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Helping others, health your own heart

Scientists from the medical school in New York heldRandisledovany comparing the physical and mental state of participants in charitable social programs and those citizens who lived their normal lives. The experiment was attended by 106 young people, half of whom, in accordance with the 10-week social program, just one hour a day worked with volunteers with students in lower grades, helping them to learn. In this case, the objective indicators of the state of the organism were equaled before and after the experiment: BMI (body mass index), cholesterol content in the blood, presence of inflammations, etc. Researchers noted their significant improvement, and also paid attention to how much self-esteem and positive mood among volunteers increased. This clearly indicated the recovery of the cardiovascular system of the subjects.

Commenting on the results, experts noted thatProviding altruistic help to others, altruist volunteers at any age improve their own physical health. But, if you understand, the results are completely consistent with the very essence of the volunteer movement. Voluntary fulfillment of socially important works without receiving material compensation for this, the present day is the satisfaction of one's own moral needs by helping other people or animals. It is interesting that many TV presenters, who always look stylish and healthy people, strongly recommend that other ways of prolonging youth help others, assuring that they are themselves active volunteers. Positive emotions from the realization of their need carry a charge of positive energy, which has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Motivations that push people to volunteer, various. According to surveys conducted in the US, Russia and a number of other countries, the following prevail:

  • I want to help people in need - 61%;
  • I hope to learn something new - 46%;
  • I want to have some occupation - 41%;
  • For their own pleasure - 31%;
  • I want to meet new people - 29%;
  • I want to answer people for good by good - 11%;
  • I want to fight with a certain problem - 7%;
  • I have free time - 4%

Such motivations are inherent in different age groups: Young people are more likely to perform any actions related to "running around", while older volunteers are invaluable where you need to sit with someone, listen to him, just talk. And to work with wordless animals can everything from malados is great - a kind word and business any beast will appreciate.

Elderly people, helping others, get rid ofDepressions and stresses, moreover, it does not matter what kind of help they provide - physical or emotional. And even at a young age, volunteering has such a powerful effect on the cardiovascular system that over the years, older volunteers will look clearly younger and fresh than their peers who live only for themselves.

Disinterestedly helping other people and animals, youWarn the heart disease and have more chances to live longer ... It is necessary to find only a sincere desire to help unselfishly, and a long life in a positive way - is it not worth paying your efforts and thoughts?

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