/ Do you keep fast to pregnant women and children?

Do you keep fast with pregnant women and children?

Fasting for pregnant and mommy nursing

Here one can make distributions into twoCategories: profoundly believing women, whose knowledge of this issue is imbued with the traditions of the family and ordinary Christians, not very experienced in matters of faith, but at the subconscious level understand that fasting is an important component of our spiritual life. They do not know how to introduce themselves in the post and how to comply with it, because they always want something and limit themselves in eating often simply hysterics hard.

Timofey of Alexandria in its 8th rule broadcasts,That a woman who has given birth to a child needs not to fast, but to reinforce herself with a normal diet for the sake of the child's health. Asamo birth is already a feat in front of God and therefore if he wants to fast, in a way that does not harm his health and the health of the baby. And her condition in this period must be blissful, joyful, because it is transmitted to the baby. God is not a bookkeeper who writes down how much you eat fast, it is more important to him how you grow your baby and in what traditions you will bring up.

Limiting oneself to fasting first of all is necessary in idleness, amusement, condemnation, and also increase attention to others, and strengthen the help to others. This will be the best fasting.

Is it necessary to observe fasting in marital relations??

On this account especially zealous clergymenOften peregibayut stick, taking the liberty of asserting that during fasting, in no case should a spouse have sex. It's not true or we will say so, half-truth. Again, let's turn to competent sources. Even the Apostle Paulald to family couples such edification: do not shy away from each other or only with the consent for a short time, which you yourself will allocate for prayers and fasting. Azatem again be together so that Satan does not tempt you with intemperance. And who else should we trust in these questions, how not to one of the disciples of Christ?

So here everything is very clear: Husband and wife must decide the measure of fasting and how much they should abstain. The Lord does not need a family to break up because of abstinence in married life. Such a post is needed for nobody, because the most important thing is to keep warm relations in the family with every circumstance.

St. Timothy explains that the weekend is mandatory for abstinence, and this is for the reason that these days in the Liturgy Church the Divine Passes. As for the Great Lent, only the first and last weeks will be mandatory. In other days - only at will.

Do we need to fast the children?

This question is complicated. In principle, there is no categorical answer to it. Here, and converge, and the opinions of doctors and clergymen disagree. By and large, the child, as an actively growing body, should not give up sweating and dairy products.

Thus, it is desirable to limit the child'sIn the products that he needs for the development of the body (the post is still long), but, for example, in games, sitting at the computer, watching cartoons. You can also limit the diet, excluding from the diet of the baby products that are originally from the body do not bring. For example, cakes, cakes and sweets. That is, these are delicacies, which for the development of the child are even more harmful than useful. Therefore, it is possible to introduce such restrictions to the child. And they will not harm the body and bring soul to the soul.

Is it necessary to observe the post of the elderly and sick people?

Among the people now a complete confusion in opinions. Someone believes that it is necessary to keep the post strictly according to the regulations, only refuses meat from meat, and the next one "does not eat fish, but eats a person," as Seraphim of Sarov said. It means - from animal products refuses and post zealously observes, but the near-disturbance with its anger and irritability does not. But who needs this post? Fasting is the same, first of all spiritual abstinence, and then physical.

Now, the Church Fathers say that fastingIt is sensible, as someone can do. Some pundits believe that severely limiting eating is useful for a healthy person, but the patient should be greatly weakened, especially if the diseases are serious. Clergymen also hold to this opinion, arguing that the Church does not force a person to take on what is beyond his power. The rules of fasting are created to the maximum and there is no separation of monks and laymen in them, therefore everyone must determine his own measure of abstinence. And if the fast breaks, then one must lament for his infirmity, so that the Lord will forgive it.

Disease is already a limitation in itself,Affirms the father of John, and if a person does not complain at the time of illness, but takes it kindly, realizing that this is all from our sins, then this is already a move. And if at the same time he does not restrict himself too much in food, but his heart is peaceful and the mood is joyful, then the post is so correct. And if a person at this time does charity work, helps the needy, shares a piece of bread - this post is all the more pleasing to God.

How to fast a modern person - general recommendations

In former times, of course, people are more strictlyBut then the ecology was different, people were healthier. The food was natural and water-clean, key, useful for humans. We are now much different from the ancestors of the ancients with their own health, moreover, both physical and, undoubtedly, spiritual. Everyone agrees, including clergymen and doctors. Therefore, the traditions of our ancestors are not entirely acceptable to us, today, with our crazy mumps, city vanity and nervous overloads.

Orthodox doctors say that the main goalFasting is to cleanse the heart from sins, to stop in everyday vanity and think about your life, about deeds and deeds, about your surroundings. Clear the heart of anger, condemnation, envy, pride and add to your life at least a little more love and compassion for others.

Therefore, it would be incorrect to relate the post onlyRestrictions in food. Fasting is a training of will, an effort that a person makes over himself, giving up addictions, habits, drunkenness, gluttony and a relaxed way of life. Share a piece of bread to the compelled, guide the sick and help the old man - and your post will be more propitious to the Lord than if you starve, but in your heart will reside anger and hatred towards your neighbors.

Summarizing, we can identify the main points of the post today:

  1. Observe Lent, and also during the year, without fail - Wednesdays and Fridays.
  2. Lent without meat and dairy to carry out.
  3. The first and last weeks - a strict fast, in the rest - you can afford fish and seafood.
  4. Delicious treats on weekends allow.
  5. Do not follow the monastic charter and do not impose on yourself and others an inappropriate zeal.
  6. Train yourself in the affairs of charity, bring up love for people and help the suffering.
  7. Go to church, confess and receive communion.
  8. Do not entertain, lead a more calm andBalanced way of life. Not to keep in the heart of anger, anger, irritability and dislike, not to condemn anyone and not to slander. Do not be at enmity with anyone, be tolerant of other people's shortcomings and try to correct oneself.

These are the rules that can be overpowered by every person who wants to fast and keep his soul clean.

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