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Supplements for youth

In Russia, dietary supplements people perceive withCaution and do not strongly trust such products. But in the West everything is different: dietary supplements are used even more often than medicines. But in order to obtain the maximum benefit from them, it is necessary to find real, genuine additions. Today in the market the best are German, American and Swiss BAD.

Coenzyme: energy engineer

Coenzyme is simply irreplaceable for our body. He fills with the forces that transform from food to energy. In addition, it has antioxidant properties: it protects our cells from damage and helps in the exchange of substances. Therefore, this substance is very often included in the composition of funds for weight loss. Thanks to coenzyme, our cells recover faster, and the skin looks young.

Where can I find coesim? In food it can not be met. It is produced by our liver from related coenzymes, which are contained in animal proteins: beef heart, meat, liver and green vegetables. But there are times when heavy protein foods are contraindicated. Then it is better to get this substance in a synthesized form. It can be bought as an independent food additive. Take coenzyme 1 capsule twice a day during mealtime.

DHEA: balancer

Under this abbreviation lies the hormone-likeSubstance dehydroepiandrosterone. This substance is produced by the ovaries and is the progenitor of all hormones: it is processed into progesterone, estrogen, cortisol and testosterone. When our hormonal balance is in harmony, then our body looks beautiful. Experiments conducted in the US have proved that DHEA can prolong our life, while making us more energetic and young, and also save from excess weight. With age, the amount of this substance is reduced in our body. By the age of 40, it is half as much, and by 60 it has ceased to be developed.

Where can I find DHEA? It is produced by our body of squalene malaise. This substance is found in avocados, olives, cheese, eggplant, tuna. It is very useful to use all these products in salad, flavored with a mint oil. In pharmacies DHEA is not sold separately. It can be found only in the composition of anti-aging complexes. The DHEA is taken once a day for one tablet a month.

Dong Kwai: the Lady of the Year

This plant helps regulate menstrual flowcycle. And at the time of menopause it reduces vaginal dryness, flushing and palpitations. DongKwai is rich in vitamin E, iron and has antioxidant properties. It helps prevent one of the main factors of aging - oxidation of lipids, helps to retain moisture and protects it from exposure to sunlight.

Where to find? In rejuvenating complexes. Take one tablet once a day for a month.

Gingko Biloba: The Stimulator

This plant looks like a plum. It is considered the best brain stimulant. In cosmetology, ginkgo biloba is used to influence the pump: a unique cocktail of bioactive components strengthens the walls of the capillary vessels, improves microcirculation of blood and cells are enriched with useful substances. As a result, we look younger.

Where to look? In the formulations of various complexes, as well as a self-sufficient dietary supplements. It is applied for two months two times a day to an individual tablet.

Ginseng: a source of cheerfulness

Ginseng is known for its anti-agingproperties. It is rich in antioxidants, fatty and essential oils, starch, sugar, vitamins and microelements that have tonic and stimulating properties. Ginseng extract fights with swelling, speeds up the renewal of epidermal cells, strengthens the fibers of elastin and collagen.

Where to look? It is produced as an independent biological addition. It takes two capsules a day for two months.

Glutamic acid: flavor enhancer

This amino acid gives the muscles and bones strength,Prevents aging, and helps the skin retain moisture. It is also capable of stimulating mental activity, reducing the harmful effects of alcohol and nicotine, drugs and narcotics.

Where to look? In the composition of complex nutritional supplements or as an additive. Take 1 teaspoonful once a day, dissolving the water spout.

Glutathione: wrestling by aging

Glutathione is considered a powerful antioxidant,Which is synthesized by our body from three other acids. This is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug that is struggling with aging. After all, it is aging that provokes inflammatory reactions in the cells of our body.

Where to look? This substance is found in watermelons, raw carrots, citrus fruits. In the pharmacy it is sold in combination with an extract of Brussels sprouts. Take one capsule three times a day for two months.

Selenium: Killers of the Crabs

It is able to suppress the activity of free radicals, helps to cope with viruses and bacteria, promotes cell regeneration and prevents formation of blood clots and thickening of blood.

Where to look? In complex supplements containing vitamin E and glutathione. Take one tablet twice a day with meals.

Melatonin: the rejuvenator

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by ourorganism. It is located in the brain of the pineal gland and helps us look and feel young. Melatonin is a natural sleeping pill, and sleep is a guarantee of health and beauty. With age, this hormone is produced in smaller quantities, and its reception can extend our life by 20%.

Where to look? The production of melatonin is promoted by peanuts, cheese, beef fillets, eggs, milk. You can also buy it in the form of an independent biological supplement. Take half an hour before bedtime for one tablet for a month.

Green tea: a shield of ill health

It is a powerful antioxidant. It weakens the carcinogenic effects of cigarette smoke, toxic emissions of transport and businesses. Atanins, which are contained in tea, strengthen blood vessels, remove the appearance and improve the appearance of the skin.

Where to look? Sold in any store in the form of tea, as well as in the form of an independent supplement. You can drink green tea several times a day. Vabletkah recommended once a day for two months.

Do I need to take biological supplements? You decide. But it should be taken into account that the modern person does not have enough vitamins and vitamins. We can not get their right amount from food, as many food is processed and improperly cooked.

Even if you do not trust drugstores,This is not provoked by biologically active additives. Many of them, as you yourself have been convinced from the article, have useful properties for our body. Thanks to them, we can prolong our youth, strengthen our health and look all the same. Is not that what each of us dreams about? Therefore, if you are a supporter of BADs, we recommend that you reconsider your views on some of them.

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