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6 myths about dinner after 18.00

The First Myth

Many women are convinced that if there is for dinnerHot, then the weight set is guaranteed. This is not really true. Remember that the most important thing is that you eat and how much, and also what is the content of fats and sugar in your food. For example, if you eat a cold sandwich with a large piece of sausage and a lot of oil, it will be more harmful than a piece of boiled fish, light soup, stewed vegetables or chicken breasts that you cook for a couple. In short, it does not matter whether you eat a hot dish or a cold one, it is important how much this dish will have calories.

The second myth

Do not also think that the fruits that youEat for dinner, can not negatively impact the state of your figure. It is not true. Fruits contain very many fruits, but it can be compared with ordinary white sugar, and not for nothing, especially if you use fruits in the evening. Therefore, eat fruit for breakfast and as a dessert at lunch time. Also, instead of the usual snacks, you can eat fruits - it will not only be delicious, but also useful. Particular attention is paid to the mango, grapes, some apple varieties and bananas - these fruits are very caloric. Also note that eating fruits at night can cause bloating. Therefore, no matter how much you want, try not to eat fruit for the night.

The third myth

If you want to eat spaghetti for dinner, thenRefuse yourself in this pleasure. Do not get it wrong that they are very full of us. It does not depend on the paste, but on what type of sauce you will use. Replace the normal cream sauce with natomatic, that's solved the whole problem with the risk of getting better. And yet, remember that the pasta should be chosen only those that are made from durum wheat.

The Fourth Myth

The myth also refers to the opinion, which states thatDinner is not enough to eat and only light food. Nothing like this. You can do the main meal not in the first half of the day as everyone is used to doing this, but in the evening. However, in this case, you need a little less to eat during the day, if you decide to have a supper. After all, it's worth recalling that we should eat a certain amount of calories per day in order not to recover. Only in this way you will be able to eat well in the evening and not be afraid that everything will fall into the stomach, thighs or buttocks.

The fifth myth

The last meal should be three hours beforeHow to go to bed. It is not true that after 18.00 there is no way. After all, judge for yourself, almost every modern person goes to bed not earlier than twelve o'clock in the morning, which means that if you eat at six o'clock in the evening, you will have too much break between meals, and this will certainly leave a mark on your health. However, it must be said that even later than three hours before bedtime, eating is also unavailable, because night rest can be interrupted by the digestion of food.

The Sixth Myth

Many women are used to think that if for dinnerThere is only a salad, then you can easily lose unnecessary kilograms. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. It should be noted that if you choose your favorite salad "Caesar" or "Olivier" for these purposes, then you will hardly lose weight, and if you eat light salad from eggs, fresh vegetables, greens and a small amount of skimmed cheese, then you can achieve good results very quickly.

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