/ What vitamins are needed during pregnancy?

What vitamins are needed during pregnancy?

Increased threat of miscarriage and birth hazardA child with mental disabilities. To pregnancy was without complications, and the baby developed fully and correctly, vitamins are needed during pregnancy, the need for which increases by 2 times. Many people are worried about the question: what vitamins should I drink during pregnancy? Here is their main list:


Lack of iodine during pregnancy can lead to mental retardation of the child and various anomalies.


Zinc deficiency leads to slow growthChild, the threat of involuntary abortion and has a great influence on the mental and physical development of the fetus, moreover, affects the labor of the pregnant woman.

Folic acid

Recently, studies have beenHave shown that such a nutritional supplement, like folic acid, is the most useful and necessary during pregnancy. Daily use of 0.8 mgfolievoy acid before the expected pregnancy and in its first three months significantly reduces the risk of the child all kinds of violations in the central nervous system and strengthens the immune system. Therefore, if your pregnancy is planned, then immediately after your pregnancy is confirmed, you need to start taking folic acid.


During pregnancy, almost every womanSuffers from a shortage of iron and this is not surprising, as the amount of blood in a pregnant woman increases, consequently, the amount of iron decreases. But the fact is that this supplement does not bring any benefit, but even vice versa, when using iron, the child's birth is possible with insufficient weight or the birth of a dead child. Iron-accepting only for those women who need it, because of low hemoglobin strong weakness and loss of strength, the rest of it is not recommended.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is obtained through the sun's raysEither from dairy products. Thanks to this vitamin, the probability of giving birth to children with a low calcium content in the blood decreases. After all, probably everyone knows that the lack of vitamin D in children leads to the development of rickets.

Vitamin B6

This additive helps to keep our teethPregnancy strong and healthy. Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes anemia in a woman, a violation of the nervous system, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Signs of deficiency of this vitamin are persistent vomiting, nausea, insomnia, irritability.


Studies have shown that the addition of magnesium significantly reduces the risk of preterm labor.

Vitamin A.

Thanks to vitamin A, the placenta develops correctly.

Vitamin E

Beneficial effect on the development of the uterus during pregnancy. With a lack of vitamin E, a woman feels strong weakness, there are pains in the muscles. The risk of involuntary abortion increases.


Calcium is needed for the formation of strong bones, muscle tissue, the heart of the nervous system in the fetus.

Vegetable additives

It is necessary to pay special attention toVegetable supplements that you take out during pregnancy. Some herbal supplements may be dangerous, so before you buy something, be sure to check with your doctor. When making a purchase, make sure all the tea's liingredients are known to you.

In general, ideally, when a pregnant womanHe asks his doctor: what vitamins are needed during pregnancy? He can advise you to give a complete biochemical blood test, which will determine by the decency what vitamins are necessary for her and based on the results, will pick up what the future mother really needs.

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