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Answers to frequently asked questions to a gynecologist. Part 1

"If I have chronic adnexitis, is it true that I need to give birth quickly, otherwise infertility may develop?"

If your uterus is inflamed, then you needUrgently return to the gynecologist so that he can determine the cause of the disease. To do this, you will need to be examined to identify this or that infection, only so the doctor can prescribe a cure-physiotherapy or medication. In no case can you become pregnant if uvass has an inflammatory process, otherwise there may be an extra-uterine pregnancy. Spikes that form after inflammation will remain forever. And the adhesive process, which is pronounced, can clog the uterine tubes and develop infertility.

"I feel a burning sensation and an itch in the proximity of a condom. Does this mean that I'm allergic to latex? "

If during sexual intercourse you feel a burning sensation andItching, then it may be indicative that you are allergic to latex or spermicides, which condoms are sometimes treated to increase their contraceptive effect. Initially, you need to be examined for the presence of diseases that are sexually transmitted so that you can know exactly what your problem is not in the infection, but in an allergic reaction. Now condoms are sold that do not contain latex, - vinyl, from polyurethane. However, before changing the habitual contraceptive, consult a doctor. Perhaps you should try to protect yourself with hormonal contraceptives, pharmatex or IUD.

"I was diagnosed with chlamydia. How should I treat it?"

If we are talking about genital chlamydia, then heCan be quite dangerous in that it can spread to the fallopian tubes, the cervix and infertility will develop. Chlamydia is treated not only by gynecologists, but by idermatologists, therapists, urologists and immunologists - it is necessary to treat the entire organism completely. Initially, contact a specialist, he will tell you how to heal and prescribe drugs or special therapy.

"The gynecologist said that I have an uterine erosion. Is it necessary to burn it? "

To start, you need to do colposcopy, as well asTo pass cytological research. Already, the data from these surveys will provide an opportunity to identify the cause of the disease and conduct a differential diagnosis. But how to deal with this disease depends on the severity of the process: laser therapy, cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen.

"I did not manage to cure chlamydia and get pregnant. Can I continue to heal? "

To clarify this question for sure, you needDo special tests, chlamydial A, Ig, G, M. If you need to continue treatment, then the drugs are selected taking into account contraindications and indications for their appointment, the time of bearing the child. You can treat chlamydia from the 14th week with the help of special safe drugs. Moreover, you must necessarily be observed by an obstetrician-gynecologist and follow all his recommendations. In pregnancy, you can have sex without a condom the 8th month.

"How to determine the most favorable day for conception?"

In the mid-menstrual cycle there is such a moment,when the egg leaves the follicle (ovulation). It is this period of time the most favorable for the conception of the baby. The egg lasts about three days in the active state, and the spermatozoa live in the body of the woman for 3-5 more days. Therefore, it must be remembered that in the month there are 3-4 days that are the most good for conception. Basically, this time interval comes about 2 weeks before the next menstrual cycle. If you have regular intervals, then you can easily calculate the best time. Or use express tests for ovulation.

"Is it possible to make love on time?"

It is not recommended to experience intimacy inTime monthly, because the cervix in this period is slightly opened, and this means that infection can enter the appendages and the uterus. If you want to have sex, use a condom.

"Is it possible to do shaping if I have a cyst?"

If you were diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, thenyou are prohibited from doing shaping, because there is a risk of torsion or rupture of the cyst leg. If, after you have found it, have a sport, immediately consult a gynecologist and it's good if you get an ultrasound examination. The cyst is a benign tumor, the reason for which it arose, can have a hormonal or inflammatory character. It is from the cause depends the method of treatment of the cyst - hormonal, operative or anti-inflammatory.

"How to cure genital herpes and can you avoid its aggravation?"

If you were diagnosed with genital herpes, thenIt is necessary to undergo special anti-viral therapy. Avoid relapses can only be timely (first signs - redness, burning, the appearance of a bubble, pain, swelling), treatment, medication. If you do not cure herpes, then before every menstrual period, there will be exacerbations, and this will complicate the life of any woman.

"I sometimes have pain in the abdomen, where the ovaries are. Do I need to go through the examinations, and which ones? "

Initially, it is necessary to go to the reception to the gynecologist andHand over all the tests that the doctor will offer. Be sure to do ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Pain in the lower abdomen may be due to gastroenterological, urological, gynecological pathology, spine disease. Therefore, you need to sign up for an appointment with a neurologist, gastroenterologist, urologist and vertebrologist.

"They removed the ovary. Does this mean that I need to resort to artificial insemination? All tests are good, but I can not get pregnant. "

If only one ovary was vamudalis, it is notit means that you need to turn to help of assisted reproductive technologies. For a start, you need to carefully examine the spouses to identify the causes of infertility. This can be a adhesion process, tube obstruction, male infertility and hormonal insufficiency. You need to go with the husband to the urologist and the gynecologist so that they will examine both you and him.

"I am 40 years old, already half a year menstruation lasts 1-2 days. Does this mean that the climax is approaching? "

If vascudnaya menstruation, which lasts notmore than two days, it does not mean that this age is the climax, on the contrary, you need to go to the gynecologist and be examined. It is necessary to clarify the volume of blood loss of application, to exclude chronic diseases of the pelvic organs, to investigate the thyroid function, because these factors may indicate that you have developed a hypomenstrual syndrome.

"Can I get pregnant in the first weeks after removing the intrauterine device?"

Immediately after you have removed the spiral, you can get pregnant. However, you still need a couple of months to protect yourself, so that the inner layer of the uterus can recover.

"Tell me, do I need to do any vaccinations for future parents and take tests?"

You do not need to do any inoculations duringplanning of pregnancy, the only thing - the couple should lead a healthy lifestyle. For 3-4 months of supplementation you need to start taking folic acid (prevention of developmental anomalies). Of course, go to the gynecologist so that he can advise you on any infections and you may need to go for an ultrasound.

"I do not want to be protected by a condom and tablets. Are there any contraindications for the intrauterine device? "

Women who did not give birth are not advisedto put a spiral, because the risk of occurrence and development of inflammatory processes of genitalia is increased. There are other methods: cervical and vaginal caps, taking into account the biological rhythm, spermicides, interrupted coitus.

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