/ How to spend more calories?

How to spend more calories?

Every day our body spends energy onThen, to warm the body, digest food, as well as to grow hair, nails, to inhale the air and heartbeat. The biochemical processes that take place within us also require energy. Therefore, calories are consumed constantly, even when we sleep.

But despite this, some people whoSpend a lot of time in the gym, can not lose weight, and some have never been engaged in sports, but they remain thin. What's the matter? The main metabolism affects the process of losing weight - the indicator of the intensity of energy metabolism. This is the amount of heat that is generated in a state of rest and thermal comfort. The women's main exchange is lower than that of men, by about 10-15%. Also, the main metabolism decreases with fasting and certain diseases.

Cold for help

Most of all the calories our body spendsConstant temperature of the body. And this is at normal room temperature. And if you reduce the temperature of the air to 10-15 degrees, then the consumption of calories will increase by two or even three times. It is worth noting and the fact that on the heating of the body energy is consumed mainly from fat reserves to 90% (the difference from physical loads that require carbohydrate costs). This is why the fall and winter accumulates the most fat in our body.

Experts recommend installing in a coldThe temperature in the room is not higher than 25 degrees. Then you will not overreact too much. A walk in the cold will help to get rid of 100 calories in just 10 minutes! But after such walks, as a rule, immediately pulls to the refrigerator. Thus, the body tries to make up for what it has spent. But here you can resort to a small trick - eat hot, but not greasy food: mashed potatoes, milk, light coffee soup, and so on.

Water procedures

To spend calories in summer, you needConsume cold food and drinks. The body will spend more energy to warm them up in the stomach. The truth is very little: in order to heat one glass by 10 degrees, only 0.2 kcal is needed. But since in the summer we drink a lot of water, up to two liters a day, it will take about 200 calories. By the same, water can make the body use up calories not only from inside, but also from the outside. For example, the code you are floating. Since the water is colder than the air temperature, when swimming you will lose twice as many calories as when walking. Even after half an hour of sluggish bathing you will lose a minimum of 200kcal.

Simple moves

In addition to weather conditions, the process of losing weightAffects and motor activity. Even the most insignificant muscle contractions or their statistical work to retain any position improves energy costs well. Just in a sitting position, we lose about 30 kcal per hour. And if you do knitting or embroidering, you can lose even 100 calories - because the shoulders and arms are straining, fingers are moving, the apogee is more difficult to maintain balance.

Daily activities that help us lose weight

  • House cleaning. It is useful to clean, because you will not only bringCleanliness in the apartment, but you can get rid of several hundred calories. Even the most usual cases: wiping dust, rubbing the floors, folding things, washing, washing dishes or windows will help burn about three hundred calories.
  • Shopping A lot of girls who canBring a lot of benefit. To burn more calories, it is better to go shopping in a huge hypermarket. For an hour you will get rid of 250 kcal. And besides that, he can buy himself something new.
  • Children and pets Will take away a lot of calories from you. If you have a cat or a dog, do not play with them, not only at home, but also on the street. The more you advance, the more energy your body spends. Hour active walk with a dog on the street can completely replace the trip to the gym and vypotratite up to 400 kcal. If you have children, then for one walk you can burn even more calories. For example, if you try to teach your little one to ride a bike, play ball or do some exercises.
  • garden plot. I think every woman who has her ownIzastochek, it is familiar not by hearsay how hard it is to cope with it. Fuss with decorative plants and flowers takes a little energy (up to 350 kcal per hour). And if the garden is big, then it is necessary to work on it every day. Those who spend a lot of time on their site, taking care of them, just a couple of days can throw up to 1 kg.
  • Recreation. Not all people manage to get rid of restExtra calories. Here everything will depend on you and your temperament. Some of us prefer active rest, and some like calmness and complete relaxation. Some can stay for a long time on the beach under an umbrella, while others actively dive into the sea and walk various excursions. But even if you do not fuss too much, from a few hundred calories you can still get rid of. However, if you really want to get a good shape during the rest period, often be interested in what is happening around you.
  • Office. A few of us all day just sit on onePlace. Even if you have office work. Perhaps, even without noticing, you are moving more than at home in the coming days. For example, several times an hour you get up from a chair to stretch your legs, you walk, climb the stairs, make yourself a tea, eat and takadale. Even sitting at the table, you make many movements, trying to find a convenient location. Thus, for a day of office work you can get rid of 300kcal, while doing nothing particularly.

Pleasant trifles

Burn calories can be from the most simple, butVery nice little things. For example, with a five-minute conversation on a mobile phone, you lose 20 kcal. And if during the conversation you will also walk, then add another 10 to the number. If you like to sing or play on a musical instrument, then do it as often as possible. Forty minutes of these exercises will help you get rid of 100 calories. Creativity will also have a positive effect on the loss of calories.

With kisses and sex, you can burn from 30 to 150Calories per hour. However, no less effective are the violent emotions that can arise when watching a movie, reading a book, recognizing in love. The rush of blood to the face, the rapidity of heartburn, sometimes even tears in the eyes - all these are signs of an accelerated exchange of substances in our body. Strong emotional experiences can accelerate it by 5-10%. That's why many start to lose weight quickly, when they fall in love or get divorced, they experience stress.

We wish you, dear girls, that in yourLife was like a lot more positive emotions that would affect your figure and made her slimmer. But if these emotions are not enough for you, then get rid of the extra calories in other simple, but effective ways. For example, walk around to your family, clean up in the apartment, spend time outdoors, draw, dance, go shopping, and so on. With the help of all these everyday activities, you can burn down your calories and get a lot of fun from it.

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