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Subconscious obstacles that prevent us from growing thin

Here is one example from life. One girl for two years could not get rid of a couple of extra pounds, which separated her from the ideal weight. She resorted to different ways, and eventually she managed to get rid of them, but as soon as she relaxed a little and gave herself the will, the toque returned again.

The girl went to different forums concerning diets. On several occasions a day she sat on the Internet on forums and asked people questions about how their successes in losing weight, and also to brag about their successes or to blame themselves. And the girl is very successful, she has a job, a loving husband, an foal.

On the example of this girl, we will discuss with you possible subconscious obstacles that prevent weight loss.

In search of meaning

When the girl turned to a nutritionist, sheAsked: "Why do you need to lose weight? After all, you look so good already. " To which the girl thoughtfully replied: "Well, it will be easier for me to buy fashionable clothes." "Is this unfashionable?" Asked the nutritionist. "Fashionable, but that will be even better." - Answered the girl. And then it became clear that it was not about clothes. The girl immediately began to look for other reasons. Do you like your husband? But why, if she is so fond of him. To be healthy? Yes, and so with health everything is fine. So in her head she sorted out a lot of reasons and eventually came to the conclusion that the motive is the main thing.

It turns out that the girl and she really does not know why to lose weight. But if she persistently continues to do this, then the reason is still there. Simply she is hidden deep in the subconscious. Let's try to find it.

Causes and consequences

First version - back to youth

Perhaps the girl just wanted to return to herYouth is as attractive as it used to be. But why did she decide that everything will be as before, if she drops a few extra pounds? And does she think that she is not attractive? Not at all. The girl is quite confident in herself. Simply, to her attractiveness, she does not quite look adult. The pier, the woman while is young, she is good. But the beauty of a woman is determined by her self-confidence. And understanding of this comes with age. Thus, it turns out that the girl is simply afraid to grow up, because she knows that growing up entails wrinkles, lack of compliments from men and extra laying on the sides.

The girl is looking for her problem not where the problem isThere is, atam, where it is easiest to find. Everyone knows that full people always look older than their age. Hence the conclusion suggests itself - to look like a pimply body. But how much will life change if you get rid of superfluous-five kilograms? No, not much. The surrounding will perceive the girl the same as before, and hardly anyone will notice her heroism. In the end, it turns out that such torture is in vain.

Everything would be completely different if the girldid not perceive her age as an obstacle or a threat to her personal life. After all, experience comes with experience. And now she can choose the person who is needed, she should know what she wants from this life. This is what distinguishes the adult woman from a teenager - she can decide everything herself.

The second version - the fight against excess weight - an occupation that enriches life with meaning

Maybe it's that the girl who lives insufficiency yu which has everything you need, just not very happy about it. The initiative in all matters can belong to the husband. Naturally, in such a situation it is difficult to consider your life as full-fledged: it lacks events, struggles, passions. Therefore, the girl and found a fascinating occupation - the fight against excess weight. And with the help of forums, she can feel needed, giving advice to other girls.

Once the goal is achieved, control is reducedover it the eaves comes back. It happens because the girl understands on the subconscious level that you can not lose weight again, otherwise the goal will be lost and her life will again become boring and monotonous.

The third version - without fault is guilty

If someone is dissatisfied with his life, then you needjust take it and change it. And if you do not have the courage to do it - then it's better not to take anything for granted. But that it was not so insulting for yourself, you can shift all the blame ... excess weight. After all, women in the head have stereotypes that men love construction girls and so on. And then we begin to fight against ourselves. It's enough just to adjust your diet and start eating healthy food. But no, we go immediately to radical measures - we start starving. As a result, all actions are pursued not so much by the goal of losing weight, how to punish themselves for a zoo and for spiritual weakness. It is clear that from this for a long time we are thin. But in the subconscious there is still the hope that one day we will be able to rejoice ourselves, and everything will change in our life.

The fourth version is the fear of "letting go of the reins"

In the process of achieving her goal,that it is not so difficult to throw off the extra pounds. It's much harder to keep weight. A little pampered myself - and now, plus three kilos, which again have to be painfully dropped. The girl came up with the idea that if she scored so easily three kilograms, then it can with the same ease and dial all thirty. Therefore, you can not relax. But the thought that this will last a lifetime, frightens. The girl would be perfectly satisfied, if she was confident that the weight would be great. But she has no such confidence.

Consolation prize

Conclusion: if you want to lose weight, then first of all understand why you need it. Set yourself a clear goal. Otherwise, you can not only not get the desired result, but also lose your health. After all, many diets harm the body. If they are observed for a long time, gastritis, ulcers, gallstones may form, immunity may decrease, varicosity may appear, and many other diseases. In addition, after each breakdown, your lost pounds will return at a high rate. And every time you have to spend more energy to lose weight again and keep the result.

Any of our activities, which, in fact, canbe absolutely unnecessary, sooner or later lead to personal problems of ideology. Therefore it is necessary to understand your desires and hopes together with a psychologist. After all, most of all, our efforts aimed at losing weight, this is the reflection of some kind of mental unhappiness. And we should admit that non-kilograms are the cause of our failures, and we ourselves. We also need to understand that it will grow from the fact that we do not trust ourselves with our lives.

And what about excess weight? Think, if you get rid of your complexes, do you want to get rid of extra pounds? If yes, the top hatchery will not be difficult for you. After all, you will lose weight intelligently, without rigid children and grueling exercises, thinking about your health. You will love yourself for who you are. And just as this will happen, others will treat you differently. After all, they love the self-assured women.

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