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Sleep during pregnancy: useful tips

In fact, you can sleep as much,How much and even more, in the first trimester of bearing a baby. If you feel tired - it's normal, because the body works more than usual, because it cherishes and protects the crumbs.

Why pregnant women face problems with sleep?

The most important and most pressing cause of problemsPine during the gestation of a child is an increase in the size of the fetus, because so it is harder and harder to find a comfortable position for sleep in the daytime. If you are accustomed to sleeping on your stomach or back, now you certainly can not do it, because now you have to sleep on your side, because in other positions you will feel the discomfort.

Other reasons that can prevent you from sleeping peacefully

  1. Frequent calls for urination. Now, when you are pregnant, your kidneys work bolshenormy, filter the increased blood volume (almost 50% more than before the beginning of pregnancy), which moves along the body and as a result of this appears a greater amount of urine. Moreover, you must remember that your baby is growing, the womb is increasing, and with it the pressure on the bladder also increases. This means that you will often run to the toilet not only at night, but also during the day. At night, you can go to the toilet more than once, if only your child is more active at night.
  2. Increasing momentum. During the bearing of the child, your heart beats more often to pump up more blood, so the more blood the uterus takes in, the more often the heart beats so that other organs are not deprived of blood.
  3. Labored breathing. In the first months of pregnancy, our breath can be affected by a large number of hormones, because of which you will breathe deeply. You can even say that there is not enough air. And already in the second half of the period, rapid breathing can occur due to the fact that the uterus will press on the diaphragm.
  4. Lower back and cramps calf muscles. Often there are pains in the back and legs, and this is partly due to excess weight. When the baby is born with the woman's constitution, a hormone relaxin is produced that can help us prepare ourselves for the birth. Because of this, it can be said that the side effect or consequence of hormone production is the weakening of the ligaments of the entire body, while the woman becomes more susceptible to trauma and less stable.
  5. Stop heartburn. Many pregnant women know the feeling of heartburn when the contents of the stomach appear back in the esophagus. During the gestation of the baby, the digestive system works slower, so food can stay in the intestine and stomach longer than usual, hence constipation and heartburn. In the last trimester of pregnancy, when the uterus grows and begins to press on the large intestine or stomach, the condition may worsen.

Your sleep problems may not only occurthe result of these reasons. Many women say that nightmares worry them at night, while others say they are more colorful and bright than usual.

Also, sleep can be disturbed due to stress.Perhaps you are worried about whether your child will be healthy or not, whether you are a good mom, maybe you are concerned about the way the delivery will take place? Absolutely all experiences of the future mummy are normal and can cause insomnia.

How to find a good sleeping posture?

At the very beginning of the term, try to learn to sleep on your side, accustom yourself. Lie down on your side and bend your knees, maybe later it will become your favorite position for sleep.

Moreover, this pose is great for working the heart during sleep, because the weight of the baby does not press on the lower genital vein (large vein), which carries blood to the heart from the legs.

There are doctors who specifically saywomen sleep on the left. Because the liver is located on the right side of the abdomen, and when we lie on the left side, we help to protect it from the pressure. Moreover, if a woman sleeps on her left side, then blood circulation in the heart is improved and a better blood flow to the uterus, kidneys and fetus is obtained.

Like all sleeping people, you will change your poses insleep. However, however it sounded sad, by the third trimester of the term, the body itself will choose the most convenient position of the body during sleep, and there are not so many such positions.

Try experimenting with a spy tohelp yourself the most comfortable to lie down and fall asleep. Many women are helped by such a pose - a pillow between the legs or a pillow under the belly. Moreover, if you put a folded blanket or pillow on your waist, you can reduce the pressure, in addition, in stores for pregnant women you can see a lot of pillows for pregnant women.

Tips for pregnant women for sleep

  1. If you can not choose a comfortable pose for sleep orfor other reasons you can not sleep, it is not worth using sleeping pills, no matter how much you like it. Remember that pregnant women should not take medications. It is better to resort to other helpful tips that will help you find a comfortable place on the bed and fall asleep sweetly.
  2. Do not drink drinks that contain caffeine, as less as possible drink tea, coffee, sweet soda water. If possible, limit yourself from this.
  3. For a few hours before going to bed, try not to overeat and drink a lot of fluids. However, make sure that you have received the right amount of fluids and nutrients throughout the whole of today.
  4. If you can not sleep because of nausea, then before you go to bed, eat a couple of crackers.
  5. Wake up and go to bed at the same time, observe the regime.
  6. If you are prevented from sleeping in your legs, stand on your feet and wait a little. Think about taking a sufficient amount of calcium, so you can solve the problem of seizures in the legs.
  7. If your sleep is disoriented for anxiety and fear,then sign up for prenatal training. The company of the same pregnant women will help you, as well as the knowledge gained in the courses. So you can reduce your fears and will sweetly sleep quietly at night.
  8. Before you get pregnant, be sure to think aboutpurchasing a comfortable bed. Be sure to buy a good mattress that will miraculously support your body. You can forget about the waterbed, because it's harmful for pregnant women! Remember that the bed should be large, because now you will occupy much more space. The main thing is to make the blankets and bed linens warm you, but do not cause sweating - this is very important. It is equally important to feel comfort at the time of sleep, so that the body breathes.
  9. Be sure to choose a sleeping suit, nightshirt or pajamas, which are intended specifically for pregnant women. It is better if this clothing is made of cotton, because it is this material that copes with the temperature drops that occur as a result of hormonal activity of a woman.

If you can not sleep

Naturally, no matter how hard you try, for the wholePregnancy will be moments when you simply can not fall asleep. Nestoit worry, toss and panic, instead, do something, because time does not stand still. For example, listen to music, read the book, watch TV and so on. You can get tired and yourself without noticing you fall asleep.

If you are allowed time and position, then sleepday, at least half an hour to make up for the time that you have missed during the night. For a long time it will not last, but you nuzhnonauchitsya sleep in spurts, because it will become an indispensable skill when nasvete baby appears.

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