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Lanolin and its use

Application of lanolin

This substance is one of the most importantAnd the common constituents of the ointment bases, especially for the basic emulsion type. In addition, it is contained in patches, adhesive bandages or nails. Also, lanolin is used in the cosmetics and perfumery industry in other spheres of the national economy. Vmedicine this substance is valued as a basis for various kinds of ointments, and also softens the skin if you mix lanolin and petroleum jelly in equal quantities. Purified, pure-lanolin is produced for lactating women. It is applied topically, it excels at healing the cracks in the nipples and prevents their appearance. Another plus of such ointments is that it is not required to be washed off before feeding the baby, because it is absolutely harmless for babies.

On the nipple are Montgomery's glands,who develop a secret, this substance lubricates areoles and does not allow to grow harmful bacteria. If it is very often to wash the nipples with soap, then this secret disappears and the areola becomes dry and cracked. It is recommended to lubricate the nipples with breast milk, but if they are affected by the milk, this method is not suitable. In addition, usually in such cases, there are cream and ointments with an unpleasant odor, which in no case can not be put into the mouth of a child. But with lanolin, you can treat the nipples and feed the baby at the same time.

Properties of lanolin

Lanolin is a viscous mass of brownish-yellow color. Its difference from other waxes is that it has a high content of sterols, in particular and cholesterol. It is excellent in the skin and has a softening effect. In appearance, lanolin is very thick and dense, it can be either brownish-yellow or yellow, moreover, it has a peculiar smell and melts at a temperature of 36-42 degrees.

The properties of lanolin are similar in their indicators toFat, which is produced by the skin of a person. The most valuable property of this substance is expressed by its ability to emulsify up to 140% of glycerin, up to 180-200% of water and up to 40% of ethanol - all from its own mass with the formation of emulsions of the oil / water type.

Even under conditions of a large temperature rangeand humidity lanolin is able to maintain all of its physical parameters-connectivity. Experts have proved that it can hold twice as much water as it weighs itself and yet it does not lose its viscosity. If a small amount of lanolin is added to hydrocarbons and fats, this will dramatically increase their ability to mix with aqueous solutions and water. Moreover, this possibility has caused its wide application in the composition of lipophilic-hydrophilic moieties.

Chemical composition of lanolin

The chemical composition of lanolin is so complex thatIt has not yet been studied and has not been clarified. But for the most part it predstavlyaetsoboy weight combination of higher fatty acids (palmitic, myristic, cerotic et al.) With esters of high alcohols (izoholesterina, cholesterol, etc.) And free macromolecular spirtami.Esli view to lanolin ratio in the chemical, then it is stable Protection, inert and neutral.

Getting lanolin

As raw material is taken woolen fat,Which is extracted from washing water, when primary sheep wool processing is carried out in woolen mills. In the process of washing wool with hot water, an emulsion liquid forms, which contains fats (unsaponified and saponified), wax-like substances (containing lanolin), protein-mucous, coloring and other kinds of unpleasant smelling and contaminants. When there is a centrifugation, a layer emerges, which is then separated, this is called raw lanolin or wool fat. After that, produce lanolin itself, for this you need to perform six operations: wool melting grease, then oxidizing it, then oxidized grease neutralizes, dried, filtered and the finished lanolin is directly fed.

Application of lanolin in cosmetics

Even though lanolin hasSuch an unpleasant smell, it is widely used in cosmetology. And in this there is nothing strange, because this is one of the most nourishing and most effective fats that perfectly moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. Moreover, the products containing lanolin are able to protect the skin from adverse factors and adverse environmental effects.

Their wonderful, nutritious andmoisturizing the properties of lanolin due to its ability to absorb and keep a huge amount of moisture. Thus, it penetrates deep into the skin and except that it saturates the skin with moisture, it protects it from dehydration for a long time.

If you use lanolin constantly, then you will never have problems with the elasticity and softness of the skin, moreover, the regeneration of new cells is vasulinat.

It has already been said that lanolin resembleshuman flesh, so most often it is used as a basis for nutritious and moisturizing creams, especially if it is intended for fading and dry skin. In addition, this remedy in creams acts as a conservative.

In its pure form, use lanolin in no caseit is unavailable because it can clog pores and thereby restrict the supply of oxygen to the skin. Moreover, lanolin in its pure form is very viscous and it will not be easy to lubricate the skin with it.

Is in this fat-like mass anda disadvantage which manifests itself in the fact that lanolin is the most allergenic ingredient in the cosmetics, so it can cause a rash on the skin and various redness. However, once a dermatological analysis was performed where the interaction of lanolin with the skin was clarified, 1048 people participated and only 12 people complained an allergic reaction.

Despite this, before you buyand use cosmetics containing this substance, it is necessary to make a small test for a small area of ​​skin, for example, on the skin of the hand, slightly above the wrist, from the inside.

Anhydrous lanolin can be used to prepare masks at home. Below you will see some simple recipes.

Masks of lanolin

Take half a spoonful of anhydrous lanolin, twospoonful water, mix and leave for a while, until lanolin absorbs all the water into itself. While this will happen, fresh cucumber grate, you need half a spoonful. Now thoroughly rub lanolin and cucumber. The mixture that you will get is put on the face for fifteen minutes. After that, moisten the cotton swab in milk or cucumber juice and remove the mask. Do not wash.

This mask is perfect for dry skin, it will lighten up and make pigmented spots and freckles less noticeable.

You will need one spoonful of water and a half-spoonfulLanolin, mix and let lanolin soak up the water. Next, add three spoons of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and a half-spoonful of honey. Thoroughly mix everything, or whisk it even better with a mixer and send the mask to your face for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, moisten the cotton wool in the warm water, remove the mixture and wash with cold water. This mask tones the fading skin.

Such a mask recipe will also help withering skin, onatonizes and refreshes.

Take half a spoonful of lanolin and a spoonful of water,Let lanolin soak up the water. After that, add three or four spoons of freshly squeezed sokakachi berries and fruits, for example, apricot, apple, black currant, cherry, melon, gooseberry, grapefruit, cowberry and half a spoonful of oatmeal. Well vsrazotrite and send on the face for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then wash with warm water.

If you do not get to prepare lanolinmasks because they get very biting, then pre-lanolin melted in a water bath, and then mix it with water and other ingredients. And when you have already added all components, remove from the bath and mixer whisk the mixture or carefully wash it.

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