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The most useful information about chicken eggs

Biologically active and nutrient substances of chicken eggs

Chicken egg is rich in proteins (proteins). This of course everyone knows. But the fact that more of them is not contained in the protein, but in the yolk, perhaps someone will read for the first time. In a hundred grams of protein, we will be able to detect only 11 grams of proteins, in a hundred grams of yolk - 16 grams of protein.

In addition, the proteins of chicken eggs are differentThe highest nutritional value among all known proteins of plant origin. This can not but have its positive effect on the metabolism that occurs in the human body.

Chicken egg contains a relatively large amount of potassium, calcium and phosphorus, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2 and E. vitally important for vitality.

And now, it would seem that for a wonderful product thisChicken egg - eat and eat for your own pleasure. Still, you should not abuse eggs. Try to find a middle ground, because in the eggs was found a lot of cholesterol. This remark is especially significant for people whose blood contains a high level of lipids.

Varieties of eggs

Depending on the quality of the eggs:

  • Grade A-Extra. To this class only the freshest and cleanest eggs, which do not have an extraneous odor, are included. In the store, pay attention to the packaging - the date of the product packaging is displayed there. If the eggs have been lying on the counter for more than seven days, the label "extra" from the container must be removed, after which the eggs are automatically assigned to the grade A.
  • Variety V. Chicken eggs of grade B are already less fresh and clean. They can even be subjected to special treatment for longer storage.
  • Variety C. Chicken eggs of grade C are used only for industrial purposes.

Varieties depending on the weight of eggs:

  • 1 grade - one egg weighs more than seventy grams
  • 2 sort - sixty-five to seventy grams
  • 3 sort - sixty - sixty five grams
  • 4th grade - fifty five to sixty grams
  • 5 grade - fifty to fifty five grams
  • 6 grade - forty five to fifty grams
  • 7 grade - up to forty-five grams

How to determine whether a fresh egg?

At home using an easy wayYou can independently arrange a check on the eggs for their freshness. To do this, fill the glass with water 3/4 and carefully immerse the egg in it. The outcome of the events can be presented in three versions.

  • The egg lies on the bottom of the glass. This means that the testicle is fresh and was swept away by the chicken no more than three days ago.
  • The egg floats in an upright position. This is evidence that the egg is already seven days old.
  • Egg partially peeps out of the water (surfaced). This indicates that the egg has already been at least three weeks old.

Chicken eggs in cooking

It is absolutely impossible in one article to talk aboutThe great contribution of chicken eggs to cooking. Chicken eggs are an important ingredient in both the simplest and most common dish, as well as the exquisite masterpiece. Here I will only describe a few "egg" operations used in cooking.

  • Loosening. Egg white is whipped into a steep foam and used to make soups, sauces, dough and creams.
  • Thickening. Yolk in the kitchen is indispensable when you want to give the dish a more dense consistency.
  • Emulsification. The yolk contains lecithin, which can easily turn the mixture into an emulsion. This property will be useful, for example, when preparing mayonnaise by mixing cold ingredients.
  • Clarity. With the help of a chicken egg, you can make any broth lighter, which is especially valuable when preparing a jellied. The protein is beaten and added to the broth. Stir it until it boils. The protein will curd, rise to the surface and capture all the particles that make the liquid cloudy. After straining the broth will become transparent, like amber.

About chicken eggs, in fact, you can find moreA lot of curious information, learn about the secrets of the original recipes with their use. Chicken eggs are a product that will allow every housewife to turn her kitchen into a field for culinary experiments, which her family can not simply not appreciate. Why do not you dream up at your leisure?

Eat delicious and be healthy!

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