which rub the body with a towel.


Instead of a classic acupressure massage, you canSafely do the hydromassage. But how to do such a procedure at home? Initially, you need to purchase a special shower head, with the help of which you can regulate the flow of water, that is, create several types of construction:

  1. Mono - this is one powerful flow of water, which comes from the middle of the nozzle and is great for hydromassage.
  2. Massing - narrow and strong trickles, which regularly appear in periods.
  3. Soft - a few large wide streams that can intersect each other and are also well suited for hydromassage.
  4. Normal-thin trickles, which are fed from the entire surface of the nozzle, are suitable for a daily shower.

Hydromassage is recommended for use on an empty stomach. If you ate, then water procedures do only after half an hour. Strengthening hydromassage gives strength to the depths. Direct the flow of cold (about +20 degrees) water to a certain part of the body and keep it for half a minute. Before going to bed, do a soothing hydromassage. If you decide to take a warm (about +38 degrees) shower, then direct the mono to the desired point and keep the takinuta 2-3.

Remember, if you have any problems with the cardiovascular system, then before going to a whirlpool go to a doctor and ask the council for advice.

Recommendations for use

If you are concerned about headaches, insomnia andDizziness, then direct the jet to the base of the skull. It is here that the lines of energy flow are collected. Direct there a warm and soft monotony. It can calm you, improve blood circulation and alleviate pain.

With pains in the stomach and general weakness of the whirlpoolIt is necessary to do, directing a stream on solar weaving. Thanks teploymonostruye you can remove the inflammation of the digestive stomach, get rid of constipation and diarrhea. Cool massaging water flow eliminates dizziness, strengthens the immune system and gives strength.

If you want to get rid of pain during menstruation,Allergies and pains in the joints, then special attention should be given to the coccygeal zone in the hydromassage. The compressed warm jet is especially effective. Set the shower head on the coccyx and hold it for two or three minutes. Thanks to this hydro massage you can not only get rid of the pain, but also relax.

With catarrhal diseases and bleeding fromThe nose must be acted on the area between the eyebrows. Hydromassage should be carried out by a warm monostrusion. This will give you the opportunity to stop the bleeding from the nose, remove pain of any origin and protect yourself from the beginning cold. However, it is impossible to influence this zone to pregnant women.

If you suffer from neuralgia and pulsating pain, then direct the compressed, warm jet to the foot, and on the side where you have the boluses.

If you are concerned about pain in the back and neck, thenThe warm flow of water from the entire nozzle will help the soul, especially after a long, sedentary working day. Massage will also help with the difficulty of breathing during asthma and bronchial inflammation.

If you feel unwell (a headache, a bad dream), you need to work with a warm monoenture on the back of your head. Especially it will help those people who are sensitive to weather changes.

And also it will help with problems with concentration of attention and a headache.

Is the premenstrual syndrome bad? Again pay attention to the coccyx. Let a warm monojet on the coccygeal zone, this will help you from the painful sensations in the mammary glands and relieve dizziness before the onset of menstruation.

Overwhelmed with excitement, chills and restless sleep? A strong alternating stream of warm water is directed to the collar zone.

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