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10 "impossible" for a potential allergy sufferer

You can not go to doctors now, but althoughOnce a year you have to undergo a full medical examination. Remember that allergy is a reaction of immunity, and all diseases that you have not healed ichoronic diseases reduce it, which means that your body can not be normally protected and fight with any infection. That's how it gets into a fight with what it thinks is dangerous for you . In general, if you are allergic, then you need to carefully monitor your health. Therefore, you must follow all the rules that you will see below.

Rule number 1

If you are bothered by hay fever, the reaction toPollen, which blossom blossom, then from spring to autumn, when there is a worsening, try not to be in a dangerous zone, leave it. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, then at least go to parks, forests and meadows. Of course, this is quite difficult, but from picnics and evasions to nature you need to give up until you cure allergies. But at sea and mountain resorts at least once a year you need to go.

Rule # 2

According to the results of the research, people whoSuffer from allergy to the hair of domestic animals, the apartment can only hold bald cats-sphinxes and prickly hedgehogs. Also, according to statistics, allergies are most often caused by cats, the second place in this list is occupied by guinea pigs, and the third is by dogs and hamsters. Also for potential allergies are dangerous feathers of birds, especially it concerns parrots, and this not the most pleasant list finishes a forage for aquarium fishes (gammarus, daphnia). In general, if the allergy prevents you from having a cat, then you should not rush to start a dog, because soon, reaction may begin to manifest itself to it. Try not to go to visit friends who hold some animal or bird. Unfortunately, an allergic reaction can suddenly appear even on your favorite cat, which lives with you years of age. It's a pity, but you need to say goodbye to the cat. There are other measures, but not the fact that they will help for a long time or will help in general - resettlement of the cat in another room, bathing. Because of this, almost all allergies are denied from the establishment of pets.

Rule number 3

There are a lot of mites in the housefoot, which tooMay cause an allergic reaction. The vysami should not use a simple vacuum cleaner (when cleaning, it emits dust or dust) or knock out carpets. We'll have to buy a washing vacuum cleaner, remove carpets from the apartment, and give up carpeting. It is better to put mats in place of them, which are very easily erased. Get pillows and mattresses with synthetic fillers and try to wash them as often as possible. Try to store winter clothes only in large polyethylene bags, so they will not accumulate dust. Do not do wet cleaning yourself, let your relatives do it. If possible, you need to install a household air conditioner with a good filter and an ozonizer in the house. And again: do not try to open windows and pouring hot dry days, because at such times the air is saturated with exhaust gas and dust.

Rule number 4

Is your sill in the apartment like a greenhouse? If you react to dust, then it is necessary to slightly reduce your passion for houseplants. Your favorite flowers are able to raise moisture in the apartment, and in such an atmosphere the dusty cells are very good live and reproduce. Moreover, on the ground in the pots there is always sporefree, and it is very strong mallergen. It is worth remembering that there are such plants that themselves can cause allergies, for example, primula, pelargonium and oleander. If you can not deny yourself green plantations, then limit yourself to cacti. Do not sniff beautiful flowers, as if you did not want to, otherwise you can start sneezing right in the store near the seller.

Rule number 5

Do not rush to try new unknown to youDishes in exotic restaurants, if in your life there was at least one situation when your body did not want to take any product. Do not take chances! Your digestive system is not familiar with the stems that are included in the food, so the reaction may not be the same as you expect. And also on the shelves of shops and supermarkets lays a lot of exotic fruits: pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, mango, guanabana ... They do whisper: buy me, try me! But do not be tempted, gather and pass by! Also do not forget that the organism can give an allergic reaction to the juice.

Rule number 6

Do not wear synthetic underwear if you haveSensitive skin and there are always some rashes on it. Keep in your wardrobe things that are made only from natural fiber: woolen, cotton and linen. Your tender skin should breathe!

Rule number 7

If you are allergic, then try not to useGenerally or moderate the use of products with dyes and preservatives. Such products will never bear you health, but only vice versa, will cause harm and cause an allergic reaction in a weakened organism. Before buying a product, carefully read the labels on packages and labels. Do not buy very bright products with unnatural color. Avoid cakes, which look very beautifully at us from the windows - green leaves, red roses. Think about it - it's the same dyes, albeit alimentary! Refuse and otgazrovok - they generally do not have anything natural - solid acids, flavors, dyes, which are multiplied by empty calories. It is better to drink natural juices, and even better - it will be much more useful for your health!

Rule number 8

Aromatic perfumes and preservatives alsoAdd to cosmetics, so you need to choose only those products on which labels are written: "hypoallergenic." Decrease your passion for perfume, do not get caught up in nickel plated cheap jewelry. Even nickel-plated watches or a lock on your trousers can cause allergies. Remember that you should wear jewelry made of silver, wood, gold and natural stones.

Rule number 9

Try not to contact chemistry! Chromium is a very strong allergen, it is found in the heads of matches. So forget about the matches, start using an electric lighter for the gas stove. There is also an allergic reaction to latex. If after washing the dishes or washing with gloves you see that the skin of the hands has turned red or scratching first, then send these gloves into the trash can, and buy a silicone version yourself. Also, as a protection, do not use condoms that are made of latex. And more: use detergents and a protective cream, which are perfectly carried by your hands.

Rule number 10

It's no secret for anyone that many medicationsDrugs cause an allergic reaction. Süd can include some analgesics, antibiotics, albumin, vitamins, insulin, novocaine, gamma globulin. Therefore, before the doctor prescribes a drug for you, and you start taking it, tell the doctor that you will not tolerate any drug, or in any case tell him what you are allergic. Remember that only a qualified doctor can prescribe medicines, so in no case do not buy drugs yourself, even if the advertisement looks very attractive and tempting. Do not self-medicate!

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