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Hidden stress: find and neutralize!

Hidden stress is also called chronic. It arises when we consciously accumulate conscious emotions that we consider shameful or wrong. It is proved that the brighter and stronger such emotions, and the longer they are squashed inside, the heavier the consequences.

Imagine what will happen if the firePut the pressure cooker with the hole sealed in it. It is easy to guess that it will happen to her through time. Approximately the same thing happens with our soul: emotions boil from below, social feelings (wine, fear or shame) are pressing upwards. Psychotherapists are sure that these feelings are the most dangerous. They destroy the person's identity. Voltage, driven inside, increases and accumulates. As a result, after some time an emotional explosion occurs, which can lead even to psychosis or prolonged severe depression.

Unfortunately, before the destructive influenceHidden stresses are often helpless. And all because it is not able to understand what is happening in our soul and what we really want. These are the most common scenarios of what can happen to everyone.

Scenario 1. "Everyday to the Bottom"

Let's say a young man on the busThe company of drunken men, who were rude and broke into a fight, became attached. After such a young man will come to work in a not very good condition. He will be bewildered and angry, inattentive and rude. As a result of this, other troubles can happen because of the agitation. For example, on the way home, he can turn his leg, get into a cork and so on. This will aggravate the situation even more. Arriving home, all the anger the young man will bring down on relatives. On all the questions "What happened?", There will be no concrete answer. So will start to accumulate a little stress.

Scenario 2. "Slightly Wanted"

Here is another life example. The woman is 33 years old, but she did not marry. But she has an impeccable career. At the same time, she is barmy and intelligent, energetic and purposeful. Many people like it, but for some reason, serious relationships do not develop. She did not seem to show signs of experience, but she was very worried inside: she felt that something was wrong with her, that she was being discussed behind her, that everyone was laughing at her loneliness. And then when, finally, a man appeared on the horizon, she simply waved her hand at everything: they say, why should I do this, to me and one is not bad. After that, the girl went headlong into another business project.

Scenario 3. "I'm playing, I'm tired, I give up!"

In life, there are many unpleasant situations. Here's one of those. The girl's first pregnancy ended unsuccessfully. At the late term, the pregnancy was interrupted. And since then the girl simply does not dare to second try. She is tormented by fear and doubt, and suddenly everything happens again. And here it is also shamed: "I am a woman and I can not bear the most important thing - having a baby". In this situation, psychological stress develops into a great deal of stress.

Scenario 4. "Invalid diagnosis"

At the woman of forty years doctors suspectedOncological disease. By carelessness, they told her about it. After giving repeated tests, the woman realized that the diagnosis was not confirmed. But now in her subconscious mind there will always be a thought that suddenly the doctors made a mistake the second time too. The woman began to experience, moved away from people, withdrew into herself and even began to consider suicide. Such psychological pressure is very dangerous.

Infectious emotion

The hidden stress experienced by one of the membersFamily, will necessarily affect all households. Psychologists have proved that close people can begin to get sick: pressure jumps, headaches, irregular heart rhythms, attacks of vegetative dystonia, violation of metabolism, etc., appear. But in the family, hidden stresses are very easy and are treated. The simplest way is to open up to your family members and tell them everything that has accumulated inside you.

Angry, because the ball

Very often we get sick because we have hiddenStress. For example, thyroid disorders make a person irritable, emotional and aggressive. Women can have problems with the uterus and mastopathy. The earlier a person realizes that he is brought to stress, the better. The reason can be eliminated very quickly, the main thing is to know it. Together sostressom and leave a bad mood, irritability, discontent.Recreases balance and peace in the family.

How can I help?

Very rarely we turn to a psychologist. Most often, we are confident that we are able to cope with stress and accumulated problems on our own. But not at all it turns out to make. Why? Because not everyone knows how to do it.

  • First of all, it is necessary to realize that stressThere is. Take it. "Yes, I'm freaking out all day because of the fools who spoiled the bus in my bus"; "Yes, I feel bad and flawed, because I have no husband." It is difficult to come to such thoughts. But the sooner you do this, the better for you.
  • Understand what you really want and why you needit is necessary. Perhaps you do not need a family at all, you are not created for this. And all-empathy is only due to the fact that you do not meet social stereotypes: they say, the woman is the keeper of the hearth, she should not be alone, she should educate children and so on.
  • Mentally lose the scenario thatHappen, if the stress for you the situation will reach a logical conclusion. For example, you did not find a husband. What exactly will happen to your life, what will it change in it? What scares you in this situation? And then after that decide whether or not the source is just for you, as it seems at first glance.
  • Find a safe way to relieve stress. Variantovizbavitsya of psychological stress very much. You can do sports, you can cry out in a pillow or talk with a loved one, you can just sleep well or go on vacation. Everyone can find their own way, the main thing is to start looking.
  • Learn to share your experiences withClose people. It does not matter with whom, whether it's parents or husband. Many are accustomed to talk about their problems to absolutely strangers, for example, doctors, sellers or co-workers. But with chronic stress this is undesirable. These people will not be able to give you friendly support, which is very necessary in such situations. It will be difficult for you to accept a different point of view, and at the same time you will be exhausted physically and morally. Remember that the isolation of the people from the outside will only lead to depression.
  • If the above methods did not help,Consult a highly qualified psychotherapist. There is nothing shameful about this. Many people use his services. In our time it is very difficult to cope with the psychological burden. Therefore, in some cases, the help of a specialist is simply necessary.

Remember that we are all different and therefore, eachExperiences stress in its own way. Some go for walks with friends, others close themselves and are separated from the outside world, and still others just spit on everything and continue to live longer. That is why in the treatment of chronic stress, it is necessary to select an individual approach to each person.

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