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Spicy herbs, like a rim of favorite dishes


Celery is the undisputed leader amongrepresentatives of the kingdom of edible greenery. By the way, it's a herb that can be called a celery stretch. At least for the reason that it exists leafy, root and salad.

Root celery is considered to be one of the mostgentle and the same moment of fragrant representatives of spicy roots. Just do not convey the words, how it tastes and peculiar, if you take its roots and bake a little oven or fry it with cheese and sour cream. As they say, it is better to try once! A leaf version of celery - spicy greens with a special and pleasant aroma. All soups and salads, where his leaves are added, enjoy a huge popularity among gourmets. And it's all because of the unique taste. As for juicy petioles of salad celery, they can be eaten raw or raw.

All the main "elements of pleasure" speak for themselvesfor yourself: this plant in a generous amount collected all the necessary for the organism vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, E, as well as carotene, pectic substances, mineral salts and the most valuable ether oil.

It is important that fresh celery is always possiblefind (any season) in supermarkets and in markets called the Seler. Just this is the word most eagerly greeted by greengakers selling spicy herbs, and the appellants of stores most often use this name.

Fresh celery leaves can be included in the menuA romantic dinner, served them on a table with hot chocolate. The effect can be magnificent, because it's not for nothing that the well-known temptress of men, Marquis Pompadurlubila, this drink.


His Latin name was rosemary at once fromtwo words "dew" - "dew" and "marin" - "sea", which in translation means "sea dew". And this is not strange, because the motherland of this constantly green plant is considered to be the coastal part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was in these sun-warmed places that rosemary was considered to be the patron of human memory wisdom. Regarding memory, it is worth noting that modern science has been able to confirm all ancient beliefs. Scientists have found that rosemary has a large number of active substances of bioflavonoids that possess P-vitamin activity. Just they are able to reduce the fragility of blood vessels, while stimulating the concentration of memory and attention, and also effectively affect the blood supply to the brain and improve the cardiac work.

This plant is used in cooking around the world. With his help pickled pork, mutton and rabbit meat to give the meat a special "forest", pine-lemon flavor.

Excellent rosemary is combined not only with baked meat, but with eggs, mushrooms and all sorts of vegetables.

In small doses, rosemary is added to soups and sauces. Unusual and fragrant to taste, cheeses of hard varieties are obtained that are seasoned with this herb.

And this is not to say that confectioners and winemakersalso actively use rosemary for their own purposes. Winemakers add it to wines that have toning properties, but confectioners use spicy herbs as a natural flavor in the process of making fruit jams and eggs.

But despite universal popularity, smallThere is a taboo for rosemary. It is not recommended to use it together with laurel leaves (these two spices are not compatible), they can not season the fish (its smell is very strong for fish dishes).


In its Latin name, sage means the best desire from the ancient Romans. They said to each other at the time of the meeting: "Budzdorov!", But in Latin it sounded "slave".

Sage is also representativethe Mediterranean. But ontoltichno has got accustomed and in our edges or territories. Due to the fact that in its stems and lyastviplyvaetsya essential oil, the plant has a strong pungent smell and spicy, gurgling taste.

Sage is often replaced with rosemary or usedwith him. Combine it with other herbs is not recommended. Most often, spice is used in dry form. In America it is used for flavoring melted cheeses, tea and soft drinks. Fresh leaves of the plant are mainly added to marinades.

Want to cook fresh and spicy meat -add it, it has an excellent softening effect. It is very good sage with the meat of a turkey, goose or duck and appetizes the taste of swine-making, sausages, sausages and some of the vegetables.

It should be noted that the leaves of sage have a strongaroma, so they should be put in a dish in a small amount. If necessary, you can add the spice at the beginning of the preparation - the sage sticks to heat treatment.


The Latin ancient tarragon name is likethe Greek goddess Artemis (Artemisia). Tarragon improves digestion and helps the body get rid of excess fat. Therefore, it was called a dietary spice. Tarragon is also known as tatarhun, which is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, C, PP, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, cobalt and fragrant essential oils. Dietitologists are encouraged to include it in the first and second courses of the pribesol diet, and herbalists attribute this green medication to improving sleep and freshening up the breath. The same dieticians recommend adding a sprig of fresh estragon in red dry wine and a drink for 7 months. This wine should be drunk for dinner one glass each.


For thousands of years in the East his name has been pronounced witha huge blessing - "Reich" (in translation "fragrant"). But in Ancient Greece, spices were treated with great reverence and attributed to the royal genus of plants, the long-standing "basil", which denoted the "king". This reputation was entrenched in a funny way, not only because of its Greek origin. The taste of this plant always manifests itself in dishes unexpectedly and gradually: initially, a bitterness is felt, and then it turns into a sweetish taste.

The usefulness of basil is essential oils, carotene, phytoncides, vitamins B2, C and routine, which regulates the content in the organisms and acid balance.

This spice perfectly complements meat, fishand vegetable dishes, successfully emphasizing their taste. By the way, if you used to smoke and decided to cut out for a healthy lifestyle, put fresh basil into your diet - it will perfectly fulfill the role of antidepressant and effectively reduce nervous tension.

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