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Fundamentals of the Eastern philosophy of health

Very interesting and instructive is the story of oneMan-Katsudzo Nishi. K. Nishi is a famous Japanese healer who knew the hidden potential of the human body well and was able to use it. In his early childhood, the doctors determined a fatal illness for him, thus placing a cross on the life of the boy. Novespoki to this, K. Nishi lived a long life, defeating his and others. For man the most important victory in life is victory over oneself.

With the study of basic natural sciences (physics,Chemistry), a man brought into his life technological fruits, urbanized his palace, while separating himself from living nature. All this is directly proportionally influenced by the way of life and ways of thinking. All these factors create a lot of obstacles for healthy circulation of bioenergy in our bodies. The result of a violation of energy circulation are energy stagnation. Healthy such an organism can not be called.

Energy in the understanding of the sages of the East

How to discover your energy potential and howDoes it help to improve health and longer to feel young? What is the energy of the igde to look for its source? First, you need to know that there are invisible strings that bind our molecules, forming a body. These strings or strings, by their combination, form a vital force, energy. This force is the essence of everything, the beginning and the end of our world.

This energy is eternal. It originated at the time of the creation of the world. We ourselves unconsciously cut off the connection with this force, departed from our nature. The person and everything that surrounds him has a dual nature - matter and energy. One does not exist without the other. In addition, the balance of these two parties is very important. This balance determines the conditions of our life, not only in terms of physical health. If the balance is observed, the energy of life is distributed in the body correctly. Balance is a necessary condition for controlling the energy of the body. Control over energy can be obtained through proper nutrition, various physical and breathing exercises, and meditation. Our energy is inextricably linked with feelings, qualitatively changing thoughts and feelings to a better side, we rejuvenate the soul, and hence the body. In various oriental beliefs, people often practice mantras. Voice vibrations that control energy affect matter. This is another key. I will add that it is obligatory to read the mantra verbatim, it is enough to make guttural sounds that can create a sensible voice vibration. Change of thoughts, feelings and vibrations is the way to change oneself.

The only therapeutic measures thatWill be able to help you, this is a positive thinking (pure energy of thought), absolutely worry in all situations (energy of the spirit) and pure natural products (energy of nutrition).

Culture of food

In order to be healthy, you need to lighten yourReason is your purpose, take natural food, which is advised by the Eastern medicine. In the East, it is believed that if you are not able to heal yourself and address others, your cure will never be complete, since you will no longer be independent. You can always help yourself, heal yourself and for this, nature has given everyone an opportunity. Following the ancient Eastern traditions, anyone can master all these techniques. We can become our own doctors. The person in almost all cases is the source of all his ailments. All this from banal ignorance or lack of desire to know the laws of nature. It is worth noting a particularly tremulous attitude towards nature in the East. And in Japan there was an opinion that the causes of all illnesses were gloomy mood, poor nutrition and lack of rest. The Japanese developed a whole body of rituals before eating, which helped combat the diseases and restored the harmony of the body to man. A strong ally of your health will always be a moderate diet. In proper nutrition, you first need to use "clean" foods, avoiding taste enhancers (salt, sugar and all kinds of E-skins) .To drink natural tea, black or green, again with various flavoring supplements. % Rejection.You need to reduce the share of products with yin energy (potatoes, eggplant ibomidors ).Vegetables should be consumed strictly by season.The most preferable animal proteins are fish and poultry.and never forget about the emotional background before you start the meal.

In Japan, before coming to a foreign house, inWhich will have a dinner, it is always necessary to prepare yourself, that is, to cleanse the soul of the evil thoughts of anxiety and cares. To start eating food you need, being in a deep relaxation. In this room often sounds quiet music. It is not a feast to conduct disturbing conversations, everywhere there is complete harmony. Thanks to these factors, a very favorable atmosphere is created. Pay attention to how the dishes are served in Japan, each dish is practically a work of art. Try to decorate and ennoble every moment of your life.

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