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Tonsils and treat them or remove them

Surely everyone knows what an angina is: the temperature is 40 degrees, the strongest pain in the throat, the inability to utter a single word and wild wiliness.

Angina is the inflammation of the glands

Angina is an infectious disease,Which has bright local manifestations (sore throat, plaque, redness) and general symptoms of intolerance (chills, loss of appetite, fever and weakness).

Classical angina is an inflammation of the glands, thenThere are nebnihmindalin. However, in the human throat (anatomical name) there are four-lymphoid formations - they consist of lymphatic tissue. These include: lingual tonsil (located deep in the throat in the tongue), adenoid vegetations (adenoids located in the depth of the nose) and dvenubarnye tonsils (lymphatic tissues around the beginning of the auditory tubes, it is them that "pawns" with ear inflammation, in the airplane and in the sea) .

The scattered accumulation of lymphoid tissue is also the back wall of the pharynx under the mucous membrane, they have the appearance of pimples.

All these lymphatic masses are located around the circle and are "frontier guards" for infection.

The most complex in its structure and interesting -It, certainly, tonsils - tonsils of the person. They represent a round cluster of lymphatic cells along the sides of the pharynx between the arcs of the soft palate. Tonsils are very complex in structure. If you look closely at them, you can see the holes. These pits are the lacunae of palatine tonsils.

So that you can imagine the innerStructure of the river, imagine the river Volga. This long river, which has a multitude of tributaries, flows into the Caspian Sea, and the place where it flows is called the dale (estuary) of this river. So, if we compare, then the gap is the delta, we compare the arecus with the tributaries with scripts that go deep into the tonsils. The crypt is translated from Latin as "hidden". The crypts are still similar to the roots of trees that grow deep into the soil. Near these crypts, lymphocytes of the cell grow, which are responsible for human immunity.

Why do people need a lot?

All the lymphatic tissue, here also belongPalatinemindiles, created in order for it to fight microbes that are entering the environment. We breathe in the air, but at the same time, microbes enter our body or we absorb them together with food. Microbes sit on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx or pharynx. Lymphocytes immediately recognize the microbes and begin to produce molecules, antibodies, which eventually destroy them. So we prevent the disease. Naturally, this is a rather simplified system of development of immunity.

Immune body protection is a whole complexAntibodies and other useful substances that fight against viruses, microbes, and form the ion in adolescence and childhood. Therefore, it is very important to have all the lymphoid organs, especially for the baby.

When we grow up, or rather, when it happens, Lymphoid tissue becomes less important to us, because protection against infections has already been formed. Lymphocytes eventually leave tonsils and other lymphoid infections, in that place connective tissue appears, tonsils become smaller, and sometimes even disappear. This is how the atrophylymphoid tissue occurs.

However, everything that we have already discussed concernsOnly to those who have strong and healthy defenses. But you yourself know that every day healthy people become less, because of this bad ecology, bad habits, unhealthy diet, improper treatment and constant stress. Immune processes become sluggish and protracted, and as a result, diseases arise. With a decrease in immunity a person develops angina and chronic tonsillitis.

Symptoms and complications

Angina often appears due to some kind ofType of streptococcus. Angina is manifested otkomnebnyh tonsils and redness. Everything depends on the type of tonsillitis on tonsils, there can be raids on all tonsils, and can be only in lacunas. Or rather, to say that the form and presence of the plaque determines the type of angina.

As it was mentioned before, the localest bright symptom is a sore throat, because of which a person can not swallow his saliva, talk, drink and eat.

Very often during illness or immediately afterSerious complications are developing: inflammation of the heart muscle, damage to the kidneys, destruction of the valvular valves, inflammation of the joints. If the doctor tells you that you need to stay and be treated for a long time, he worries about the fact that these complications may arise. Do not think that you will ask for it, follow the doctor's recommendations.

It is necessary to be seriously treated

Initially, what you need to do is isolate the patient, remember that the sore throat is transmitted by airborne droplets - with a kiss, a cough and a hiccough.

Further, it is necessary to ensure a strictBedtime during fever, while there is a fever, and then somewhere in between two weeks you need to be at home (unless you, of course, were put in a hospital).

And the third - you always need to drink warm drinks: tea with honey, lemon and raspberries, infusions and herbal tea (St. John's wort, chamomile).

So that you can swallow normally, take painkillers that contain paracetamol - Tylenol, Efferalgan, Panadol.

And the most important thing is antibiotic treatment. The most effective drugs are the penicillin series and macrolides. It is necessary to take antihistamines to reduce local edema and excessive reactivity of the body.

Dangerous complications for life

Chronic tonsillitis can lead you to a veryDangerous for life complications: suppuration in the depths, suppuration in the depths of the soft palate behind the palatine tonsil, and also pus between the muscles of the neck along the slits can penetrate into the chest. It must be said that the latter is a very rare complication. However, the remaining complications occur more often, while a person can recognize their development himself. Immediately after angina or during it there is a strong sore throat on one side, because usually complications are one-sided manifestation. Again, the temperature can rise, after 3-4 days the patient hardly opens his mouth, it is impossible even to put a teaspoonful of cereal in his mouth.

In such situations, you need to immediately call an ambulance to work in the hospital.

Do I need to remove the virgins for an adult person?

Sometimes the patient and the doctor face a very difficult question: "Do I have to remove the tonsils?"

In fact, if a person developsComplications: heart defects begin to form, suppurations occur in the neck, arthritis or glomerulonephritis begins, then the tonsils need to be removed unconditionally not only by adults, but also by children.

However, it happens that a person has recovered and noComplications, but sore throbs appear again and again periodically, the throat aches a little, there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth, there are frequent sinuses, otitis and pharyngitis. The doctor and the patient begin to ponder, they need to remove the tonsils or not.

In this situation, too, there are clear signs: if a couple of courses of conservative treatment has failed and the symptoms do not disappear, then you need to remove tonsils.

Do I need to remove my child?

This is also a rather difficult question: remember that at the beginning we talked about how much the baby needs lymphoid tissues, so that immunity can be formed. In this case, the patient tries to reach the child before puberty with the help of conservative treatment. Excellent help homeopathic drugs. It is good to consult a baby with a specialist homeopath.

The homeopath is administered individually.

Quite often a child this ailment is simple"Outgrows." However, if there are any hints of complications: pain in the kidney, heart, joints and more than that, diseases are detected, then urgently remove the tonsils, think about your child's health.

If the amygdala has increased dramatically, it is very often done by "pruning" the tonsils.

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