/ Five Reasons for Improper Nutrition

Five Reasons for Improper Nutrition

The reason is the first "At the time of food"

Symptom: Candy in your pockets, bars in your bag, nuts and suckers in the drawers of the working table, slicing in the refrigerator and so on. The travoyaders spend almost all day eating, predators-rarely eat a little, and people came to another compromise-we shared meals for breakfast, lunch And dinner. However, there are exceptions among people: there are some who rarely come to the table, but eat constantly.

The view of a psychologist: As a rule, those who are experiencing anxiety or are in a state of stress become permanent snacks. There are a lot of factors around us that cause tension and anxiety: home, work, family and other responsibilities. Therefore, in order to calm down, we begin to pamper ourselves with different delicacies. At first this happens rarely, but modern, we increase the number of snacks and food. This method is not the best for the figure. In addition, it is necessary to realize that irritants around nasikund will not disappear, there will always be new ones, but extra food will be stored on our sides and hips.

What to do? Learn to keep track of your feelings. After that, find a safer way to relieve stress. Once you want to pamper yourself with something delicious, stop yourself and within fifteen minutes, think about what exactly is bothering you. Sometimes a half-hour walk in the fresh air or a glass of warm water helps.

Bonus: peace of mind and finding the optimal weight.

Reason the second "Eduna Screen"

Symptom: you can not remember what you ate.

Many of us like to combine meals withWatching a loved series, checking mail or documents, discussing news and takdalee. In the end, we are so addicted to business that we do not notice how we eat the whole pot.

The view of a psychologist: It is a moral duty of every person who respects himself and follows his health to look good and lead a healthy life. Everyone knows about this. But in reality we rarely do this. As a result, we have a conflict inside and to get distracted from each other, we plunge into the trance in front of the TV screen and eat so that we do not notice a nichegook.

What to do? Learn how to make food useful and appetizing. For this use seasonings, greens. Allow yourself to enjoy delicious food. But eat it carefully and consciously - until it really seems delicious to you. In time, you will see that you do not need much food to saturate it. And then you will understand that eating is a separate activity.

Bonus: you will again enjoy eating food.

Reason the third "Raid"

Symptom: Food becomes a prerequisite for obtaining energy. A glass of coffee with a sandwich, which we eat on the move, because we are late for work, a snack in the elevator, before an important meeting, lunch in fast food. We are all the time in motion and sometimes we are so into this that we are forgetting about a full-fledged intake of food.

The view of a psychologist: In our time it has become popular to consider your body as a mechanism or a machine that performs the functions we have set. Our task is to feed ourselves with "fuel" to maintain our strength and energy. But with the way of life, after a while, we blunt our emotions and lose the joy of life.

What to do? Try to establish contact with your own body. In this you will help yoga, pilates, taichi, qigong and many other kinds of tele-oriented psychotherapy.

Bonus: the richness of spiritual life and bodily sensations.

The reason is the fourth "Big Nest"

Symptoms: Children on vacation, the husband on a business trip - and a piece does not climb in a hurry. Since birth, food for us is synonymous with love. Spending the afternoon at the stove and pampering your family with delicious dishes is certainly a good way to show concern and feel right. But this can grow into a serious problem, when such a way of caring becomes an obsessive idea.

The view of a psychologist. In our time, the excessive manifestation of love for self is selfishness. Therefore, many feel guilty when they do something for themselves, they even just cook for themselves. And then, we are trying to redeem ourselves - start feeding our relatives, and starve ourselves. But to ignore their needs for food can not be - this is harmful to health.

What to do? Diversify the conduct of general leisure. Community shrines should not be the only form of joint communication with loved ones. At the same time, at least a couple of hours a week, give only your beloved. Learn to enjoy being alone and alone. After all, you are a woman.

Bonus: a sense of one's own worth.

The reason is the fifth "Non-disruption from production"

Symptoms: So we get tired at work, that we do not have time to eat. This can happen almost every day, but many do not betray this value. You can eat at any time, even at night. Which often happens. A vitoge - eat one or two times a day instead of four or five put.

The view of a psychologist. What is more important to you - health or work? Yes, sometimes it is really difficult to deny your bosses or colleagues help. But some people do not always refuse. And why? Maybe because they are afraid of losing their disposition toward themselves or want to receive compassion for their martyrdom? But people need to be respected, not compassionate. The one who clearly identifies the scope of his space and holds his rights, in the meantime and for lunch breaks, values ​​himself highly, and therefore dignified.

What to do? Arrange for yourself clear boundaries between personal and working time. Agree and explain to your superiors your powers and functions. Learn to say the correct one in response to an attempt on your personal time.

Bonus: You will have time for a full lunch break. During this time you can rest a little, and your brain will recharge and unload. This will help you work productively and find innovative solutions to problems.

Of course, this is not a complete list of problems thatCause us to eat wrong. To it it is possible to carry and our biorhythms, our habits, our way of life and so on. Every one has a problem, and everyone decides how they can. But you need to understand that you can not solve everyday problems at the expense of your health. It must be understood that proper nutrition is an integral part of it. While you are young and energetic, it is unlikely that the right diet will affect your health with serious consequences. But if you continue to lead this way of life for a long time, then by the age of thirty you can get stomach diseases, problems with excess weight and with the body as a whole. Therefore, try to initially accustom yourself to proper nutrition and eat enough time. Diversify your food, make it a separate activity.

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