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The most common myths about the dangers of mobile phones

Myth 1. Microwave for the brain

Many are afraid that the electromagnetic field,Emitting phones, negatively affects our health. It is clear that from nowhere can not escape. After all, if it does not exist, then mobile phones will also stop working. But is electromagnetic radiation really so harmful?

It is worth starting with the fact that scientists are still notFound the answer to this question. Although there was a lot of research on this topic. Some specialists tried to prove that the radiation of the phone during a conversation creates a microwave effect for our brain and provokes the growth of tumors. Others refute this theory. In 2001, the UK launched the Program for the Safe Use of Mobile Communications. Several years ago, the first results were summed up. As it turned out, the scientists did not reveal any significant differences in the incidence of tumors in those people who used the phone and those who did not use it. There is a possibility that such a period is very short for such observations. To come to reasonable conclusions, you need a minimum of 10-15 years. Therefore, the research will continue.

Myth 2. Insomnia

Many scientists believe that the phone onLeads to the insomnia. Our body is very sensitive to weak radiations, to which the frequencies at which phones operate in standby mode are also displayed. In addition, Belgian experts say that schoolchildren who sleep with their phones, are more tired by the end of the school year. But even with these statements you can find a reasonable explanation. Children write sms to each other at night, and then they do not get enough sleep. Adult this also applies. You can not ignore the biorhythm, as this will lead to insomnia. And as for emissions - just lay your mobile on the pillow or on the bed next to you.

Myth 3. Pain in the end of the tunnel

Many are deterred by the "tunnel syndrome", whichCan develop due to active SMS printing. Endless messaging has become a habit. Because of the frequent search of the keys of the mobile with the thumb of the right hand, the blood vessels or nerves are squeezed in close channels between the sinew joints, ligaments, muscles and bones. From this hands begin to ache, the Apals are numb. Sensitivity is disturbed. All this is a tunnel syndrome.

But if you do not talk too much on SMS,Then you will not be afraid of this disease. In addition, some people are not genetically predisposed to it. More is to fear tenosynovitis-inflammation of the tendons of the fingers. But this disease is not so terrible, because it can be cured with anti-inflammatory ointments, salty baths, physioprocedures.

Another disease that lurksLovers of sms - "writing spasm." This is a complex vegetative neuropsychological disease, in which the fingers freeze in one position and do not want to obey. It occurs most often in adolescents, as well as people with unbalanced psyche.

Myth 4. Deteriorates the memory

There is an opinion that frequent useMobile phone does not have the best effect on our memory. And this is indeed the truth. After all, today the phone can perform many functions: a notebook, calculator, organizer and so on. We can save all the necessary information in the phone without bothering with memorization. But our brain must always be trained, otherwise the memory will deteriorate.

Even reading books in electronic form is notIt is recommended. With this method of reading, we will always be distracted by messages and other trifles. And this prevents you from concentrating. In the end, the intellect will suffer. So try to train your memory more often: remember phone book numbers, passwords and important dates.

Myth 5. Psychological dependence

Scientists began to worry that phonesCause a large psychological dependence. We are so attached to our smartphones that we can not part with them for a minute. And when they are not there, we are nervous and worried. As a result, the whole life of a person is reduced to the skinning of a call. As a result, paranoia may even develop: a person will show that the phone is ringing, although in fact it is not. And the most dangerous thing is that the problem is not in the phone, but in its owner. After all, such phenomena can indicate serious psychological problems. For the expectation of a call, fear of loneliness, loss of friends, colleagues or work can be hidden and so on. The mobile only shows negative experiences, making them more visible.

Myth 6. Dangerous for males

Hungarian researchers are inclined to the idea,That men who actively use mobile devices change the composition of the sperm: spermatozoa decrease in size. And it is not necessary for this to chat for hours on the phone, enough to carry it in your pants pocket.

Theoretically, of course, this option is possible. After all, heat is released from the phone, which does not have a very good effect on cool-sperm spermatozoa. But certainly one can not say that this opinion is true. In fact, healthy men may have problems with spermatozoa for various reasons.

Myth 7. What about the children?

Modern children grow and tryCorrespond to this world. Already from an early age they begin to ask their parents for a mobile phone, they buy the odors. After all, they can always know where their child is and how they can control it. But at the same time, some people ask themselves: if a mobile phone is harmful to adults, how about children?

Italian scientists conducted research inWhich has been shown that 37% of Italian children already suffer from telephone dependence. And in other countries the situation is almost the same. Children already from a small age learn that the phone is an indispensable thing in their life. They begin to conduct long conversations on it, to exchange with friends sms, photos. And all this at least affects onattentiveness and intelligence.

But whatever it is, one must bear in mind thatThe negative impact of mobile phones on our body is not fully understood. Therefore, it is still to protect young children from using it. Yes, and adults would not be able to reconsider their views on the importance of mobile. Perhaps, it is more time to devote to live communication, and not to communicate by phone. Even if the environment from him will not, then the benefits, too. Before you a whole life with different possibilities that you need to use.

Think about the fact that memory problems,Insomnia, infertility and other ailments are associated not only with the use of mobile devices, but also with our way of life. Therefore, it is worthwhile to deal with its correction, move more, fully sleep, rest, avoid stress, exercise, and you will be healthy.

And to the note - many experts recommend during the conversation to use bluetooth. Thanks to him, you can limit yourself to the electromagnetic field, radiated by the phone.

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