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The most useful cuisine of the world

It must be said that the list of kitchens is made up ofBased on the life expectancy and health indicators of the country's population, and they are affected not only by food, but also by national character, by the way they live. Moreover, not all residents adhere to the centuries-old traditional cuisine and adopt other people's habits (Finnish, Uzbek, Russian), and therefore not included in the list of the most useful people in the world.

First place- Japanese cuisine

It's the Japanese, thanks to their kitchen, live longAnd almost do not know what is excess weight and diseases that are associated with it. And this is not surprising, because in their kitchen there are a lot of fish, seaweed, rice, vegetables, soy and seafood. They almost do not eat meat, simple carbohydrates, milk and animal fats. Only occasionally they eat eggs, a chicken with izvinin. Algae, fermented vegetables and soybean give the body vitamins, and thanks to this, a healthy flora in the body is maintained, but fish dishes give the body the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates. It is important to know that in Japan only fresh products are bought, not frozen at all, but just from the sea. They at least handle food (cooking naparu, quick roasting), which preserves all useful substances and properties. Soy by the Japanese serves instead of milk, meat and cheese. In Japanese cuisine, there is still a great preference for soup: vegetable and fish. In each dinner they have a lot of spices and sauces that stimulate digestion: wasabi, soy sauces, pickled ginger. Special attention is paid to the seasonality of the Japanese. Fruits and vegetables they eat only when the season. In the winter and summer table there are no identical dishes, only rice is the base product in their kitchen.

It should be said about Japanese delicacies. They are prepared from fruit juices, rice flour and thickeners, which are taken from algae. Of course, this is not at all similar to our sweets, but this is good, because a small amount of fats and sugar only strengthens health. The favorite drink of the Japanese is green tea. The most famous tea in Japan is mattcha - it is powdered, while not only leaves are used, but entirely. It is worth remembering that the Japanese traditionally treat food: there must be at least five tastes on the table, and it is necessary to preserve the original appearance of the products, there must also be five colors of the table, elegant, simple serving with many saucers, plates and small portions.

Second place - the kitchen of Singapore

This place is given to the kitchen of Singapore, but itsThe inhabitants took all the best things in India, Japan, China, Thailand and other countries and adapted the cuisine to the tastes. It is not strange that in Singapore you can try not only their eyes, but also the dishes of neighboring countries. Of course, in Singapore, rice, soybeans, seafood and fish are preferred, but as in all Asia, but also thanks to the moist and hot equatorial climate, coconuts and tropical fruits can be eaten there. In the kitchen of Singapore, there are many meat and fried eggs, which can not be said about Japan, but all this is compensated by herbs, spices, fruits, nuts and vegetables. There are basic tricks in the kitchen of Singapore-cooking for a couple and in broth, stewing, pickling and quick frying with spices. We can say that this kitchen is the most successful, if we talk about mixing kukony.

Third place - Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine, although located in the third placeIn the list, it is even more diverse than the cuisine of Singapore and Japan. It is very difficult to talk about the distinctive features of Chinese cuisine, because it collects the traditions of the four regions, whose cuisine is completely different. However, the main drawback of this cuisine is the love of any meat and the fondness of fried foods. Advantages of the Chinese cuisine - variety, wide use of tea, small portions of spices and spices.

Mainly in China they give preference to rice andBean products (beans, soybeans). They use and a lot of vegetables, herbs and fruits - in general, they eat everything that gives land and sea. Spices and sauces can easily brighten up some flaws in taste. Only in the coastal areas the Chinese eat a fish. Further from the shore, in the depths of the fish instead of fish eat exotic meat, for example, insects, snakes, pork and chicken.

In China, there is such a saying among cooks: "You can cook everything except the Moon and its reflection." Everything that the earth gives you can be cut and fried or marinated for several months.

Fourth place - the kitchen of Sweden

Of course, European cuisine is quite new,So they can not compete with Asian ones. However, Sweden's cuisine is not in vain in the fourth place. Sweden has a lot of long-livers, and only 11% of people suffer from excess weight, this is quite a good indicator, although in Asia, the percentage of fat people is only 1-2%.

Swedes feed mainly on fish and otherSeafood - salmon, pike, crawfish, caviar, herring, sea-salmon. Of course, they also eat meat - venison, pork, wild and domestic poultry. Due to the fact that Sweden has a harsh climate, they consume fruit and vegetables a little. Instead, they eat root vegetables - carrots, beets, potatoes and turnips, and also various local berries. Very famous in Sweden is black bread and various cereals, but they are baked with baked pastries. The drawback of the traditional Swedish cuisine is that in winter they eat salted fish, smoked foods and pickled vegetables.

Fifth place -French cuisine

France is famous for all sorts of complexCulinary masterpieces, but their usefulness was taken only by the fifth place. And the blame for everything was croissants, baked pastries, fatty sauces, foie gras, meat dishes and ice cream. However, in the French cuisine there are a lot of vegetables, herbs, fruits, seafood and spices. French vegetables and soups also prevail in France. And in and of themselves and different dishes use high-quality cheeses and grape wines. Even with such nutrition, the percentage of fat people in France is only 6%, and the average life expectancy is 81 years.

Sixth place- Italian cuisine

The most useful kitchen in the Mediterranean isItalian Cuisine. Of course, the most famous dishes of Italy are lasagna, pizza and pasta, but this is not the whole list. Very important in Italian cuisine are vegetables: courgettes, artichokes, tomatoes, onions, eggplants and peppers. Without them, you can not cook any flour product or even pizza. In addition to the paste in Italy, maize and rice are very popular. Italians take the whiskey from seafood, nuts, beans, mushrooms and meats. But the sources of fat are capers, olive oil, cheeses and nuts. To taste the dish, the chef's taste is accentuated using herbs: rosemary, mint, oregano, basil, as well as capers, olives and anchovies. Very moderately used grape wines, liqueurs, various tinctures and grappa.

Also in the Ttalian cuisine of multi-sweetness: marzipan, tiramisu, but more often they consume fresh berries and fruits.

Seventh place - the kitchen of Spain

In the kitchen of Spain, a lot of spicy seasonings of meat, so it is inferior to Italian cuisine. However, it is all based on the wife of rice, fruit, pasta, wine, cheese, seafood, olive oil and vegetables.

The eighth place is the kitchen of Greece

Greek cuisine can be even more useful thanMany listed above, but due to the fact that the living conditions in this country have a bad effect on health, she is satisfied with the 8th place. In Greece, like in the whole Mediterranean, like seafood, vegetables, olive oil, spices, nuts, honey, citrus, fragrant herbs and fruits. From meat they prefer chicken, goat meat to Ibaranin. Dairy products in the Greek kitchen are given a special place, they love yogurts and cheeses. In Greece everything is prepared very simply, but the original flavor and taste of the products is left. The strangest thing about Greek cuisine is that there are practically no sauces here.

Nine-Seven - Israeli Cuisine

The cuisine of Israel combined the ancient recipes of allIn addition, the Israeli cuisine is affected by religious norms, according to which they can eat only the artiodactyl ruminants and fish with scales, while milk and meat are prepared and used separately. The basis of Israeli cuisine is: herbs, beans, root vegetables, peas, vegetables, poultry, honey, fish, spices. Many dishes of this cuisine are prepared according to a special recipe, so ordinary people who do not know and do not learn can not prepare them, besides cooking many dishes takes time.

Now you know which kitchens are most useful.

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