/ How sick are men and women?

How sick are men and women?

Even in ancient times, sexualDifferences in the course of the disease, the frequency and the "way" to hurt - and to see this, it is not necessary to be a scientist or a scientific worker. For example, people say that men rarely go to a hospital and prefer to survive their disease home. However, with all this, they are more insistent and more often than women complain that they feel bad or they have something that hurts. Women, however, suffer less from pain, therefore, it is much more courageous and easier to bear any illness.

But it should be taken into account that all these are just opinions andThoughts that have no scientific facts. There are only those fact sheets that indicate that women on average live longer than men. But why? The answer is simple: less drink, smoke, frequent to doctors and lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, experts say that thanks to our female hormones, we are protected from heart disease until the onset of menopause.

However, Finnish scientists recently conductedA study that showed that women's health is not so strong already, as it seems at first sight. The doctors in their study have studied how the same disease and men and women suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It was found that women much longer suffer from this illness. At the same stage of development of the disease, women notice stronger symptoms, while causing more discomfort and pain.

Director of the Organization of Arthritis Research,Professor Alan Sylman, said that hormones play an important role. He says that the female hormone estrogen is able to significantly increase the inflammation of the joints, while there are swelling and pain.

Doctors say that the difference in the disease also affects the vzhenskom, and the male physique.

Professor Alan Silman said that men have a body"Equipped" with muscle mass more than women, while the joints last longer and wear more slowly. Moreover, in men, massel is not determined as in women, so women take the entire load on the joints of the hips and knees.

There is one more disease, heavinessWhich will be transferred depending on the polozhenitelja, - it is all known chickenpox to all of us. In addition, everyone knows that the more a person is of age, the harder he experiences this ethereal - the mortality from chickenpox at ages is many times higher than in childhood. Recently, it was found that the intensity of the symptoms is also determined by sex: the data indicate that men die from chicken pox twice as often as female sex representatives.

Doctors can not explain why thisStatistics, they can only guess. For example, Nigel Higson, a specialist in the field of virology, argues that the smallpox causes such signs and symptoms of illness in men, which prostenes may be in women.

For example, chickenpox in men causes orchitis - thisEdema. As a result, the patient may have difficulty in sweating for the rest of his life, - doctors say. It is for this fact that doctors claim that the smallpox can cause other symptoms that only men can appear.

But if we talk about asthma, then it's on the contrary,More dangerous to women. Approximately such a statistic is constructed: women die from this disease twice as often as men. Also women are hospitalized much more often due to asthma. Doctors say that all the fault of the nominalhormones. Until the sexual reproduction ends, the boys are more susceptible to asthma than the girls, but after the hormonal background is reconstructed, so the youngsters become more at risk of asthma.

A specialist in asthma research, Dr. ElaineVickers says that there are evidences that make it clear that progesterone and estrogen test for respiratory sensitivities, that is, increase it. However, the testosterone on the contrary has another effect - the opposite.

The most interesting and surprising thing is that the results of recent studies have shown that women are more sensitive to pain than representatives of the male sex, no matter what people say.

Again, all this explains the presence ofHormones. When it hurts, the body begins to produce its own endorphins, enkephalins iopioids - they naturally alleviate pain. Avot estrogen, judging by the results of research, on the contrary, prevents the development of these substances. There is also a third opinion on this issue - men perceive pain as inconvenience, and not as a threat, and suffer less from that, - scientists say.

By the way, probably, after that every womanAsks: how can we cope with the pain in childbirth? Doctors say that at this moment the woman becomes courageous, and the psychology begins to play the opposite role-each representative of the weaker sex is already obviously ready for pain and knows that there is no other outcome, so she expects pain from Birth is corrected with it.

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