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Pathological changes in women wearing high-heeled shoes

It turned out that many girls (20%, that is,Every fifth) already after 10 minutes after putting on shoes with high heels pains begin, but for the desire to look sexy the poor beauties are forced to endure them. As a result, more than a third of the respondents did not hesitate to admit that after dancing in such shoes, they simply tore off on their way home so that in the car the injured (in the strict sense of the word) legs rested or barefooted to their homes. Every fourth girl told me that she danced in a bar or in a club barefoot, not because it was so stylish and original, but because she already could not stand the pain in her legs.

Practicing orthopedists are surprised, like women, neitherDrops that do not doubt the risk of chronic damage when wearing uncomfortable shoes, still without hesitation choose uncomfortable fashion shoes to the detriment of their feet. If, in addition, "zakavat" feet in tight shoes, then it is likely long-term damage such as arthritis or pinching of nerves, which will require surgical intervention or injections. A high heel provokes the wrong position of the pelvis, because because of the inclination of the forward torso (and the inclination is stronger the higher the heel), the person is forced to bend back to maintain equilibrium. As a result, there is a constant compression of the vertebrae, which is pathologically unfavorable for them. There are pains in the back. Since the weight load is now distributed mainly on the pads of the fingers (practically, this is a walk on tiptoe), the probability of occurrence of blisters, calluses, ingrown nails, pips on the legs is great. Because of his predilection for very high heels, Victoria Beckham is constantly suffering from aching bones, but for the sake of maintaining the image she courageously overcomes pain. Other secular lionesses, flaunting on high heels, are threatened with arthritis due to increased wear of joints and soft tissues.

Stitched fingers with unnatural positionLegs sweat intensely, and wet skin is a fertile soil for the development of the fungus. Uncomfortable shoes that are inherently genetically alien to our legs (after all, the Creator did not expect Eve's heels to support tall hairpins!), Adversely affects the calf muscles - they shorten and harden, which causes inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Curious, but unpleasant fact: with such a deformation of the tendon, the transition to wearing harmless shoes on a flat sole causes unbearable pain.

It should be noted that she stayed on the sidelinesElementary traumatic danger of walking on high heels. Alas, our sidewalks are dotted with potholes and small pits, stuck in which the heel will become the culprit at best an ankle dislocation. Let's give a brief list of those "sores" that like the sword of Damocles, menacingly hang over proudly performing "high gait" women of all ages. These are blisters, calluses, corns, cracks on the heels, bones on the legs, ingrown toenails, arthritis. A fungus and varicose stand alone, problems with the muscles of the legs. And pains in the back, in the knees, the appearance of benign neural tumors (the so-called neurinomas), the symptoms of which are tingling and sharp pain. In passing, we mention men: only twelve percent turned out to be such convinced dandies that they are ready to neglect the comfort of their feet for the sake of stylish footwear. But men are half as much as women, they suffer from calluses, blisters and cracks on their heels. Despite these troubles, twenty percent of women consider them insignificant and do not want to seek medical help.

Well, what can I say, women's legsReally look attractive, if they rely on high heels. And although orthopedists do not recommend walking on their heels above five centimeters, young people aged 18 to 24 years are not frightened and six-inch hairpins (and this is fifteen centimeters!), Such 20% of respondents. Older women are a bit more careful (or maybe even cleverer), a fifteen centimeter hairpin is tried on by 10 percent of ladies between the ages of 25 and 34, and only three percent are unfading matrons from 35 to 44 years old.

Orthopedists are the same living people, not indifferent toThe requirements of fashion and wanting to see the beautiful half of society graceful and graceful beauties. They offered a full sympathy and understanding solution: if women are required to climb to an additional height above the ground, shoes on the platform will be very handy. And in principle, they agree that the right of choice remains for the modern Eva.
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