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Secrets of Finnish cuisine

As soon as it comes to northern cuisine,losing weight immediately speculation in the eyes sigh. After all, it has so many calories! But despite this, in Finland successfully get rid of them, and not forcing themselves to diets, and prostitutes a mobile way of life. Maybe we should borrow from them something for yourself?

Bicycle and coffee

Where does the typical Finnish morning begin? With a cup of fragrant coffee ... .and saunas. In this country, coffee is drunk much more often and more than any other. A sauna is an old good tradition, which helps to stay in good shape. Almost every mansion has its own steam rooms. Even in the dorm there is a public sauna (one at the entrance). On the doors there are schedules of visits, each family has its own clock. Therefore, in addition to a good figure ufinnov also the skin velvet.

Breakfast of the Finns does not have any features. It is the same as in any other country: flakes or muesli with yoghurt, milk or sprouted vili. By the way, this yogurt is very popular in Finland and has its own specific taste. And those who want to save time, do not eat anything in the morning. Breakfast is replaced by a cup of coffee. And while coffee is getting ready, a person prepares a snack for work: a sandwich with cabbage leaves, carrots or greens. And as soon as free time is available at work, this sandwich will be eaten.

By the way, Finns do not like to drive cars. They are more cushioned bicycles. From them and the benefits more and less is spent on the trip. In addition, the city is well equipped for bike tours, even there are parking lots for this vehicle. In winter, they ski there.

Lunch at the spa

Dining Finns used to eat in restaurants and cafes. Special complex lunches are prepared there, as well as various snack options. Anything - cream soup from vegetables, salad, a slice of salmon. Before eating, a carafe with clean water and fresh bread is always served. By the way, Finns always drink a glass of clean water before the beginning of the meal. This is useful for the correct exchange of substances.

Recently, Finland has become popularspend your lunch breaks in the spa. Finns are very concerned about their health, so they do not miss the opportunity to visit the massage room or the procedure for the salon. Being in wicker chairs, girls drink green tea and eat ecologically clean dried fruits or nuts. Yes, and men do not lag far behind give up and do not miss the opportunity to bring their body in order.

On the tundra, the iron road

In the afternoon, as you understand, the Finns do not eat much. But closer to the evening stomach requires its own and receives in full. They already do not care about themselves and eat their fill. And the meal lasts a long time, everything is thoroughly chewed and no one is in a hurry. The Finnish food is plentiful and tasty. First, the ear from salmon. In general, in the Finnish cuisine, a lot of dishes with fish. After the soup - roast venison, and to it tasty mashed potatoes and salted cucumbers with soaked cranberries. To the end, a warm sweet cheese is served, made from deer milk with a sour cream and ice cream with resin. Here are such unusual addictions in food!

Generally Laplanders know a lot about food. If in Helsinki they are descended for calories, then closer to the north such a number will not pass. Do not let the life. You have to move a lot to get food and so on, so you need a lot of calories. And all these calories are obtained from blood sausage mackerel, stewed partridge with cranberries, pies with various fillings, pies, salmon, dishes made from venison or bear cubs, mousses and so on.

Even though at first glancethe traditional Laplandians seem heavy, in fact everything is very satisfying and harmonious. Practically all products are not fried here, but are baked, cooked or allowed. Fish - a constant product. Yes, and porridge from whole grains, they pamper themselves. Meat of venison, bear cubs is served with cranberries, cloudberries or cranberries. Av bread is added raisins or pieces of rutabaga.

And for a dessert, a swimming pool!

Despite their lifestyle and useful food,Finns vseravno suffer from cardiovascular diseases and early retire. Avse because of the excess of cholesterol in the blood and lack of physical activity. Therefore, the employers decided to urgently solve this problem and came up with a new form of entertainment - outreach in entertainment centers. Entertainment centerfilinsky sample - a water park, simulators and swimming pool. At the same time, you will first be given a lecture on proper nutrition, about the organization of leisure activities, and only afterwards will you turn the pedals on the simulator or swim in the pool.

Over time, this is so common in the habit that peopleeven in the midst of trying to stick to a similar way of life. That's why you can meet a couple of pensioners skiing on winter nights ... They need to take an example from them, only skis need to be replaced with something else, for example, a bicycle.

Recipes of popular dishes

As you understand, Finns are accustomed to eat deliciously and with good health. So let's take an example from them and try to cook a pair of light, but very mouth-watering dishes from Finnish cuisine.

Fish soup

For its preparation you will need: half a kilogram of fillets, a liter of water, half a liter of milk, a liter of water, one onion, 4 potatoes, greens, salt, pepper and a spoonful of flour.

Cut fish into slices, potatoes cubes, onionschopped, add salt and pepper and cook it all over a slow fire for about fifteen minutes. Then mix the milk with flour and pour into a saucepan. Cook for another minute. Serve the soup with greens.

Salmon with cheese and herbs

To prepare salmon you will need: salmon fillet - 1 kg, soft cheese, ground pepper, lemon juice, thyme, dill and shnit - onions.

Make a deep incision along the entire length of the fillet. The resulting cakes are filled with cheese and sprinkle with herbs. To clamp the incision, use wooden sticks. Fish pepper, salt and pour lemon juice. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. Serve with a green salad.

Karelian pies

To prepare Karelian pies you need the following ingredients: 250 grams of rye flour, 100 ml of water, 1.5 tablespoons of salt, 200 grams of viscous rice or wheat porridge for the filling.

Prepare the dough from flour, water and salt. Divide it into twenty identical pieces. Each piece roll out so that you have a thin cake. In the middle of each cake, put the filling, and around the dough, protect the dough. Patties should be baked in the oven for fifteen minutes, then the baking tray must be pulled out and greased pies with beaten egg. After that, put the patties in the oven again and bake until they are cooked. Before serving, sprinkle each pie with finely chopped or grated eggs.

These three dishes will always be appropriate on your table. They are fast prepared and beautiful to the taste. And most importantly - useful.

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